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Overhauls many popular weapon mods, fixes bugs and inconsistencies and also expands them with full integration into ECO's custom systems for a seamless experience.

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This mod will no longer be supported/maintained because ECO got replaced by ECO Redux. ECO Redux users have the new Weapon Overhaul Project available instead. All currently available releases can be found here: Weapon Overhaul Project.

Alternatively there is SystemBreakdown's ECO Redux Armory.


With this release, all the separate parts of this project got consolidated in an easy to use FOMOD installer bundle where you can pick and choose which parts you want to use/install. All included plugins are ESL-flagged ESP files. You can manage them like any other ESP in your load order but the engine treats them as ESLs and therefore they don't count against your ESM/ESP plugin limit.

Mandatory requirements:
These two have to be installed and active before running WIP's installer, otherwise the installer will lock all available options.

All the other mods listed above under "Requirements" are optional while the FOMOD installer adapts according to your load order / installed mods.


  • All included weapons can be modified with ECO's Quick Modification system. Switch magazines, muzzle devices, sights/scopes and other attachments on the fly without having to rely on workbenches.
  • All included weapons are integrated into ECO's attachment point framework. They don't use custom/individual keywords anymore. This results in properly sorted and streamlined workbench modifications.
  • Enables ECO's dynamic slot system with the custom legendary effects some of the included weapons come with.
  • All included weapons make use of ECO's improved Instance Naming Rules and new weapon specific rules get injected via script for maximum compatibility.
  • All included new ammo types are added to ECO's ammo conversion feature and also have crafting and scrapping recipes available on the Universal Workbench's Ammo Station.
  • All included weapons can be crafted on ECO's Universal Workbench ("Weapon-Create" mode).
  • All included weapons have randomized Object Templates. This results in them spawning in different variations and flavours depending on character level, type of NPC and place it pawns in.
  • Several included weapons have gotten a complete rework of their attachment, Object Template and Leveled Item systems for way more variety, randomised and faction- and role-specific spawns.
  • All leveled item list integrations were massively overhauled for way more variety in enemy spawns, including legendary variants, quest rewards and DLC leveled lists. Those changes directly replace the original implementations (more on that below under "Additional Notes").
  • Plus a ton of fixes and other kinds of adjustments, way too many to list individually.

Additional Notes

If you install this into an already running playthrough where the original mods have already been in use for a while, the original leveled item injections will stay active because they were already processed. The overhauled injections only take effect when you revert back to a save before installing the original mod or upon starting a new playthrough.