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Welcome to East Scarp!
An expansion adding new NPCs; new locations; new fish; shops; special orders - and secrets.
In a picturesque location by the sea.

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Escape to East Scarp: Where Heart Meets Ocean

Welcome to East Scarp! An expansion adding new NPCs; new locations; new fish; shops; special orders - and many, many secrets. East Scarp is a picturesque neighborhood by the sea, and a direct extension of Pelican Town located at the west of it. This mod comes with many new locations, NPCs, items and additions, however, it is also a home for Custom NPCs to inhabit without creating extra map patches.

It is a community project from the community, for the community.

You can access East Scarp via a path east of the blacksmith - or, in SVE, by crossing Shearwater Bridge.

Browse the existing East Scarp mods that add new NPCs and exciting adventures to the experience, join the discord server to give your own custom NPC is new home, or enjoy this mod's content without any extra additions. It is for you after all!

You can also visit the wiki: 
(with special thanks to Vesko01 and Brittknyfe)



Doctor Jacob: the shy and soft spoken vet and his precocious daughter, Eloise
Aideen, the florist: with her Victorian sensibilities and somewhat barbed tongue.
Rosa: the carefree caretaker of Scarpe Inn.
Vivienne: Jacob's mother and an author of children's books. She is unlocked through their story arc.
???: An array of mysterious characters who will only make themselves known to you when you win their favor.

Scarpe Inn will host tourists:
(other tourists planned at a future date)

First Lady Josephine
Her teenage son, Oliver
(Who come to visit towards the end of year one)
(and after they've departed)
Reporter and editor for Cryptozoology Today, Kataryna

 Animal Characters to Unlock:
(Yes! Some you can gift)
The Emperor
Lady Sheba
Baron Munchington

And MANY more!

Download all the additional East Scarp NPCs!

Hector, an eclectic and eccentric druid who dwells in a tower in the deep mountains. Part of Desty's Sword & Sorcery collection.
, the most huggable inhabitant of the Underscarp. Sen came from deep within the valley's mines to discover the surface world.
Fievel, Hatmouse's cousin from afar, comes to seek a "land without cats" and makes some unexpected friends.
Barron , the Traveling Dreamer, Fellowclown's librarian. She shares books and a love of reading with the world, whilst also seeking her own past.
Rodney O'Brien,Two-time Award Winning Author  - Dodo's friendly science fiction writer, who has arrived to seek inspiration and occasionally pass judgment. Maybe he'll even win another award?
Mateo - Never Ending Adventure: Desty's experienced adventurer with a history in the village, returning to seek redemption and their future.
Sterling, Mia and Henry - Always Raining in the Valley: Hime's delightful trio, who will steal your heart! A heart-warming mod about interpersonal relationships. 
Lavril & Void: A strange child and her guardian, the keepers of many of East Scarp's secrets. From Arknir, creator of Lucikiel.
Juliet & Jessie, - The JojaMart clerks. A unique duo who will take you on many adventures.
Tristan: Uncover his mystery!
Beatrice - the Lighthouse Keeper: A lovely older lady with a sad story.*

*Disclaimer: Mods marked by an asterisk are not maintained by the ES crew and haven't been updated fully since 1.5. We have limited agency to fix whatever bugs may have appeared and may be removed if they become incompatible or obsolete.

Your game will be enhanced if you have:

Professor Jasper Thomas - Community Center Reimagined - Aquarium - Nicer Sewer -  More New Fish -
Bus Locations - Warp Network - Visible Fish - Custom Gift Dialogue - NPC Map Locations - LunaKatt's DCBurger style portraits

Over 50 events - Heart events for all listed NPCs
- Interacting story-lines (between ES NPCs and across other mods)
- Special Order rewards

Bonus Content when you install additional East Scarp NPCs!

+ Pelicans and seasonal bird watching (including visitors over midsummer!)

Enjoy high country fishing in the Deep Mountains with two new species to collect.
The ocean teems with life! And cast your line into the rock pools too, you never know what you might find.
Catch anadromous and catadromous fish in the orchard, as they migrate to or from the sea!
Strange and beautiful gastropods live in the rock pools.
Mysterious and creepy fish lurk around an abandoned site... can you find it?

 Unlock new crops, new NPCs, new areas, and animal friends, by fulfilling requests on the town Special Order board.
Some are more challenging than others!

VINEYARD: (non-sve exclusive content)
- A picturesque estate with small fish pond and forage.
+ Jessie and Juliet will move here if installed.

- A small farmmable map in the high country, to further extend your crops (or plant fruit trees with SDV 1.5.5).

- It's rich with resources... but also home to monsters. Dare you venture there?
+ short cut to the sewers with Nicer Sewer installed.

- The owners may be gone... but their secrets still remain. As do their fruit trees!

- Fishing, timber, and some scary looking goats (that probably won't hurt you!)
+ Mountain access (or Adventurer Summit access with SVE).
And... ???

(Thanks to Yagisan for the code, and  D1scoball for the SVE maps)


- Stardew Valley Expanded *
- Karmylla's Immersive Maps (Town map)
- DaisyNiko's Reimagined
- DaisyNiko's Reimagined2
- DaisyNiko's Reimagined3
- Water Under the Bridge
- Enhanced Shortcuts
- Ridgeside Village 
- Downtown Zuzu
- Walk to the Desert
... And most other content mods

Mobile Stardew
Seven Deadly Sins (until it moves from loading its map edits via TMXL)

* SVE updates are prone to changing things that were compatible into things that clash, therefore I cannot 100% guarantee that you won't end up with clipping during events or festival double-ups with SVE installed. These should not break or harm your game at all - but install NoClip just in case.

East Scarp uses i18n for ease of translation
We currently have people working on:

→ Korean (PAPAsheep Team)
→ German
→ Chinese (KatherineC4)
→ Japanese (Thukino):
→ *(Brazilian-Portugese and Russian are currently available as separate mods).

If you would like to translate East Scarp into your local language, please send me a message. 
Please note that East Scarp is an ongoing project, which means that at any time the translation may be out of date.
As I also do not speak multiple languages, I cannot vouch for the quality of any translation. Please let me know if any are incomplete.

Translators are welcome to load their translation as a separate mod (Designed to drag and drop into the original folders) or you can send them to me to
be incorporated into the main. I would prefer to incorporate localizations into the main where possible.
(Anybody redistributing the non-translation assets may have their mod reported/removed)

Note that Bus Locations does not include i18n or localization features.

Himetarts, Arknir, Shekurika, Kdau, atravita, Lumina, Mouse, Pathoschild,  ItsBenter, Rafaseazz, Hadi, Gervig, Essgee, Corin, Majickian, Yagisan,
Hesper, LorellaBellaBean, Jen, Gwen, Omena007, Fellowclown, the entire East Scarp Discord, Flashshifter, Poltergeister,  and probably about 50
other people I've forgotten.... including all my Beta-testers. For more detailed credits please see the "Articles" section.
East Scarp really is a community effort!

And, thanks to, of course, Mr Podunkian and Concerned Ape.

Graphics, screenshots and mod page made by @Himetarts