Fallout 4

About this mod

Random stuff which I felt like adding to SimSettlements.

Permissions and credits


Requires Version 4.1.0 or Greater of Sim Settlements

This addon pack is just random stuff which I felt like adding to SimSettlements.


New Homes: 6
New Shops: 4
New Factories: 1

New Advanced Factories: 11*
New Farms: 0
New Recreational Buildings: 4
New Martial: 3

New Foundations: 10
New Flags: 5
New Furniture Store Items: 21

Building Features

Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes**
Randomized Clutter: Yes
Performance Settings: Yes***

Residential Plots

cAr Frame
Two old rusty cars turned into an A-Frame-like house. Comes with several building skins, too.

Swing Set Shack
A shack built from an old swingset, some tree branches, and plywood.

Bunker Elevator
An elevator which used to lead to an underground bunker, repurposed as a home. Basically a hill with a room in it. Comes with some building skins to change the hill's texture.

Subway Home (interior)
A subway-themed interior plot, built from objects which might have come from an old subway station.

Baba Yaga
Requires Automatron and Far Harbor
A wooden hut on mechanical chicken legs. Has wooden supports on L1, but can stand on it's own feet from L2 onwards. Might be a bit hard on the graphics card...

Requires Contraptions Workshop and Nuka World
Build a rocket from pipes and building debris, what could possibly go wrong?
Rather tall, the ladder from L2 onwards can be climbed, but is a bit tricky. Press left or right when you are on top. Comes with building skins to change the rocket's color.

Industrial Plots

Radiation Cleaner
Provides radiation immunity in a large area. Produces acid and nuclear material at L2 and L3. Has penalties to Water and Happiness, which decrease as the building upgrades. Basically a plot version of this.

Advanced Industrial Plots

Food Warehouse
Requires Automatron and Far Harbor
An advanced industrial tech tree centered around food. The Food Warehouse at Level 1 branches into 3 at Level 2, and each branches further into 2 at Level 3.

E-Waste Burner

This is a L1-only Advanced Industrial, which works as an alternative to the Iron Mine. For these places where you want a Tool&Die, but don't want to go through the mine. Like, on an overpass or on a barge. It burns old electronics to extract metals. Produces metals, and the occasional nuclear material.

Recreational Plots

Museum of Oddities
Requires Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, Far Harbor, Contraptions Workshop, Vault-Tec Workshop, Nuka-World
Displays strange, weird, or odd items. Legitimacy not guaranteed...
Opens a gift shop at L3, where you can buy some of the exhibits (buildable from SimSettlements -> Decorations)
Has an exterior and interior version.

The Crafteria

A community workshop with various workbenches. They are all linked to the main workshop, and, by L3, it gains all vanilla workbenches and some special ones.

Wasteland Gym
Requires Vault-Tec Workshop and Far Harbor
A place for your settlers to stay fit. Gains more and more custom exercise machines as it upgrades, and allows you to build them after it reached Level 3.

Commercial Plots
Pirate Bar
Requires Far Harbor, Nuka-World and Automatron
A bar for pirates, both naval and digital. Sells booze, pirate paraphernalia, and holotapes. Gains a holotape copy terminal at L3. Also has arcade "machines".

Exists in 3 versions, one exterior and two interior. Instead of making the settler a vendor, it uses vending machines.
The exterior version has 4 machines at Level 1, 7 at Level 2, and 10 at Level 3. The interior versions each start with 3 at Level 1, have 4 at Level 2, and 5 at Level 3.

The machines can be used by looking into the window where the product is displayed, and activating it. You might need to crouch to reach the lower slots. They do not work if the plot is unpowered.

There are usually 10 items in each slot, which is restocked daily. Some items are available in lesser quantity, and some machines (the medicine machine) are restocked every 3 days instead. Once sold out, the slot will close and show a "Sold Out" sign.

Some products require DLCs, and will show the "Sold Out" sign permanently if the DLC is missing.

Comes with a skin to change the color of the cloth on the roof.

Martial Plots
1x1 guardpost which spawns a minefield in front of it in a larger area. Has skins to change the type of the mines.

Be careful, the mines might trigger if you are in the area while they are placed.

Warning: animals, like Guard Dogs, will trigger the mines. I was not able to find a way to prevent this. Keep your pets away from the mines.

2x2 mech to guard your settlement.
At Level 1, pretty much just a guard plot. At Level 2, it gains a bubble turret and two spotlights. At Level 3, it has two turrets and one spotlight.

Comes with various skins.

Papers, Please!
Interior guard post which is supposed to be a passport control. Comes with a guard dog, gains a bubble turret at Level 2, and a second one at Level 3.

2 Red Rocket flags
3 Atom Cats flags (2 donated by Wanamingo)

Furniture Store Items
Tire Seat: A seat made of tires.
2 Tire Planters, differing only in the color of the shrub
Log Bench: Literally just a log, but 3 Settlers can sit there.
Leaf Pile Bed: Literally just a pile of leaves and a pillow. But you can sleep on it!
2 Ladder Shelves: Two step ladders, with planks put on the steps to make shelves.
2 Makeshift Cots: basically just the military cot frame, refurbised with some wood
Ladder Desk: Similar to the shelves, but more desk-like.
3 Subway beds. As a double bed or separate (but snappable) left and right pieces.
3 chairs made from train wheels.
2 tables made from doors.
1 table made from a manhole.
Mister Handy Lamp: a ceiling lamp made from Mr. Handy parts

City Planner's Terminal: Can do most things a City Planner's Desk can do, and control connected workshop objects, but can't have a settler assigned to it.


Floating Foundations, by Ethreon.
Warehouse Floors.
Various terraformers.

Most foundations exist in all 3 sizes.

Special Thanks
KernalsEgg for making me understand NIF animations/power states
MunkySpunk for his help with the Preserved Teddy Bear oddity
Whisper for help with custom weapons
Sebbo for the wonderful treadmill animation!
Wanamingo for the Red/Black and Red/White/Black Atom Cats flags
Ethreon for the Floating Foundations
And, of course, kinggath for SimSettlements

* I'm counting individual Advanced Industrial stages separately.
** Exterior buildings at least one construction stage between each level stage. All buildings have a custom Building Materials/Level 0 model.
*** Clutter, as in items lying around, piles of dirt, etc, will be removed if performance options are used. Sound emitters, water planes and animated objects are marked as such.