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Sim Settlements Addon by Ohnno.

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Requires Version 3.1.2 or Greater of Sim Settlements
Be sure to check https://simsettlements.com/

New Homes: 4 ( 3 interior )
New Shops: 7 ( 2 interior )
New Factories: 5 ( 1 interior )
New Farms: 14 ( 12 interior )
teck tree Farm: 1
New Farms: 14 ( 12 interior )
Recreational: 3  ( 3 interior )
Adv Industrial: 4 ( water path addon )

New VIP Stories: 0

Building Features
Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Yes
Performance Settings: Yes 

Version 3.00
Fixed the teck tree farm.
added 3 internal fungal farms
fixed some small errors

teck tree ( these are paths )
level 1: crop
level 2: add crop ( 2 choises )
level 2 extend crop
level 2: add well
level 2: add windmill
level 3: upgrade to barn
level 3: update shed
level 3: Upgrade to watertower
level 3: Upgrade to Watertank
level 3: Upgrade Windmill

Version 2.99B: 
Removed Workshop framework depandacy. 

Version 2.91: texture fix

So apparently my local textures work in game but aren't allowed to be archived.
Go figure
Fixed now

Version 2.90: 4 new internal farms, 1 shop and 1 factory

2 soup kitchens
2 wok stations.
Altho they kinde look like commersial shops, the idrea was that you could combine them a bit to make a food section with out just needing shops.

1 new internal weaponshop

1 new industrial water station

Also reduced the size of the mod again. May need a refresh.

Version 2.80: New Advand industrial buildings
So been playing around with some new buildings for water and power generation.
there under the water level 2 path of the adv industrial's form KingGath.

Version 2.55: fixes
Pub vendor should work properly now.

Version 2.51: fixes
Fixed Boiler home not having a bed on level1. 
Moved some bonuses and resources generation to the new system 
Updated resource settings should match the note
Updated some mashes, if no errors are shown i will remove the old ones.

Version 2.50: More institute type farms
ather some requested i added two more farms with a institute type theme.
These will be the last farms for a while. Got some other things and idreas to work out.

Fixed a bug with 1 of the steam homes not registering as a bed.

Version 2.00: living with pipes.
Ya so a update and overhall was a bit over due, thats why the big leap.
Any how:

Added 3 internal homes, steam themed. (kinde had in minde that when using old building or the new cities, some one will have to live blow on ground level or basement ) cant all have the fancy high rise aparements .
and 1 pub home you like them!

TheRecreational plots:
Powerarmorwork station. Just a place for you to store your Powerarmor. (
working on having it repair over time, but haven't found out how yet)

Minicarand bike workplace places. Tinkering on your hobby!

Bathroomstalls, turning where you pee in to a farm!
Hydrofarms, ok so these are a bit more Institute like farms bit my tecky.
(i really like making these so if you comment that you want more then
i;ll get to it)

Thehydro farms provide more food then normal farms but cost power and ad
level 3 they will be a bigger target for raiders so work on your

Formore information about the new and old plots see the in game plaques
I've updated them all with some funny quotes .. well i think they're
funny... don't judge me :P (apologies for any typo's)


Just fixed the lower powerstation level 2 power problem.
Removed some vanilla overrides. 
Some general quirks

Version1.02 adds some new factories and a single new commercial plot. (this
is a bit of a experiment)

So I wanted to see if it where possible toplace buildings on top of buildings kinde creating a lower workplace,
where settlers would sweat away and a upper town living space. So all
these new building will have space above them to place other plots.

The Patch provides 3 new lower level factories.

Lower Water plant provides 
ad level 1 15
ad level 2 20
ad level 3 37

Lower power plant provides 
ad level 1 19
ad level 2 25
ad level 3 30

and the repair shop just provides scrap.

New shop is a Medical supplies shop.. To behonist I wanted just a chem shop. But couldn't realy find out how to
do that so .. medical it was!

O and one last things.. yes you can place themon top of each other.. it looks silly with the dirt mount under it.
Hope you guys enjoy the update.


Just added a couple of new buildings to Sim Settlements. Some more open
buildings (some of my settlements where starting to become a bit

2 of the new shops are diners, they add extra happiness (about 10 per
level) but consume extra food in the process. They may not be the
best choice for lower level settlements

The factory plot is a wind farm and produces power for your settlement

Notes: screenshots are only level 1, to see the rest install and play ;)