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Raider Overhaul - No AWCKR - Restored Files - ONE DOWNLOAD

Permissions and credits
Installing Raider Overhaul required me to cobble together downloads from multiple sources and that drove me nuts. I started asking for publishing permission here and there so we could just have one download to install the entire mod. 

  • No AWKCR
  • Restored Files


  1. Download and install with a mod manager.


The Main Download
contains the Full RO installation, restored files, fixes, things added by others, and fixes by me.
The INNR have been formatted to work well with R88 and FallUI Complex Item Sorter.

Optional Files:

4estGimp CR - RO-WIPAG  A conflict resolution patch was made for Worsin's Power Armor Garage to keep both mods happy.  Place this patch below his mods.

Optional, but maybe not optional:* Install 4estGimp - RO.FallUI.PA_INNR.esp .
A couple PA INNR may get overwritten if you have any other Power Armors installed.  For R88 INNR, regular FallUI Item Sorter Mod, or Inventory interface users, place at the bottom of the load order.  For Fall UI Complex Sorter users - Install this after R88 INNR but before the FallUI Output files.


HD Raider Armor Retexture
Raider Power Armor Chop Shop Streamlined - RPA Clean V003  - No .esp - only textures!  Load after Fusion City Rising Mod if it's installed.

No AWKCR and AE For Mods File Dump - This a huge collection of No-AWKCR replacer files.

M8r's Complex Item Sorting is an amazing system.  It can just take a bit of work to learn. 
If using Complex Item Sorter, see my .ini and INNR files made for Raider Overhaul.
Want help setting up Complex Item Sorting?  Installing the User Interface for a FallUI Complex Item Sorter Build

Some of the fixes:

  • Underhelmet system completed with some minor leveled list tweeks to keep Sack UnderHelmets... under helmets.
  • New Utility Coveralls created which use proper slots.  RO was using the vanilla Utility Coveralls and could cause naked raiders.
  • Spike Armor slots fixed so armor shows properly.
  • Cage Armor slots fixed so armor shows properly.
  • Flight cap configured to have an armor addon that allows to be a standalone cap and not just a liner.
  • Overboss PA armors are renamed to have "Overboss" in the name.
  • Dreadnaught armors are made tougher and harder to defeat.
  • Raider PA lining C rating was dropped to fit it's level.
  • Four weapons INNRs have been re-activated :  Chainsaw, ConcreteSledge, Crowbar, and Bloodsports
  • Crowbar naming set to "Editor Only" to fix naming weapon as "Standard Epic".
  • Created a new INNR "dn_RORC_Armor" to better name and sort Raider Armor vs Dreadnaught Armor in inventory.
  • Keyword added to Dreadnaught Helmet to properly tag and sort it in inventory.
  • dn_PowerArmor INNR updated in the main file AND put into a separate file so it can be installed at the end of the Load Order.
  • some other things....

WARNING for M8r's Complex Item Sorter Users:

Armor and Clothing Overhaul is not compatible with M8r's Complex Item Sorter.
ACO changes all the body slots on every vanilla armor in the game.  That completely breaks Complex Item Sorter's rules for detection and tagging.

Crafting Framework is 100% recommended and always in my load order with these options and extras:
1.  Crafting Framework
 - - - Expansions and Patches - ONLY check "Lootable Microchips"
 - - - Workbench Patcher - xEdit plugin
2.  Standalone Workbenches by Whisper
Standalone Workbenches - Crafting Framework Patch


MadMAX713 - Joemitchell320 - Thirdstorm - KKthebeast - MunkySpunk  for the original Raider Overhaul
Utopolyst & twist3dimages for the Main.ba2, fixes, tweaks and inspiration a couple years ago.
Infamous95 for a metric ton of No-AWKCR files including coledracon's RaiderOverhaul.esp to which I merged by own fixes and tweaks.
Thanks to Helmetless Hazmat Suit for the resources to fix the Anti-C helmets.