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Addon-pack that focuses on the sometimes negative aspects of living in a community. It’s an updated all-in-one version of MrJoseCuervo’s Bad Neighbors and Slum Lord Addon Packs. Also contains 6 new plots by Tinuvia. A "Disaster Pack" of sorts for Sim Settlements.

Permissions and credits

Requires Sim Settlements version 4.2.9 or greater and Far Harbor DLC

Homes: 5 + 3 interior
Shops: 1
Recreational: 1 interior
Industrial: 3
Farms: 3
Martial: 1

Building Features:
Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Yes
Performance Settings: Yes

Slum Lord is essentially a Shack Generator. It will spawn in Walls, Floors, Roofs, Furniture and special items from a large list of choices totally randomizing the building you get. If you don’t like the look, just hit Refresh on the ASAM-sensor and enjoy your newly decorated home.

Quotes from users:
BurntHostage: "They ain't slums.. they're houses with character..."

Matthew Watkinson: "Also, god damn that house of yours with the room at the back. I've now had two glowing ghouls, a Glowing Mirelurk and a glowing Rad Roach appear in my settlements because of it. Not that I'm going to change it to another one, it's too much fun."

Building plan names:
Slum Lord #1, #2 and #3 by Tinuvia
Slummy interior plans with lots of randomized furniture and décor. If you don’t like what you get, hit Refresh! Children of Atom and Raider themed buildingplan skins to choose under Customize plan with the ASAM-sensor. If you play with Conqueror and take over a settlement the skins change on their own. Each Slumlord plan has entrances from different sides, #1: Right End and Left Front (RELF), #2: Left End and Right Front (LERF), #3: Both Ends and Full Front (BEFF).

Skyfall Home by MrJoseCuervo
Come live in the Commonwealth, sparsely furnished! Working drinking fountain! What more could you want? Three-story building, use with any foundation.

Slum Lord #1, #2, #3 and #4 by MrJoseCuervo
Four building plan designs with 11 trillion shack combinations of randomized structures. No house you build will ever look the same!

Church of Atom by MrJoseCuervo
The Children of Atom are starting to spread the word of Atom throughout the Commonwealth. Will your settlement be "blessed" with one of their Temples? Well, make sure your Rad resistance is up if they do come. You have spent 200 years in the ground while everyone else has built a tolerance! You have been warned! Provides medical services and improves happiness (10/30/50) in your settlement, at the cost of high doses of Radiation. Did I mention there are Rads? There are Rads.

Church of Atom Bomb by MrJoseCuervo
There are even more rads. But visitors gather to bathe in Atom’s Glow (and you get an income boost at level 3).

Chapel of Atom by Tinuvia
Glory to Atom and let us bathe in his light!

Fish Farm by MrJoseCuervo
Cultivate fish in your own artificial pond and offer your settlers a stable food production! Food 4/8/12.

Fog Farm by Tinuvia
Harvestable Far Harbor wild plants. Beware of what lurks in the waters ... Gives food, 2/6/12 and adds plants to your workshop workbench.

Molerat Farm by MrJoseCuervo
Ginormous Molerat farm that warns you of its size before it plops down its hill. There are Domesticated Molerats and Rebellious Molerats, but you get a little bit more food than from regular farms. Settlers will not randomly build this due to its size; it has been set so that you need to select it via the ASAM-sensor. Food 4/8/12.

GraveDigger by Tinuvia
Primarily produces bone, with a side dish of the occasional fertilizer, empty beer bottles and little nick-nacks. Don't go digging too deep or you'll wake that which should stay asleep.

Plutonium Well by MrJoseCuervo
Working Power Production with no need for the Mayor to get their hands dirty. Though, no one may want to live next to the Plutonium Well ... well no one but the Ghouls (adds power 25/50/75).

Water Treatment Plant by MrJoseCuervo
Water generating plot that recycles your Sims precious bodily fluids into drinking water (adds water 15/30/45).

Death Tower by MrJoseCuervo
Death Tower Guard Post with Mini Turret. Settlers will man their post without leaving when Settlement is under attack. Value of defense vary depending of what type of dogs and turrets spawn but will be close to regular Martial plot values.

Known issues:
  • The Death Tower Dogs attack Railroad caretakers - no fix possible - so avoid building it at a safehouse. All other NPC's should be safe! The dogs won't attack robots (neither friends nor foes).
  • There are some issues with the minigun that we haven’t solved yet. For now, it is more decorative than functional – but you still get the full defensive value of the plot. Sometimes the assigned settler will equip the minigun when they dismount the turret. They put it back when they use it again. When they first mount the minigun they may hold it oddly in one hand for a few seconds. They may also get undressed ;)

MrJoseCuervo has given permission to me, Tinuvia from Wasteland Venturers, to continue to add support for his mods, adding features from coming Sim Settlements updates and trying to solve any bugs you find.

As long as your project is free, you can use anything in this mod.