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Sim Settlement Add On that includes some buildings that are intended to be joined up and placed together to make a set. Now needs all DLC's for Badge Factory and future additions. Now also includes multi-occupancy plots. Build a main plot, then add interior plots to enhance the plot.

Permissions and credits


Best To Have The Latest Version of Sim Settlements 3-in-1


New In V12.9

With special thanks to Irealys for the suggestions and influence for the following 6 new plots:-

1 interior commercial, 1 external recreational, 1 external agricultural, 2 external industrial's and 1 internal martial.
A BunkHouse and Mega Mall skin addition.  Lets you snap the interiors more accurately without having to destroy and rebuild the plot.  Please be patient as the buildings re skin.  It can take a while!

New In V12.0

3 new plots.
1 External residential , 1 interior commercial and 1 interior recreational.
A BunkHouse helper plot.  Lets you snap the interiors on the shell before you switch the building to the Bunkhouse Main.

New In V11.0

With special thanks again to VikingBaggins:-
Adds a 3x2 MegaMall plot.  Oversized, but has the space to add many interior plots.  You choose what you want and where to put them.  Hidden snap points are spawned in around the lower and upper floors.  You will need to connect up the spawned power connectors at the the front and sides in order to assure the power is present for the interior plots.  Tried to make self powering connectors, but results were not 100% conclusive. 
Has escalators at level 3, therefore floor area is cordoned off at lower levels.
Has a custom made roller shutter door in front of sliding doors.  

Adds a hospital plot, with a surgery chair / bed on the upper floor at level 3.  Has a simple cyclic lift to get from ground floor to upper floor at level 3.

New In V10.0

Fixes the scripts to make the conveyors actually work.

With special thanks to VikingBaggins:-
Adds a 3x2 Scrap Merchant Plot.  Very oversized, but has the space and instructions and guide pipes to add 2 interior plots.  Suggested plots on instructions are from Wasteland Venturers add on.

New In V8.0

Space savers

Exterior plots that accommodate interior plots (Direct Select Only)
Build the main plot first, then add the interior.  (Little bit fiddly, but possible)

Dual Home:-
Home within a home to allow 2 settlers to share a bed under the same roof.

Home Bar:-
Introduces an internal bar to be placed in a home plot.

Home Shop:-
Allows a general store to be placed in a home plot.

Weapons store & home.
Allows a home to be placed in a weapons store.

Adds a main bunkhouse plot that allows 5 extra internal plots to be snapped into place.
(Instructions spawned in at level 1 of main plot)

Wasteland Weavers:-
Adds a cotton weaving loom plot with old fashion cotton weaving loom (animated)
Produces cloth for use in crafting

New Homes

Left & Right Hand Semi (Build Side By Side and open side doors for co-existing effect)
Pool House
Train House
Monorail House

New Shops

Intended To Be Built In Rows Of 3:
Brick Type
Mall A, B & C
A=General store but is set up to look like a toy shop.  (Left Hand)
B=  Armour store but set to look like a power armour shop (Middle)
C=  Clothing store but set up to look like a lingerie shop.  (Went a bit overboard here) (Right Hand)

Shack Type
Pub, Bakery & Wine
Pub = Commercial bar. (Left Hand)
Bakery = Commercial (other), type but sells bread! (Middle)
Wine = General Store but looks like a bottle shop. (Right Hand)

New Factories

Loo Roll Factory
Badge Factory  (Cheese Central)

Building Features

Settler Navigation: Most
Construction Stages: Most But Not All

Many of the plots are set to player select only.  This is because they are either graphic intensive, or just plain badly done and are not optimised.  The mall type stuff or joined up stuff might look daft on its own, therefore requires the player to set the plots next to each other in order too look right.  The Semi houses can be used as standalone's, but thought it best to allow the player to choose.

The animation and flow in the badge factory (and the loo roll factory), does call for a little (OK, a lot) of poetic licence!  It isn't perfect, but you'll get the idea.  

Known Issues

Some of the walls and floors have a shimmer.  This is due to the items not being an exact fit.
I have made new walls for new plots I make, and will update the existing ones over time, if I get the time. (v5.1 fixes Mall Level 3's)

Overall Thanks To:

Many people on the discord channel for there help and assistance, whose mods are all incredible and well worth downloading and using in game.  (Much better than this mod)

Special Thanks To :    

Kinggath for Sim Settlements and IR and for help and guidance both on line and via the guides he produced.  
Without him, none of this would be possible.

Eldarth for his custom vendor scripts.

Cpt.Coots for the custom vendor tutorial and other advice.

Tinuvia for help, advice and initial testing including dirty edit cleaning.

ApoAlaia & Samutz for further dirty edit cleaning help.

Mytigio (inspiration and pointers regarding automating stuff).
Uituit (He's crazy!) for inspiration and the best use of a safe door EVER.
Yagisan (For pointing out the fact it was broke in the first place, and giving video evidence).
Everyone else I've missed.

(Sorry if I missed your name directly and you helped via the discord channel.  I forget things)


Plastic Duck (Swan) Shooting Range With Shootable Swans (Rec Plot)
Merry Go Round (Crappy Round A Bout) (With Sick Buckets) (Rec Plot)
Alternative To Lingerie Store (Commercial)
Fixed the shimmer on Mall Level 3 plots.


Adds A New House
Adds A Milk Factory


Adds A New Sewage Treatment Plant.
Adds A New Institute Themed Glass House.

 (Coming soon)
New BunkHouse plot that houses 5 extra internal plots (6 homes in total)
Adds this mods internal plots to fit into this mods purpose built external plots.