Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

Enables detailed character customization options, such as weight, build, and age and the ability to modify NPC appearances!

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
Currently supported version: e1.5.3
If you are experiencing any issues with the mod, please read the FAQ first before posting a bug report, or posting in the discussions page!


Players may now adjust their body weight, muscles tones, and age in a lightweight plugin. There is also additional sliders for even more customization options. Safe to install and uninstall with Vortex or a mod manager of your choosing, and will not break your saves.

Upgraded character creation system including:
  • Age
  • Muscle (Build)
  • Weight
  • Full body sliders
  • Rename NPC Wanderer and Noble names
  • Override native calls to change the players appearance automatically

Companion and NPC support! Open the Encyclopedia with N while on the campaign map, navigate to Heroes, take a pick, and at the top of the page, is an Edit Appearance button. Click on that to open FaceGen with any NPC you wish.


Step 0. Install Vortex for simple mod installations.

Step 1. Install BannerLord Mod Launcher
Step 2. Install Detailed Character Creation
Step 3. Activate Detailed Character Creation in Vortex
Step 4. Open the Launcher
Step 5. Enable Detailed Character Creation
Step 6. Put module near bottom (or last) of load order
Step 7. If using a ModLib mob, install MCM

Your launcher should look like this:

If you followed these steps correctly you will have all features installed.

If you need more detailed instructions, beginner friendly instructions can be found here.


Q. Does this mod allow heroes to age?
A. Characters will age normally. Please be aware the game does not like the player being under 18 years old. There are multiple issues that will occur if you opt to play a baby-->teen. I will not provide support for it at this time, so do so at your own risk. 

Q. How do I change my appearance in a existing game?!
A. You can open FaceGen by pressing V on the main campaign map. Alternatively, you can modify any noble or wanderer appearance in the encyclopedia page, under Heroes.

Q. What are the sliders and do I need them?
A. The sliders are optional and add extra customization to your character for making your characters more unique. The sliders may cause NPCs to be slightly deformed than they were normally in the default base game, but utilizing the appearance change option you can make them however you like.

Q. Is this mod safe to uninstall, and will it corrupt my saves?
A. This mod is super lightweight and will not have any impact negatively on your save files. Every parameter modified is already being saved into the base game, you just never had the option to actually adjust them before!

Q. Does this mod conflict with other mods?
A. Please check mod compatibility section.

Q. Help I can't scroll up to change my weight and build?!
A. This UI element does not have a functioning scrollbar, you must use a mouse (middle mouse wheel) to scroll. It is being investigated for a way to add support for the slider.

Q. Help I am crashing what do I do?!
A. This mod is not the source of your crashing. This mod is completely safe, and even though you activated the mod, and it's crashing, it's a completely different reason. Given enough reports about this mod crashing, it's no longer wise to claim that this mod cannot be broken by updates. First, make sure you have unblocked your dll (CharacterCreation.dll). You can click here for an example on how to do this. Once that is done and you are still crashing, download Better Exception Window and upload the crash report in the Issues page (preferred). We'll diagnose the issue from here; you may be instructed to perform additional instructions so check the section often until the issue is resolved. No guarantees that DCC causes the crash.

For known issues, see here.


Currently known mod compatibility issues:
Any mod that uses "soln_skins" (usually, but not necessarily skins.xml) -- Load them after DCC as we patched the loading mechanism to load from last to first. LIFO, of course. Some of the mods that use custom skin files:
  • Full Body Sliders -- Both mods modify skins.xml, but theirs causes crashes due to incompatibilities due to missing dependencies and improper formatting.
  • Red Hairs and Redheads -- Also modifies skins.xml. We've added our own red hair anyway!
  • B-Slider -- Similar to Full Body Sliders. Load after DCC if you really want to use it.

Other compatibility concerns:
  • Faster Come of Age -- Incompatible. Both mods interact with the core game's DefaultAgeModel. It's outdated anyway so don't use it.
  • Bannerlord Tweaks (Update) -- Almost fully compatible. Disable Aging Model from either mod and you are good. Also pick up the Update version as the original is outdated.
  • Troop mods -- Any mods that add new troops are likely to be incompatible! Due to incorrect setup of the new troops, they are likely to be either children or super deformed. I will not provide support for custom troops. This doesn't seem to be the case anymore. At least, not as a result of custom skins.xml files.
  • Character Reload -- Partially compatible. Loading both mods will disable CR's hero body editing and renaming functions and use CR's HeroEditor prefab. Skins.xml file conflicts are unaffected, but CR should be sorted ahead of DCC anyway (and if not, move CR ahead of DCC) and the DCC's patching of skins.xml loading (and the compatibility) should mean its skins.xml should be the one that gets used.


Non-adult Support:

To change mod options, please click on Mod Options in the main menu of Bannerlords.

Currently you are able to enable or disable the game from forcibly changing your appearance when you age or not. If you want to play as a non-adult you can do this:
Set Infant Age 1, Child Age 2, Teen Age 2, Adult Age 3

This will allow you to play as a child->adult, without the game to cause bugs and crashes. Due to a "feature" added by TaleWorlds in e1.3 (see "known issues" article), characters under 16 are immortal; install Designer225's Miscellaneous Mods to "fix" this. You won't get much help asking around here if you need help with playing as a minor; please pester Designer225, and even he might not give a straight answer.

You can manually set your age with console command: dcc.age <age> and other heroes with dcc.age_hero <heroname> <age>


I have setup a public repo on GitHub. Anyone interested in working on the project merely needs to start making commits.


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