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About this mod

Videos of the Wasteland enables you to view videos from holotapes on in-game TVs, and film-reels at the Starlight Drive-In !

Permissions and credits
  • Italian
  • French

Here is the link to RazorWire's Workshop, the new RazorWire's Youtube channel !
You will find many videos including the tutorials to create holotapes and film reels,
the frequently asked questions and many more in the future!

Main description

This mod adds two NEW Holotape Player items to the crafting menu under Furniture / Miscellaneous. Craft them and place them near a
TV or a projector screen to play videos , just by inserting a compatible video holotape.

There are 7 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. tapes craftable at the Holotape Crafting Workbench in the VotW menu (under Furniture)
There are also several video mod addons listed below adding more content.

What's new in Version 2.0?
Almost everything has changed ! The system and the way videos are played have been totally reworked. We now have a new menu in the workbench under furniture
There is a new player - The Radiation Star ! You can now play videos on a much bigger screen! Many new features like a volume control, MCM integration, new tvs, new animations...

(French subtitles available)

The new release change the way Videos of the Wasteland works, if you used a previous version of
VotW and if you want to update it to 2.0 read the following instructions
else VotW 2.0 may not work.

  • Install the VotW 1.7 Uninstaller
  • Launch your last save (it will tell you VotW is missing)
  • Wait for a message explaining that VotW has been uninstalled
  • Save the game
  • Uninstall VotW 1.7 and its uninstaller
  • Install VotW 2.0

If you never used Videos of the Wasteland before, you can install VotW 2.0
without following these instructions

The Radiation Queen

  • The Radiation Queen allows you to play videos on each in-game television
  • It uses specific holotapes, from this mod and other videos mod addons
  •  It needs to be close enough to the TV to get detected (Roughly 1 to 1 and a half meters in real life terms).
  • The TV AND the Radiation Queen need power
  • Each Radiation Queen gives a 50 happiness bonus to your settlement

The Radiation Star
  • The Radiation star is a projector allowing you to play videos on a specific screen
  • The Radiation Star needs power, not the screen
  • The RS uses the same holotapes than the Radiation Queen
  • If some videos are not currently compatible with it, you will be unable to insert them
  • There are several limitations to the use of the screen, read the F.A.Q. for more infos
  • Each Radiation Star gives a 50 happiness bonus to your settlement

The Starlight Drive-In Addon
  • This optional addon allows you to play film reels on the Starlight Drive-In screen
  • It uses film Reels, from this addon and other video mods
  •  You can find these reels in the stairs near the projector, or craft them at the workbench
  •  The screen needs to be repaired with 30 steels and the main building needs to be powered
  • It isn't compatible with mods altering the main building / screen shapes (not the textures)

Holotapes for use with VotW

Good old Cartoons
Staggerons's PUBLIC DOMAIN Videos - currently no Radiation Star support, will be added asap.
Vault Tec Tapes - MTV 1930
Sobering Videos
Brainwashing - Commercials of the Commonwealth
Burly Q
Prepare for the Future
VotW - Nuka-World Park Safety Rules

Film-reels for use with Starlight Drive-In
Welcome Back
- Not currently compatible with 2.0 - mod will be overhauled/re-released at a later date, with additional content.

Traduction Française
Traduzione Italiana

Videos of the Wasteland is now available for Xbox players, here are the links for:

the main package
the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. tapes

Prepare for the Future holotapes
Brainwashing - Commercials of the Commonwealth

  • Any mod that alters vanilla workshop records is going to cause issues.
  • The “Pre-War” Tv added by the Homemaker mod and Quaz30's Television Replacer mod are not supported.
  • Starlight is Bright Again is not compatible with the VotW Starlight Drive-In module.
  • The mods Starlight Delight, and Starlight Cinema (both by same author) are incompatible with the Starlight Drive-In module.
  • Any mods that alter/remove parts of Starlight Drive-In (such as the projector room and Drive-In screen) that VotW depends on to work, are in most cases, incompatible.

Do videos loop or only play through once?
A- They loop, that was always the goal. That way they can run in the background while you potter around.

Does it play AVI/MPG/MP4/FLV/ETC…?
A- The mod uses .DDS textures and .wav/.xwm audio.

What’s the maximum resolution & length a video tape can be?
A- Each frame is 256×256 pixels (vertically stretched, and re-scaled by the UVs). The current maximum time limit per tape is around 10 minutes.

Will you release a tutorial on how I can add my own videos?
A- Look at the beginning, you can't miss that banner!

Q-The radiation Star doesn't work, what's the problem?
A- If an object is placed between the projector and the screen, if the projector is too far away or too close, too low or too high, and if the projector doesn't correctly face the screen, it will not work.

Q- Something doesn't work, what can i do?
A- You can scrap all VotW objects and build new ones, reinstall the mod, look whether all the files are correctly installed, reinstall the mod manually (by following the steps written in the article if you want), make sure the plug-ins are activated, or even modify the load order to have SpecialVideos.esp loaded last.

Q- How can I repair Starlight Drive-In?
A- You need to go in front of the big screen with 30 steel, select "repair it" then you need to power the main projector building.

Thanks to Orvid for Caprica and Champollion, DexesTPP for HKXPack – [RazorWire] couldn’t have made this mod without any of these tools.
Thanks to all the devs who continue to develop Nifskope and Fo4Edit – Modding would be nowhere without you guys.
Thanks to Bethesda for making Fallout 4 as awesome and modder friendly as it is.

Thanks to texashokies for his help on the Radiation Queen animation
Thanks to LeFlemard for his help on VotW 1.65