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An Add-on pack that includes 2 new Residentials, up to 7 Commercials, 1 Industrial, 3 Martials, 2 Recreational, 1 Agricultural, get 2 versions of the leaders Dogmeat, Deezer, Goodfeels, and Shaw as City Leaders!, 4 New flags, 14 new options for your City Planner Desk, world spawn easter eggs, and a settings holotape!

Permissions and credits


Requires Version 3.4.1 or Greater of Sim Settlements
Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Some
Performance Settings: A little bit for radios (I have a bottom of the barrel rig)
With the new advances in Sim Settlements I've been able to make this mod NOT have any Masters except for Fallout 4 and Sim Settlements! Still, certain plots (Indicated with a 
) will NOT be available without other indicated content.

Inspired by some of Uituit's awesome work in Junk Town, I've also made a "compact" interior plot of each type.  These are 1x1 (roughly half the interior plot indicator) and are all on the activator side. Hopefully, these will allow you to cram some plots in existing buildings with tight spaces.

There is a lot of mod information and controls found within my holotape (craftable at any city planner desk).  You must run the holotape at least once to activate all the options.

Opportunistic Horticulture (Compact Interior)
-A tight, indoor grow set-up with assorted vegetables.

 Nuka Bar (Exterior)
[requires Nuka World to be selectable]

-An exterior plot that sells various Nuka Colas. Has a pretty grand feature at level 3. Some objects float a tiny bit (I will fix
it later).
Pimp My Pip-Boy (Exterior)
-A custom vendor who sells malfunctioning Pip-Boys (a scrap item) & Pip-Boys your settlers can wear!! If you have Creation Club paint jobs then the Pip-Boys you buy may be painted and you can buy paint jobs for your own Pip-Boy (only with the paint jobs you own). Supports (*new in 2.7): Abraxo*, Aquatic Camo, Arc-Jet*, Blue*, Chrome, Cruiser, Desert Camo, Grey Tortoise*, Grognak, The Inspector, The Institute, Mantaman, Mistress of Mystery, Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cola Quantum, Onyx, Overseer, Patriotic, Pink, Plain, Red Rocket*, Reilly's Rangers, The Silver Shroud, Vim*, Vim Refresh*, and White.

Random Reclaimed Remains (Compact Interior)

-A tightly arranged general goods vendor. Must leave front unblocked; try to leave right side unblocked.
Slocum's Joe Donut Shop (Exterior)[requires Slocum's Joe CC content to be selectable]

-A custom vendor type that sells donuts, donut ingredients, and eventually coffee and tea. You need to complete the CC fetch quest to unlock this plan. Adds a little bit of incremental happiness.
 Slocum's Joe Satellite (Interior)
[requires Slocum's Joe CC content to be selectable]

An interior plot with an identical custom vendor type to Slocum's Joe Donut Shop. You need to complete the CC fetch quest to unlock this plan.  Adds a little bit of incremental happiness.
Wicked Awesome Noodles (Exterior)
A damn noodle vendor in your settlement!

Shit House (Compact Interior)
A small industrial plot that generates fertilizer and a little bit of nuclear material. If the poop bucket inside gets knocked over you can reset the plot; I have no idea why it won't stay standing.

The Checkpoint (Exterior) (Large (2x2) and Small (1x1))
-Plots that connect to one another and form a short wall and a guarded, arched entryway. Together fill more of a 2x3 space. Snap the 1x1 to the front, right corner of the 2x2.  The plans work well together regardless of relative levels.
Prison Cell (Compact Interior)
A small cell holding a captured raider. I'm still working on getting them to stay in the damn cell, but they're harmless.

Closet Games (Compact Interior)
More arcade consoles for you to enjoy. HUGE thank you to Pra for permission to pack in his arcade machines in this mod.  You cannot craft them with my mod, they just get added to this plot.  So make sure to get his mod if you want to make them yourself.
 Palace Gaming (Interior)[requires Arcade CC content to be selectable]

-An interior plot that features occasionally randomized arcade cabinets.

Bunker of the Deserter (Exterior)
A shelter for an ex- BOS, Institute, Gunner, Minuteman, or Railroader with decorations to hint at their past Variable bonuses corresponding to the type at Level 3.
Cozy Nook (Compact Interior)
A warm and welcoming spot for a survivalist to relax.

