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This mod standardises Leveled Item forms, fixes bugs/inconsistencies and controls DLC item distribution. Comes with a configuration holotape and optional MCM.

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Vanilla leveled item (LVLI) lists can be quite finicky sometimes. And when some mod authors inject their items in certain LVLI, expecting them to work in a certain way but they actually don't, while scripted injections can't be easily reverted, then that can result in a mess. This mod tries to simplify that process and giving both mod authors and users more control over it.


Standardised Leveled Item lists:
  1. Most LVLI make use of the "Calculate from all levels <= player's level" flag (like almost all vanilla forms) so that loot gets randomised instead. Before when it came to some item injections they resulted in containers/NPCs always having just a specific/certain item and NPC carbon copies running around in the Commonwealth.
  2. LVLI flagged as "UseAll" remain "UseAll" but come with sub-lists where you can inject your items into without filling up the container's/NPC's inventory with hundreds of armour pieces, weapons, ammo types, consumables, etc.
  3. All eligible LVLI come with a Epic Chance value. This usually determines how likely you'll get an item with randomised parts instead of just the default fixed ones. Those chances can be configured via LIF's holotape and optional MCM.
  4. Cleaned up some LVLI, especially those that had the same items/sub-lists referenced multiple times. That only resulted in the other featured items appearing less often and was mostly seen with Pipe Weapons. Now you should find less Pipe Weapons after a certain level and instead more higher quality gear but that also means enemies got slightly more difficult.
  5. Some factions have access to slightly more high-level base game items because I feel like they are extremely inadequately represented on those higher levels. Faction-specific gear remains exclusive to those factions.
  6. Most LVLI used for custom/unique item assembly were reworked to no longer use other nested LVLI. They became standalone and directly reference a respective item. Other mods (esp. item replacers) can no longer break (the assembly of) those items.
  7. All LVLI fixes from the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch are included / got forwarded.
  8. A couple of additional fixes.

DLC item distribution:
  1. Upon game start you get asked if you want to distribute DLC guns (Lever-Action Rifle, Harpoon Gun, Western Revolver, Handmade Rifle and some melee weapons) incl. ammo and the Marine Armor across the Commonwealth.
  2. In the holotape and optional MCM you can also inject the DLC items or undo your choice by removing injected DLC items and resetting the affected forms to their original state (pre DLC injection).
  3. Some DLC LVLI got base game and the other DLC items/sub-lists added so that they come with a little more variety as well.

  1. The holotape can be crafted on any Chem Station under the "Leveled Item Framework" category.
  2. It allows to tweak various Epic item chances. For an explanation on what this does read the paragraph above or the descriptions in the holotape.
  3. There is a debug option that allows the user to revert some improperly injected forms.
  4. Control the DLC item distribution (scripted injection) with a separate menu. Inject those items or revert the injection.
  5. There's also an optional MCM that becomes available once you install Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) and Mod Configuration Menu. It sports the same options as the holotape but is easier and faster to control.

Bundled LVLI injection script:
  1. LIF comes bundled with my most recent injection script "Dank_LeveledItemInject". If you're running LIF (or make it a master in your mod) you won't need to include it with every mod of yours.
  2. If you want to inject your own items via script but don't know how you can find a basic tutorial on the following mod page (also contains the source code for the scripts): Injector Scripts - Leveled Item - Legendaries - INNR - Form List


  • For now this mod covers mostly weapons (guns and melee) and a bit of armour. I'm open for suggestions. If you got any post them in the forums in the respective thread.
  • The plugin is an ESL file, so it won't count against your ESP plugin limit. It sticks to the top of your load order so that it won't override other mods that hard edit the same LVLI.