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This mod overhauls the container/barter menu and the magic menu. Among other features, it introduces grid view to the menus, displaying items in a grid. Supports DarkUI color scheme out of the box.

Permissions and credits
Many of you may use or may have used wz_Inventory - whether as a part of DarNified UI or the original mod - a mod which adds grid-like view to the game's inventory menu, saving space and displaying many more items at once in a grid. One may wonder why the magic menu and/or the container menu wasn't "gridified" as well. Speculations aside - apparently, there is no mod that adds grid view to either of the two aforementioned menus, hence this mod was created to fill the void.

This mod:
  • overhauls the magic menu - the menu with player's greater/lesser powers, spells, scrolls and active effects, hereinafter "items",
  • overhauls the container menu - the menu displayed when opening a container (chest, cupboard, NPC/creature body, etc.) or when bartering with an NPC.

Among other features, this mod introduces the so called "grid view", displaying items in a grid. The grid view, however, does not replace the "classic" view, the list view. Users can toggle between the list view and the grid view as they desire. The list view is modified to display more items on screen compared to vanilla UI (UI = User Interface).

Both menus are heavily based on DarNified UI. However, you don't have to use DarNified UI (or DarkUI'd DarN) if you don't want to. See the "Installation" section in the readme for information on how to install this mod.

  • toggle between list view and grid view
  • collapsible categories
  • extensive customization of the menus via configuration files
  • two themes to choose from for each menu: "journal" theme (as seen in vanilla UI) and "container" theme
  • DarkUI support

Recommended mods
For the magic menu, the following mods are recommended to install:
  • Spell Renamer (by kyoma) - sorts spells according to spell school and/or mastery level by prepending corresponding prefixes to spell names
  • a mod assigning each magic effect a unique icon, such as Spell Icon Replace, magic overhauls such as LAME, Supreme Magicka, etc.
  • Custom Spell Icons (by statttis) allowing user-assigned icons for each spell (useful especially for scripted spells)

These mods may make the grid view in magic menu much more useful to use and easier to navigate in.

If you want the container menu to be fully functional, you'll need to have OBSE v0020 or later and MenuQue v14a or later installed and the "Container Menu Support.esp" file from this mod activated. It is strongly recommended that you use this .esp file. If you don't want to or can't use it for some reason, you'll lose some features in the container menu (see the "Container Menu Support.esp" section for more information).

The default installation requires that you install DarNified UI or DarkUI'd DarN, but you don't have to use either of these mods, in which case you should install the alternate configuration files. See the "Installation" section for more information.

This mod is compatible with other UI mods (DarNified UI, DarkUI'd DarN, BTMod, etc.), provided that you install this mod after those mods. Obviously, if any of those UI mods provide their own modification of the magic menu, it will be overwritten by this mod.

wz_Inventory and DarkUI wz_Inventory:
Compatible as long as you install the corresponding compatibility patch and you install this mod after wz_Inventory or DarkUI wz_Inventory. See the "Installation" section for more information.

Display Stats:
Compatible with Display Stats, version 2.0.1 only (the latest version so far), as long as you install the compatibility patch during the installation of this mod and that you install this mod after Display Stats. Note that it doesn't matter which "magic_popup_menu.xml" file from Display Stats you installed, because it will be overwritten by this mod. Older versions of Display Stats are not supported (due to the "magic_popup_menu.xml" file being different in older versions).

Luchaire's retextures for DarkUI'd DarN (series of retexture mods whose names start with "DarkUI DarN Recolored"):
For the magic menu, the textures are compatible as long as you install the DarkUI module and you install Luchaire's retextures after this mod. No configuration or other files need to be adjusted.
However, the container menu uses a few custom DarkUI textures (adjusted to fit the container menu), so the resulting look of the menu may not be visually consistent.

Enhanced Economy:
Real Values module from Enhanced Economy is not compatible with this mod. Other parts of Enhanced Economy are compatible. Make sure you have the Real Values module disabled when using this mod (in the list view, the real value is displayed on top of the original value, which is not hidden (but should be); in the grid view, the real item value is never displayed).

This mod is incompatible with any other mod editing "magic_popup_menu.xml", "container_menu.xml" or "magic_menu.xml" files. If you know of any (other than Display Stats or aforementioned UI mods), please let us know by submitting comments on the Oblivion Nexus page of this mod or on the official Bethesda forums (on the official thread if it exists, search for "Container and Magic Menu Overhaul"). However, there is no guarantee that patches for such mods or modifications in this mod for the sake of compatibility will be made.

There may also be incompatibilities with mods editing or adding XML code to the "magic_popup_menu.xml", "container_menu.xml" or "magic_menu.xml" files indirectly, e.g. via scripts using MenuQue or OBSE functions dealing with UI, or otherwise. Custom Spell Icons is one such mod, but is compatible with this mod.

This mod should be compatible with any other mod.

Note about Display Stats compatibility patch
I contacted TheNiceOne (author of Display Stats) to get permission to include Display Stats compatibility patch in my mod (I have to, since the patch contains parts of one XML file copied over from Display Stats). On the Oblivion Nexus page of the mod (in the Permissions window), it is stated that "If you ask for permission, and haven't got a reply in 4 weeks, then consider it as permission given.". Because four weeks already passed after me asking TheNiceOne for permission, I assume that permission to include the compatibility patch in my mod is given. Should TheNiceOne decide to revoke the permission, I will comply and remove the patch from my mod.