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Existing as an immersive alternative to fast travel, SWIFT grants you the ability to build a network of teleporters in your settlement workshop. The transition is instantaneous, so it's Survival Mode friendly too!

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I am aware that another similar mod was just recently released. I started working on this mod a bit before that mod was uploaded and I found out about it two days later. I decided I would upload this file anyways for those who may want more options. Both mods essentially serve the same purpose but are handled in slightly different ways. My only response to this is to check out both this and the other mod and to just go with whichever one you prefer. Frankly, you can use both mods if you'd like.

Inspired by my Skyrim mod of the same name, SWIFT adds a constructible alternative to fast travel in your settlements. The transition is instantaneous, as in it does not pass time like fast travelling would, therefore it's Survival Mode friendly too. There is a 100 cap fee for using the teleport by default (explained in a holotape), but this can be modified through a terminal. Additionally, there is the option to craft a consumable at the Chemistry workbench that will act as a portable one-time use to teleport back to the last used teleport location.

Q: How do I start using this mod?

A: You will need the "BMT Engineering" perk to build teleporters and the R.E.L.A.Y. chem. This perk is given to you once you find the Tattered Robco Fun magazine which will also give you a "Operation Seven-League Boots" holotape. If you would like to know where the magazine can be found, see the last question.

Q: Where can I find the teleporters in the Workshop?
A: The teleporters are located under the "Special" category.

Q: Where can I find the portable consumable, R.E.L.A.Y.?
A: R.E.L.A.Y. can be found in the Chemistry workbench under "Utility".

Q: The gate is telling me I do not possess enough radionuclidic potential, what does that mean?
A: Using the teleport costs 100 bottlecaps by default. If you cannot afford the usage fee then you will receive this message.

Q: How do I change or disable the fee for using the teleporters?
A: You can modify the fee by using a terminal connected to a teleporter and choosing the "Radionuclidic Calibrator" option.

Q: Which settlements can I build teleporters in?
A: You may currently build a teleporter in any vanilla or DLC added settlement, including Home Plate.

Q: How do I build multiple teleporters in my settlement?
A: You can only build one teleporter per settlement.

Q: I am experiencing an issue with the mod. How can I report it?
A: Please read the Known Issues section first and be sure this is a new issue I am unaware of. If the issue isn't yet known, then please use the Bugs tab on the mod page to report it.

Q: I have a neat idea I'd like to see in the mod. How can I share it with you?
A: You can offer any suggestions as a comment in the Discussions tab. If I believe it would be a beneficial addition to the mod, I will try to add it in an upcoming update.

Q: What is the lore behind this technology?
A: The holotape found with the magazine gives insight on this question. I tried to make the subtle references as lore-friendly as possible. The scenario is not canon, but I did my best to make it seem plausible.

Q: Where can I find the magazine to obtain the BMT Engineering perk?
A: You can find the magazine in the Mole Rat Den underneath the Red Rocket Truck Stop.

No known incompatibilities at the moment.

  • The icon for the required perk for the R.E.L.A.Y. chem in the Chemistry workbench does not show.
  • Any terminal entry will still tell the user it is trying to open a teleportation gate even if the teleporter is not powered. This is only aesthetic as a gate still will not open without power, however.
  • When reloading into a save after restarting the game, teleporters may look and sound like they are powered off even though they are technically on (loading from exterior to interior cells or vice versa seems to fix this). This is only aesthetic and the seemingly powered off teleporters can still be used. I'm still looking into this, however, a workaround for now is to simply turn them off and back on again, or reload cells as previously mentioned.
  • Opened gates are supposed to expire after 10 seconds. Sometimes, the gate won't expire and appear to animate indefinitely. This is due to the way Timers get handled and I am still looking into a fix. For now, this can be fixed by simply opening a new gate or turning the teleporter off and back on again.

  • Add mod added settlement support.
  • Fix any bugs.

You may do what you wish with the file as long as you credit me and don't distribute it on a separate mod hosting platform.

Bethesda Softworks for Creation Kit and Fallout 4
Audacity Team for Audacity
Klemen Lozar for Explosion Sound Effect