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East Scarpe is a new area a short walk from Pelican Town's Blacksmith, with new fishing areas, tons of forage and some new NPCs to meet, including Jacob, a mobile vet and his precocious daughter.

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1.6 Adds some major changes!

- Geographically compatible with SVE.
- Entrance has changed, you now need to take the path north-east of the blacksmith and cross Shearwater Bridge (If SVE installed)
- NOTE: Jacob and Eloise's pathing has changed. You will need to Reset Terrain Features (once it's updated for 1.5) or use Destroyable Bushes to clear their path. Image of which bushes to clear included in the 'media' section.
- Currently Nagito's map patch will be broken visually. I will collaborate with his creator to fix this. (Until then, there is a DIY patch available in 'Files')
- Jacob has had a makeover, thanks to Poltergeister!
- Grampleton Fields (with SVE only) is accessible via a path beneath the silo. Note: The minecart entrance has been disabled.


East Scarpe is designed as a new area for custom NPCs to live and for players to explore.
Above East Scarpe you will find Berry Heights - make sure you visit here in salmon- and blackberry season and bring a big basket! - because berry bushes line the cliff-top. There's also a rockpool for fishing and crabpots, and ocean fishing as well. If you're really lucky, you might spot the eluisive sea monster. There's a few hidden locations, and hints at future content too!

It also offers opportunities for bird-watchers, with species stopping by on their migratory route to the Fern Islands. Make sure to visit at midsummer for beach-combing and you might even meet some special visitors!

- Lavender has kindly patched in Nagito, so if you have East Scarpe installed he will move  to the beach there instead of the regular beach!
- You can now meet Beatrice the lighthouse keeper!
- Jacob and Eloise have been added to the ES files page, but please note that whilst they have dialogue, schedules and some heart events, they are still a work in progress with many more features to come.

The original template for East Scarpe was taken from Project Moonlight Map Resources, (although I have made adjustments to the map). It currently connects down past the museum, which means it works with SVE and Sundrop City, although obviously with some suspension of disbelief.

The very awesome Kdau produced the Smapi components of the mod, allowing (amongst other things) the opportunity for three different fishing habitats:
- the village pond
- the rock pools
- the ocean
It is recommended that you install More New Fish to increase the variety of fish that you can catch.

Compatible with most map variants (including Reimagined2 and SVE). If you are using one the entrance does not work in send me a message.

See the Articles for further information and frequently asked questions.

- To turn the quarry into a river (with waterfall): River "true"
- To replace the empty houses above and east of the pond with wilderness: Forest "true"
- To enable Kaya's gorgeous Santorini buildings, Config "Skin" to "Kaya".

For installation tips when using town map variants, or information on how you can move your NPC into the village, please see the "Articles" section.

East Scarpe would not have been possible without:

- Kdau for the smapi coding component.
- Essgee for the gorgeous lighthouse, and the Kaimana family (not yet moved in).
- Jen for the lighthouse interior.
-ItsBenter for an NPC portrait (Aedenthorn for the sprites.)
- Kaya for her Santorini skin.
- Hesper/Dustbeauty for editing my buildings and making them lovely.
- LorellaBellaBean for the cabins that were edited to become some of the houses.
- Project Moonlight for their map resources.
And for a lot of other folks on the Discord #Making-mods channel for their general support, comments, and assistance in finding clipping issues and insisting upon other cosmetic refinements .

East Scarpe is still being refined, and some things may change.

Mods used in screenshots:
Starblue Valley
Eemie's Grass Variety/Realistic Wildflowers for More Grass

Underground area requires Daisy Niko's Tilesheets installed.