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A collection of military themed Martial and Recreational plots that will help you keep those pesky raiders/muties/institute/bad guys at bay.

Permissions and credits

Sim Settlements Version 4.0.5 or Greater
All Fallout 4 DLC

Sim Settlements - Conqueror is required if you want the special bonuses some of the plots provide. 

Also part of the HUGE Sim Settlements Mega Pack - Year Three

This mod was inspired by and uses assets from Nutulator's awesome Sandbag Fortifications Mod.

The author very kindly gave permission for me to use his designs and build my dream defensive structures. If you love this add-on please download and endorse his mod!

Also recommended is TheLich's Place Everywhere. 

Have you found yourself in a never ending cycle of violence and conflict? Or maybe you are having a little local difficulty with some overly aggressive neighbours? Ultimate Defenses has got you covered! It is a collection of military themed plots that will help you keep the bad guys at bay.


New Martial Plots: 11

New Recreational Plots: 1

New Conqueror Plot Subtypes: Armory, Field Hospital and Mess Hall.  (Provide Bonuses to Soldiers)

Building Features
Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: No
Randomized Clutter: No
Performance Settings: Yes

Martial Plots
Outpost  - 1 x 1
Field Hospital - 2 x 2  - Conqueror Bonus Plot
Battle Boat 2 x 2 - Oversize - Player Select Only
Sniper Nest - 1 x 1
RHS Wall Corner  - 2 x 2
LHS Wall Corner  - 2 x 2
Gatehouse - 2 x 2 
Guard Tower - 2 x 2
Armory - 2 x 2 - Conqueror Bonus Plot
Tank - 2x2
Command Tent - 2 x 2
Missile Truck (For Pra) - 2 x 2 (New in v4)

Recreational Plots
Mess Hall - Conqueror Bonus Plot - Oversize - Player Select Only

    Disclaimer: This is my second SS add-on pack and FO4 mod. This was made possible by the amazingly detailed tutorials available in the Sim Settlements - Builder's Toolkit! If you have ever wanted to get into modding or just see how all of this is possible then I highly recommend you go and check it out. 

    Future Plans: My plan with this add-on pack is to add another 25+ plots based on supporters suggestions and ideas. If you like this mod and would like to see more or have any suggestions please let me know over in my area on the Sim Settlements Forums. 

All Hail the mighty Kinggath - May he mod forever! 
To Pra, XV, Raybo, UitUit, Kristin, Marc and John for their ideas and support. 
And all the other wonderful modders and supporters on the Sim Settlements Supporters and Development Discord Servers!

Gratuitous Self Promotion - My Mods

Sim Settlements 2 - Apocalyptic Additions Addon Pack