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Monitors your save file for data loss and warns you when you load the game, so you can avoid wasting time playing on a busted save and roll back immediately.

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Each time your game is loaded, any mod with Canary support will be tested to make sure it's data wasn't lost in your save file. If any lost data is detected, Canary will warn you so you can roll back to a previous save.

Have you ever been playing your game and found that a mod appears to not be working correctly anymore, but when you report it to the mod author they tell you they can't reproduce the issue? Do you then struggle to reproduce it yourself on another save? There's a good chance you ran into a recently discovered issue where large chunks of data can be lost in your save file!

For a technical explanation of this issue and what Canary does, watch the video at the bottom of the description.

Help I Got the Warning!

At this time there is no way to fix it, and unlikely won't be - but we can try to get a fix for the game to prevent it ever happening again!

If you've received the warning and are on PC, upload your .fos save file and the previous save file for that character to dropbox.com or drive.google.com and share it, then send me a link through the nexusmods.com message system or the simsettlements.com forums. I can start analyzing these saves to find a pattern, if I can come up with steps to reproduce the issue reliably, we've got a shot at getting either Bethesda or the F4SE team to address the issue.

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Any mod can easily add Canary support to ensure that data lost is detected quickly, so you as the player don't waste time on a save that is effectively broken.

Mod authors, add Canary support to your mod with no master requirement - it takes less than 3 minutes!

For a more technical explanation of this issue and what Canary does, check out this video: 

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Special Thanks

Ruinedworld for making the slick logo!
cadpnq, E, JohnathanOstrus, Scrivener, XV-Versus, and Whisper for letting me vent while I researched this problem and asking me questions that helped guide me in the right direction!