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Allows the new Nuka-Cola flavors included in the Nuka-World DLC to appear in vending machines, as loot, and within merchant inventories within the Commonwealth. It seemed odd that a company would restrict so much of its product line to a single theme park.

Permissions and credits

The Nuka-World DLC adds many new flavors of Nuka-Cola.  Sadly, these can only be found in the confines of the Nuka-World Amusement Park and its surrounding area.  This mod changes that and allows all flavors of Nuka-Cola to show up in the Commonwealth worldspace.  You will now, occasionally, find these new flavors wherever you can find the standard Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cola Cherry and Nuka-Cola Quantums.

When modifying the main loot leveled lists, I used the same distribution ratio that is used in the Nuka-World Amusement Park.  Approximate (i.e. rounded off) chances of finding a specific flavor (including empty bottles) are listed below.  

  • Empty Bottle - 22% (Vanilla: 25%)
  • Nuka-Cola (Standard) - 35% (Vanilla: 42%)
  • Nuka-Cola Cherry - 13% (Vanilla: 25%)
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - 4% (Vanilla: 8%)
  • Nuka-Cola Dark - 4%
  • Nuka-Cola Orange - 4%
  • Nuka-Cola Quartz - 4%
  • Nuka-Cola Victory - 4%
  • Nuka-Cola Wild - 4%
  • Nuka-Grape - 4%

The vendor list worked a bit differently so you now have an equal chance of the vendor having any of the new flavors as you would for them having a Nuka-Cola Quantum.


  • Nuka-World DLC

Preemptive F.A.Q. 

Q: Why this mod no worky?  I installed it and played for like, 10 whole minutes and, like, am only finding regular @#$%! 

A: See the odds above and keep in mind that this is all RNG driven, so you may not experience the instant gratification that your lawnmower parents raised you to expect. 

Q: Why does the image of the bottles in the Nuka-Cola machine looks fake?

A: Because it is fake.  I kept forgetting to take screenshots while I was out actually finding these, plus I've completely depopulated most of the Commonwealth at this stage of my game, so I just mocked it up in one of my settlements using OCD.

Why Make This?

I saw a post on /r/FalloutMods asking for this.  When I read it, I realized I wanted this for my game as well ... and it was quick and easy to make. :)


/u/The_Powers - For coming up with the idea and making me realize I needed this too.

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