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Season 2 of the City Plan Contest entries.

An ever-growing pack of City Plans - with no other requirements than Sim Settlements!

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TLDR: Pack of City Plans for Sim Settlements that have no other mod requirements. 


  • Only one mod requirement - Sim Settlements!
  • 5 new City Plans for Longfellow's Cabin
  • 4 new City Plans for Boston Airport
  • 4 new City Plans for The Castle
  • 4 new City Plans for Outpost Zimonja
  • 3 new City Plans for Bunker Hill
  • 4 new City Plans for National Park Visitor Center
  • 5 new City Plans for Vault 88
  • 3 new City Plans for Echo Lake Lumber Mill
  • 4 new City Plans for Mechanist's Lair
  • 3 new City Plans for Covenant
  • 4 new City Plans for Dalton Farm
  • 5 new City Plans for Sanctuary Hills

Included City Plans

Masters Contest - Sanctuary Hills

Winner - Yagisan

Finalist - Karvoc
Finalist - Myrmarachne

Entry - MadGax
Entry - NDCowdy

July 2020 Contest - Covenant and Dalton Farm

Winner - Harkness - Covenant

Finalist - NDCowdy - Dalton Farm
Finalist - xMoridarx - Covenant

Entry - aSemioticGhost - Dalton Farm
Entry - MadGax - Covenant
Entry - Modhunter - Dalton Farm
Entry - Tiamazzo - Dalton Farm

June 2020 Contest - Mechanist's Lair

Winner - xMoridarx

Finalist - Karvoc
Finalist - Tiamazzo

Entry - Nick Farrell

May 2020 Contest - Echo Lake Lumber Mill

Winner - NDCowdy

Finalist - asemioticghost
Finalist - KynthiaBarnes

April 2020 Contest - Vault 88

Winner - Harkness

Finalist - Myrmarachne
Finalist - WeiseDrachenJaeger

Entry - choochoo1
Entry - aSemioticGhost

March 2020 Contest - National Park Visitor Center

Winner - NDCowdy

Finalist - Myrmarachne
Finalist - Yagisan

Entry - Ausplat

February 2020 Contest - Bunker Hill

Winner - Kynthia_Barnes

Finalist - Ausplat
Finalist - Karvoc

January 2020 Contest - Outpost Zimonja

Winner - Phil_T_Casual

Finalist - Ausplat
Finalist - Karvoc

Entry - NDCowdy

December 2019 Contest - The Castle

Winner - Karvoc

Finalist - Tori
Finalist - Whisper

Entry - Ausplat

November 2019 Contest - Longfellow's Cabin

Winner - KynthiaBarnes

Finalist - Ausplat
Finalist - Kharon93

Entry - Karvoc
Entry - MrCJohn

October 2019 Contest - Boston Airport

Winner - NDCowdy

Finalist - Hornet
Finalist - MadGax

Entry - Karvoc

Join The Contest

Interested in having your own settlement designs appear in this pack? We do a new contest every month starting on the 28th. Head here to learn about rules and how to enter: [url=]

Support The Contest

To keep the contest fun and exciting, we offer prizes to the contestants - this includes things like Sim Settlements merch, Steam games, Nexus premium, and for our annual Masters Contest - cash! If you'd like to help support the contest, and continue to see more people participating, we'll put any donations you contribute towards the prize pool!

Just put a comment in your donation that you'd like it to go to City Plan Contest prize support.

Why make multiple packs?

Fallout 4 has a hard script data limit of 64 MB in loaded mods*, going beyond this prevents the game from getting past the main menu. City Plans use a large amount of script data and so installing several hundred would be a problem, so instead we'll be releasing them by season as well as individual ESL (see optional files) to help players better control their script data usage.

* Script data is measured by the amount of script property data configured in the esp. As of right now, there is no simple tool for measuring this, but the quickest way to identify you have run into the issue is being trapped in the main menu when trying to load a save file.