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An ever-growing pack of City Plans - with no other requirements than Sim Settlements!

Created by the community for the monthly City Plan Contest.

Permissions and credits
TLDR: Pack of City Plans for Sim Settlements that have no other mod requirements. 


  • Only one mod requirement - Sim Settlements!
  • 4 new City Plans for County Crossing
  • 3 new City Plans for Murkwater Construction Site
  • 4 new City Plans for Oberland Station
  • 4 new City Plans for Tenpines Bluff
  • 5 new City Plans for Starlight Drive-In
  • 2 new City Plans for Sunshine Tidings Co-op
  • 3 new City Plans for Finch Farm
  • 3 new City Plans for Graygarden
  • 4 new City Plans for Red Rocket
  • 1 new City Plan for Nuka World Red Rocket
  • 3 new City Plans for Hangman's Alley
  • 2 new City Plans for Jamaica Plain
  • 2 new City Plans for Coastal Cottage
  • 3 new City Plans for Croup Manor
  • New City Plans will be added every month 

(More city plans are on the way, some of the contestants needed a little more time to clean up some issues with their designs before getting them in your hands. As they come in, I'll update this pack!)

Included City Plans

March 2019 Contest

Winner - Croup Manor by NDCowdy

Finalist - Coastal Cottage by Phil_T_Casual
Finalist - Croup Manor by WeiseDrachenJaeger

Coastal Cottage by Ausplat
Croup Manor by Kharon93

February 2019 Contest

Winner - Hangman's Alley by Phil_T_Casual

Finalist - Hangman's Alley by NDCowdy
Finalist - Jamaica Plain by harkness13

Hangman's Alley by Ausplat
Jamaica Plain by WeiseDrachenJaeger

January 2019 Contest

Winner - Red Rocket by KleptoHeart

Finalist - NukaWorld Red Rocket by Myrmarachne
Finalist - Red Rocket by Genuine Entropy

Red Rocket by NDCowdy
Red Rocket by SirLach

December 2018 Contest

Winner - Graygarden by GenuineEntropy

Finalist - Finch Farm by Myrmarachne
Finalist - Graygarden by ArtisanVirgil

Finch Farm by Ausplat
Finch Farm by Beloopceda
Graygarden by Yagisan - Check out his other City Plans!

November 2018 Contest

Winner - County Crossing by Myrmarachne

Finalist - County Crossing by TTG
Finalist - Murkwater Construction Site by PyrateLV

County Crossing by Mobina
County Crossing by Yagisan - Check out his other City Plans!
Murkwater Construction Site by NDCrowdy
Murkwater Construction Site by PBenjamin

October 2018 Contest

Winner - Starlight Drive-In by KleptoHeart

Finalist - Starlight Drive-In by Myrmarachne
Finalist - Starlight Drive-In by Rudy

Starlight Drive-In by MarkAlmighty
Starlight Drive-In by PBenjamin
Sunshine Tidings Co-op by Mobina
Sunshine Tidings Co-op by Yagisan - Check out his other City Plans!

September 2018 Contest

Winner - Oberland Station by Saiyaness

Finalist - Tenpines Bluff by Corvus
Finalist - Oberland Station by Myrmarachne

Oberland Station by PBenjamin
Oberland Station by VikingBaggins *added in 1.0.2
Tenpines Bluff by MarkAlmighty
Tenpines Bluff by Mobina
Tenpines Bluff by Yagisan - Check out his other City Plans!

What Is This Contest?

Each month, we host a City Plan contest for settlement designers around the community to submit their settlement designs. The best receive prizes, and all of them can eventually be added to this City Plan pack so everyone can enjoy them!

The contest involves choosing between two settlements, and then designing the best settlement possible following some simple rules that help guide the design. At the end of 4 weeks, the Sim Settlements team picks out their favorite 3 and we put them up for public vote to decide who get the prizes.

If you'd like to join the contest, head here for more info: City Plan Contest - The Mod

Note: All donation points received for this mod are used to enhance the prize pool of the City Plan contest! Thanks to Nexus for starting such a cool program!

The Future

I'll continue to update this each month with more and more City Plans turned in from contestants!

If you'd like to directly contribute prizes to the City Plan Contest to inspire more creators to join - please contact me through Nexus and I'd be happy to discuss setting up special prizes!

Special Thanks

uituit - For handling contest logistics and City Plan conversion!
woodfuzzy, KrazyHorse, meto30, and Lancars for testing out some of the City Plan files!
The City Builders - For putting such amazing effort into designing beautiful City Plans!
The Community - For giving so much support to Sim Settlements!