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An Add-On pack containing new agricultural plots (with animals in them) for the Sim Settlements mod.

Permissions and credits
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  • German

Requires Version 4.0.0 or Greater of Sim Settlements

If you get CTDs while using this mod, please take a peek at the comment section for a possible fix.

Be sure to check out SIM's community! Follow this link to find the forums, wiki and more: https://simsettlements.com/

Contents - 14 new buildings:

Agricultural: 10
Agricultural Interiors: 2
Commercial: 4
Martial: 1

Building Features

Settler Navigation: Yes!
Construction Stages: Of course!
Randomized Clutter: Kind of


You! No-- don't turn back: there's noone behind. I'm talking to you, filthy wastelander! How's life lately? Pretty cool, uh? I mean, there's this weird dude dressed in blue spandex who keeps building towns out of beer bottles and board games. Entire settlements full of defenses and comforts that many can only dream of. Yet, there's something missing in this wonderful, post-apocalipstick paradise. You know what is it?

A proper diet!

What did you have for breakfast? Tatos! What about lunch? More Tatos! Dinner? Fuckin' Tatos! Well, to hell with that! Vegetables suck, real wastelanders eat meat! Noone's gonna hunt that for you, though, at least not yet: you'll have to take the matter in your own hands.

If you are tired of feeding on veggies, buy our latest issue of 'Settlement for Dummies'. You'll find tips & tricks on how to start your own animal pen, blueprints for the perfect habitat, advices from famous herders, a guide to build a little slaughterhouse and - if you obtain the special edition - you will also find the schematics for a wonderfully wonderful Wonder Meat Maker!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this issue. Only for 39.99 bottlecaps*!

*We also accept Aqua Pura, Pitt steel, Ring pulls, Brotherhood Scripts, Detroit splinters, NCR dollars, Legion coins, and/or barter.

What the hell are you talking about?

It's with fervent enthusiasm that I present to you: Altairp's Animal Farm. This Add-On pack adds some new plots to Sim Settlements focused around animals, and shanty farms, with wonderful experiences of herding beasts in a pen, feeding them until they're fat, and slaughtering them all to feed your settlers*. All Agricultural plots also produce resources based around the animal they welcome.

*Not all experiences may be included.

The plots, so far


Cat Farm - a pen where Cats are harvested for meat. Generates food (cat meat) and fertilizer.

Milking Pen (Brahmin) - a stable building dedicated to the production of Brahmin milk. Generates food (brahmin milk) and fertilizer.

Milking Pen (Cat) - a stable building dedicated to the production of Cat milk. Generates food (cat milk) and fertilizer.

Milking Pen (Molerat) - a stable building dedicated to the production of Molerat milk. Generates food (molerat milk) and fertilizer.

Molerat Pen* - an enclosure for everyone's favourite top-secret and experimental invasive lifeform. Generates food (molerat meat), fertilizer and some junk.

Radroach Junkyard* - a radioactive pen full of trash where roaches grow free. Generates food (radroach meat/radroach paste), fertilizer and some junk.

Molerat Tower - an old apartment building turned into a farm for Molerats. Generates food (molerat meat), fertilizer and some junk.

Radroach Scrapyard - a broken warehouse, used as a junkyard, where Radroaches are raised and harvested for their meat. Generates food (radroach meat/radroach paste), fertilizer and some junk.

*Also available as interior plots.

Agricultural (Far Harbour required):

Chicken Trailer - an old RV turned into chicken heaven. Before they're slaughtered, that is. Generates food (chicken thighs) and

Rabbit Container - a rabbit hutch carved out of an old container. Generates food (rabbit meat) and fertilizer.


Farmer's B&B - a shop that acts as a bar/diner/restaurant, and also provides a free bed at level 02 and 03.

Slocum's Joe Mess Hall - an old warehouse turned mess hall. Acts as a bar/diner/restaurant.

Food Caravan - trader cart that sells food. Acts as a bar/diner/restaurant.

Vet Clinic - shanty shack that provides medical aid to those in need.


Guard Kennel - because nothing's funnier than unleashing a rabid dog against those invading raiders. Spawns a dog (wolves too, if the other option is selected) that will attack any and all enemies in the Settlement.

Known issues:

- Occasional CTDs may happen. Please head over to the comment section for a possible fix.

- No uniforms for your settlers just yet.

In closing

I hope you'll enjoy this little addition to the main mod; be sure to provide me with any kind of feedback/criticism/advices once you're done checking it out (from "Oh hey, it's great!" to "This sucks, please don't open the Creation Kit ever again"). I'm especially interested in what you think about the altered resources outputs/needs for each pen and the new items.

Stay tuned for more!

Last but not least:

I'd like to thank the user mytigio for sharing his resource generation script with me (and thus satisfying many who desired some kind of resource spawn!). I urge you to check out his mod - Industrial City SIMS Add-On - incase you're hungry  for even more plots. Be sure to endorse after you download!

I'm going to throw a thank you to MacMan131 for letting me use his frame pack in my construction stages. If you desire more building pieces for your settlement, be sure to check out his mod - Mac's Frame Pack - and download them: the pieces are simple, but they really manage to capture a 'Under Construction' feeling. Be sure to check them out!

Many thanks to user Gambit77 for offering to fix the borked textures in 1.0.8

I want to thank Ceano and BerndR for letting me use their re-textures for Brahmins and Chickens. Damn, this credit section is getting big.

A truckload of thanks for kinggath, the creator of Sim Settlements, for his work (and also all the times he helped me unscrew my stuff); an appreciative thumbs up also goes to the modders in Discord and the aid they provided whenever I abused the help section of that chat.

Also thanks to Bethesda. It's their game, afterall.