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Simple ESL tagged ESP No XP for builders of settlements

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Do you know what's annoying?

You get out of Vault 111, go to Sanctuary, rank up a level after Codsworth tells you about the people in Concord....

And then, you get lost in Sanctuary, forgetting about your son, building and building and building in Sanctuary... 

And then what? 

You just realized you are now Level 20, haven't left Sanctuary yet, no weapons, no armor to be at level 20.

BUT all those enemy NPC have already leveled to 20... oopppsie!


Watching a Y Tube video of Settlement builders where every item they build you get XP, the annoying over and over DING, RING.


For my friends, participating in a Sim Settlements City Plan Contest and not having all that XP buffed into your game.
Elimination of all those RIng a Ding's as you place items over and over - SANITY returns!
(Raybo is my inspiration - no other mod required)

This is intended for a new game where you are primarily building and not playing the Quests.
This is ESL tagged ESP - place last in your load order - no scripts, no assets, no leveled lists affected - only changes some game settings and global values.

In addition to
no XP, I have increased carry weight for those picking up supplies, and have increased jump height so you may be able to get to Sanctuary roof tops without building a ladder.

Also, I have
included changes to the small generator that will allow you to start building what you want, without having to worry about food, beds, defense, water, etc.... wireless power so you can place lights wherever without having run, then re-run, redo power lines etc.... at least until you get everything placed and do power lines only one time. (see my other mod for other variations - just put after this No XP plugin)


I hope this helps everyone in their settlement building.

PS - Uninstallation will not hurt anything - should be able to disable at any time, though the game will have to be re-started, and some events may have to occur to reset to normal game settings - such as carry weight - may not change from the 5000 I set until you either change strength stat or drink a beverage that would go into the global and modify it back to the base game setting.

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