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Your breathing timer no longer resets to full capacity as soon as you emerge from the water. Water Breathing is no longer a free pass, its effectiveness will be linked to your Alteration skill. Also removes pain noises from underwater actors, so you won't audibly scream while drowning.

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A very simple mod on which I've spent way too much time in the making, and which pretty much does what the short description says. When you emerge from diving with a partial breath meter, the mod now tracks time as it refills gradually, and shows the breath meter bar while you are in open air. Diving back again will set your breathing timer to what the mod has tracked it should be, instead of resetting it to max instantaneously. So you can no longer go for a quick gasp and back to diving good as new, since you'll need as much time to refill your breath meter as you had consumed.

An optional feature nerfs the power of Water Breathing, at least for those not born with it. The global migOxygenWaterBreathing acts as a multiplier to your Alteration skill (or whichever school is Water Breathing), so that when diving with this effect active it will only lower the rate of oxygen loss by that percentage. This doesn't affect Water Breathing abilities, so Argonians can still dive unabated. With a default value of 1.0, you'll only stop oxygen loss completely once you hit skill level 100, but it can still considerably lengthen the time you can remain underwater.

Included is an ini to be loaded by HUD Status Bars Enhanced, kinda vital to this mod. I've adapted the vanilla and Natural Environments breathmeter bar textures to be used by it. Hopefully you'll like it.

With the additional file, actors and yourself will no longer use the standard wince and pain noises when hit while underwater, or when drowning, nor can they use combat taunts. When drowning you'll also hear the game's own drowning sounds, which apparently were not used. You can still talk normally to NPCs underwater though... just imagine your character can read lips/sign language or something.

In honor of forli and kyoma. The stuff used here was added to OBSE at their beck, way back then. I hope I've done some justice to it now.