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With the Fallout of nuclear war devastating the commonwealth, one would think the inhabitants would learn to build out of the junk that remained. In this  add-on pack for SimSettlements, your settlers will do just that, build from the junk that they've found laying around.

Permissions and credits


Requires Version 4.1.3 or Greater of Sim Settlements

ESP and ESL(Can no longer provide ESL for V11 and above,file size to large)


With the Fallout of nuclear war devastating the commonwealth, one would think the inhabitants would learn to build out of the junk that remained. In this  add-on pack for SimSettlements, your settlers will do just that, build from the junk that they've found laying around. 
To report bugs, please find my subforum on the SimSettlements website here: https://simsettlements.com/site/index.php?categories/uituits-universeuniverse.78/
You can also find me on nexus here: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26107/? ]
Thanks to L2K_Perma for the write up:) 

WARNING:JunkTown should be above any mod that changes Dogmeat, JT will override those mods if below them,your game wont break ,will just make Dogmeat a puppy again(VANILLA). will fix next update

New Tag: [JT]
PSO: player select only
INT: Interior plots
Mini: Mini plots 1x1 (using  interior plots but only building on a 1x1 section. for those small rooms)
Hobo Plots: these are skinny plots mad for Box cars and shipping containers( But I forgot to test the shipping containers)


Note: may be best to do any quests 1st with any of these leaders before making them a leader
Blake Abernathy(Lifegiver.Ex-Farmer,Depressed)
Lucy Abernathy(Trainer,Emthusiastic,Naive)
Abraham Finch(Lifegiver,Scavenger.Inhospitable)
Jake Finch(Hunter,Shakedown,Raider at Heart)
Vault-Tec Rep(Experienced mayor,Shakedown,Lonewolf)
Sheffield(Lifebringer,Party animal,Self doubt)
Marcy Long(Truthseeker,Animal lover,Depressed)
Mama Murphy(OneMutantArmy,Defender,HealthyAppetite) don't do drugs and she will work

 Shops:5 (1 new)
 Factories: 5 
 Farms: 7 (1 new)
Martial: 12( 2sm 6 lg 2 Int)  (1 new)
Combo Plot :1 (war Truck/ War Trailer)
Mini Plots:6 new

Building Features
Combo Plots: 2 or more plots to make one

Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Yes
Performance Settings: 

Hobo Living(Home) trashy
Upmarket Hobo(Home)  snoby
Hobo Box(Home) Boxy
Hobo bar(Bar) no paper bags 
Hobo Soup Kitchen(Rec) 
Hobo Workshop(IND) scrap collection
Hobo farm(Farm)  mmmmm fungus ... again ;)

Mini Bedroom (Home)
Mini Farm(Farm) 4 levels
Mini Scavenger Bin(Ind) Scrap collection
Mini Smoking Room (Rec) a place to relax
Mini BathRoom(Rec) wipe and clean ;)
Mini General Store(Shop) 

BUS PLOTS(plots u can stick ina a bus)
Bus Barber(Shop) had barber chair
Bus Clinic(Shop) Has surgery chair
Bus Home(Home) sleep here
Bus farm(Farm) 4 levels

Crashed Bird:Vertibird home(PSO)
Pra's Bird: Vertibird for rooftops(PSO)
Tire Cave :made of tires(High poly)
Pipe house: Pipes 
Boat House: stick it in the water(placement guide https://youtu.be/I-PiknVQifc    ) (PSO)
Bus Stop: for those who like to wait 
School Bus (schools out forever) (PSO)
UFO(probe free...maybe)
Doors (Knock knock can u find the secret door?)
Waves:Large metal shack
Repurposer( waste not want not)
Duct: Home made Frpm Ventilation ducts(INT)
Garfields Shack

Bus Bar(Drinks are on you)
Waste Not Want Not (Furniture shop) : includes over 30 items ,mostly junk fences 
Home Brew Bar (get your lovely homebrew here)

War Truck/War Trailer ( Martial/home)

Car Farm: Rust and vegies
Amazons Fishing Wharf: you should have seen the one that got away (PSO)
Fungus farm: mmmm fungus for you (INT)
Hippy Bus Farm: (PSO)
Glowing Bus Farm:Feel the Glow(PSO)
Capsule Farm (3x3) player select only ,high impact

Mutant: the mutants are coming ,Feral ghoul,super mutant Behemoth
Spider Gate: are you afraid of Spiders?
Fridge Defense: its cold in here
Bloat Fly Hive: buzzzzz 
Roach Den: Don't step on em
Roach Trash Pile: more roaches (INT)
Armory: Check ur weapns here please. (INT)
Big Bertha: Artillery plot
Raybo Gun : Artillery Plot
Mega Tank: Artillery plot
Pill Box: 1x1

Stone Circle: For the pagans(Screenshot taken with Dustbowl urs may look different)
Games Room: Lets play a game
Chillshocks BBQ pit(stay warm)
Crack House(Drugs are .....)
Garden: lets relax and commune with nature
Tinuvia's Laundry: clean undies are good undies (INT)
Kitchen: Home cooked food (INT)
Lounge: relax (INT)
Bathroom: wash that dirt away (INT)

Desalinator: clean water for all( use for water or land plots)
Power Armor Garage : Store up to 4 suits
Shit House : Poop in here
Diamond Power : large oversized power plant   .... no noodles
Mini Shit House: you know wat to do here (INT)

More to come

Kinggath for Sim Settlements and for help:) http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21872/?
Tinuvia for help and advice and Myrmarachne for the war rig:) http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24136/?
Ethreon for allowing his cool mods to be used for Sim Settlements:) https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/16626/?
Robboten for Snappyhousekit  https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/11639/?
Casputain for Create a crate workshop   https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/23468/?
Mac131 for Macs frame pack     https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22899/?
All the Gamers :)