All My Desks are Pack-and-Play compatible (Sim Settlements 3.4.1)
Brotherhood of Steel:
 Meet the leader, earn a spot.
"Classy":  Yeah, it is fancy.
Compact Console: A narrow standing terminal that is thinner.
Dogmeat'sA "desk" I made special for Dogmeat as City Leader.
Dunwich Altar: Pray to the old gods and ask them to bestow favor on your settlement.
Institute Desk: Find your family's connection...
Lounge: Give the city leader the credit (and wine) they deserve for leading your city.
Minutemen Desk: EARN your spot to earn this desk.
Railroad: Get a nickname, get a desk.
Redneck: Yeah, it isn't fancy.
Ultra Compact: A super small desk with almost all the features.
Vault-Tec Themed: A wide city planner with a Vault-Tec theme.
Wooden: Slightly wider than vanilla SS but more rustic looking.
Workspace: A "desk" with all the functionality of city planner desks PLUS compact versions of several workbenches: Armor, Chemlab, Cooking, and Weapon! (Thank to MsRae for the use of these objects)

Deezer: Defaults with Deezer's Lemonade flag. Can only lead Covenant.
-> Welcome: Truthseeker, Party Animal, & Synthetic. No synth settlers, increased settlement happiness, and increased time for agriculture plots to upgrade.
-> Lemonade Tycoon: Experienced Mayor, Shakedown, & Synthetic. Increased city upgrade speed, increased caps from shops, and increased time for agriculture plots to upgrade.
Dogmeat: Defaults with Dogmeat's Bone flag.
-> Roamer: Trainer, Scavenger, & Rebel. Increase defense from martial plots, increase daily junk production, and reduce tax income.
-> Good Boy...: Hunter, Animal Lover, & Rebel. Reduce food needs of city, increase chance of animals moving in to settlement, and reduce tax income.
Goodfeels: Defaults with Save the Robots! flag. Can only lead Sunshine Tidings Co-Op.
-> Chiiiil: Robot Moral Officer, Ex-Farmer, & Pacifist. Remove happiness penalty of robot settlers, agriculture plots upgrade faster, and martial plots upgrade slower.
-> Exterminate!: Bot Finder, Defender, & Synthetic. Increase chance of recruiting robot settlers, increase base settlement defense, and increase time for agriculture plots to upgrade.
Ronnie Shaw: Defaults with the Minuteman flag. Can only lead the Castle.
-> United we Stand: Minutemen Officer, Recruiter, & Fun Police. New settlers may become minutemen, increased recruitment rate, and reduce the rate that recreational plots advance.
-> On Your Feet Maggot!!: Trainer, Military Mind, & Overzealous. Increase defense from martial plots, martial plots improve faster, and reduce settlement happiness.

Compatibility: All City Leaders are cross compatible. With the new additions to Sim Settlements I can offer this mod without requiring CC content although you MUST have it if you want to use those plots. Anything else that edits Dogmeat or Professor Goodfeels and the terminal in Sunshine Tidings Co-Op may interfere (see ReadMe for details). Any conflicts should be resolvable via FO4Edit. I play with Pet-Call-Feed and Everyone's Best Friend without interference.

Now there is a holotape Creations by COOTS Helper Tool (AKA COOTS Helper 2287) craftable at city planner desks.  This tape contains a description of all the content currently in my mod and some teasers to what is up and coming (found under Feature Information). 

The second, and most powerful, part of the Holotape is found under Feature Controls. Currently the holotape offers you the ability to remove (or re-add) any of my city planner's desks to the Workshop menu. This will not impact any desks you've already built, it simply hides disabled desks from the Furniture menu under the Sim Settlements category. Important for some users, there is a tool under Feature Controls (Repair Slocum's Joe Vendor Lists) that fixes the missing vendor items for individuals in my Slocum's Joe plots. When I was removing explicit mod dependency from my mod I inadvertently cleared these lists. This tool can detect if your save is in a situation where the lists are unpopulated and makes itself available to you. This should absolutely not be a problem with new saves that use Version 2.2.a or higher from the start. Currently, you are not able to enable/disable Leader Cards that I've added, but that is in the works and will be available with the next update after this. I have no plans for allowing one to toggle the availability of plots because that is already found through the City Planner's Desk.

BIG Thank Yous:
An incomplete list but here goes.
Tinuvia for their branching plan expertise and encouragement.
MyTigio for scripting/general assistance.
Eldarth for the custom vendor scripts.
Mimaef for the bitchin' flamingo and all the encouragement.
Damanding for kitbashing advice and support.
Uituit, ApoAlaia, and Tankthing for encouragement.
Jostrus for the script in the Slocum's Joe plugin which also formed the basis for the Dogmeat work.
Kinggath for this mod and anyone else in the Discord Channel I forgot.
Bordraw for letting me edit and use his PA texture.
Pra for the arcade consoles and letting me shit all over his texture for the holotape. OH and finding so many of my mistakes.

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