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Adds new high quality TVs for you and your settlers !

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Televisions of the Wasteland adds several new televisions under Furniture / Miscellaneous.
Many other ones will be added in the future

Why should I use this mod?
  • The TVs from Televisions of the Wasteland are high-polys and highly detailed
  • The textures are not used to fake details. These are completely modelled.
  • The models use 2k textures for both diffuse and specular maps.
  • Mostly seamless or procedural textures
  • The meshes and the textures are optimised to minimise their weight

This mod is compatible with everything! amazing, right ?

About Videos of the Wasteland
Televisions of the Wasteland is no longer compatible with Videos of the Wasteland
because this mod is already merged in VotW 2.0
That mean you already have all these TVs if you downloaded VotW 2.0 or above
TotW 1.1 is compatible with VotW 1.7


Will this mod be updated frequently?
Each time it needs to be

Will this stay compatible with VotW?
No. Simply because this mod is integrated to VotW 2.0