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Removed ref causing some crashes and incompatibility with other mods loaded with this one. Sorry for any inconveniences it may have caused.
Tired of those lazy settlers that won't clean up after themselves? Not enough initiative to pick up the garbage in their homes and shops. Come On Man.

Permissions and credits

Requires Version 3.5.2 or Greater of Sim Settlements
New Homes: 3
New Shops: 5
New Recreational: 1
New Agricultural: 1
New Martial: 1

Building Features
Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: In Most Plots
Performance Settings: No

Martial -

Security 101 - Comes with a modded Greasers Jacket and Jeans - Sport a Marshal Badge on the front and a Security logo on the back along with Sim Settlements imprint and a Sim Settlement Logo on the back.  The jacket marked with SS in front of the Greasers Jacket spawns in at the completion of Level 1.  You can find it at the bottom left of the stairs, pick it up put it in the Settlers inventory and Equip it you now have an official Settlement Security Officer.  The Plot also Spawns 2 active Bubble Turrets at level one and a Guard Dog.  Level 2 brings yet another Guard Dog. Random Clutter for the shelving upstairs as well as random Explosive Boxes on the ground floor.  Level 3 bring another active Tripod Turret.  Completely restored Minuteman Flag, you guessed it, it's Minuteman themed. Adds 1 bed count to settlement.

Each martial plot will act as a job for a single settler and add to the overall defense score [60] and 20 happiness at level 3 of your settlement. Martial plot structures are designed to provide far more defense than you could get with a vanilla guard post.  Even if you can't/don't upgrade them they'll still have a huge positive impact on your settlement and will give you a reasonable alternative to just spamming turrets.


Farming Innovations - A security gated Farm plot with corn, mutfruit, tato and tarberries. Running water and a irrigation pipe to water the flora.


Pallet House - A simple, structurally sound home made of pallets.
Shaw Shack - Adds a simple home for your settler who appreciates living in some semblance of comfort in the Commonwealth.
General Quarters - Adds a Military feel to your settlement

PA Paint Shop - Adds a Custom Paint Shop for your Power Armor, Spruce up those rusty tin cans.

Chems Galore - Adds a General goods vendor with a pharmacy feel.

Military Surplus - A weapon vendor with surprising inventory.

Power Armor Repair - Adds a vendor who can offer repair services for your Power Armor as well as sale of Power Armor pieces and Fusion Cores.

Sim Security - You better arm yourself, your companions, and your settlers with the wares from this set-up for a talented gunsmith.

Pool Hall - Where your settlers can go after a long hard day at work for some fun and relaxation.

NMM - Just let NMM install via the FOMOD interface.
Manual - Copy the contents of the AIO folder into your /data folder.

No biggie, just remove the stuff.

This mod is original work by Paw Paw. It was hand cleaned within FO4Edit.

Creations By COOTS v 2.4.2 will feature descriptions of the plots from within the holotape->Feature Information interface.

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