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This mod is a resource mod for map modder adding a new tilesheet containing various furnitures to use in their map. Pls read the instructions to know how the mod works !

Permissions and credits
This mod is a resource mod for map modders, adding a new tilesheet containing various furniture. It uses Content Patcher to load the tilesheet in the game, allowing other mods to use it as a dependency.

For players : this mod does nothing on its own. However, other mods may require it to add new furnitures to their map. If this mod is listed as a dependency for a mod, you need it.

For modders : You can treat the assets of this mod the same way you would do with vanilla assets : use them to create the map, keeping the same name*, but do not include in your mod folder on release, and don't redistribute the assets. This will cause issues.
Don't forget to add this mod as a dependency.
(*renaming assets in tiled when needed for loading order purpose is fine. Don't change the original name of file however).

If you aren't familiar with the process, ask questions in comments or on the modding section of the SDV discord :)

Important : see this article for information about what to do if you want to use an edited version of my assets, and conditions when permissions are granted.

See also : Lumisteria Tilesheets - Outdoor : A mod adding various options for outdoor tilesheets.

Changelog 1.3.0
- Added several rugs
- Added elements for stairs
- Added two new styles for beams : a brick pattern and an elegant wood
- Added a kitchen style, some kitchen elements to go with
- Added two bed options, inspired by Penny' strawberry bed
- Added some mahogany furnitures and some rotations of the screens/separators
- Added a glass door

Note : some elements like the rugs and the stairs may require extra layers to look great. It was the best solution to allows freedom of use of the rugs instead of forcing a specific floor to be used with them.

Changelog 1.2.0
- Added several pride flags (They will be used in another project at some point, but i figured they'll be cool to have for modders in the meantime).
- Added some hanging baskets of flowers (that also feature some concepts for another project)
- Added some posters
- Added a Sakura themed set.
- A small bugfix (thanks for reporting bugs ! :) )

Changelog 1.1.0
- Added several sitting spots. Some are still missing, so it's still a WIP. If you want to sit in original spots, consider using the "If it fits, i sits" mod.
- Added various assets, including : various shop assets (bakery, florist, sport, clothes), a bathroom set, beds, some windows and various other small things.
- See this article for information about what to do if you want to use an edited version of my assets, and conditions when permissions are granted.

Example packs :
The mod "Ridgeside Rival Hearts- Sam and Alissa" use the content of this pack.

Recolors :
This mod has support for some recolor mods. The default option should auto detect if you use one of the listed recolor and use this setting, but you can configure the mod to something else if needed.

Note about sittable.
Thanks to the help of Mouse, i was able to add some sittable properties. Currently, stools are sittable, and most facing of chairs are. Couchs are done in a case by case policy. When i'll get the possibilty, i'll add overlay and proper sitting for more of the stuff you can expect to be sittable. Some armchairs may still remain not sittable if it doesn't look right however.

Thanks for your understanding :)

Images in gallery :
All the images of gallery are examples of what the mod can do and aren't (currently) used in any released mod.

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