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A full B movie Teenagers from Outer Space for Videos of the Wasteland.

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This is a conversion of the 1950s B movie, Teenagers from Outer Space for  Videos of the Wasteland.  The film is so bad (and I mean really bad - all expense was spared on the special effects) it's absolutely brilliant and unintentionally funny.

The film is around 86 minutes long, which means that due to limitations of VotW, I've had to cut it into 9 parts.  This also means that once the film is decompressed it will take up around 1.7GB despite being compressed down to around 406MB.  If you don't want to waste that amount of HD space it then I understand, and I just did it for the sheer torture fun of it.

If you're upgrading from version 1, you only need to do so if you want projector support.  Make sure you uninstall version 1 first because I've changed the file locations, and rebuilt the whole lot from scratch.

I've also included the source video so if you want to see it but don't fancy staring at a virtual TV on a screen then just download that.  Enjoy! :)

This version of Teenagers from Outer Space is in the public domain.  All content is used in good faith.