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Turns the sewer into a far more pleasant place to hang out - for both shadow people and player characters!

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Perplexed by the state of the sewer? How one tiny town can produce so much foul waste?
Think Krobus deserves a more homely home?
So did I, hence I redecorated!
Aside from giving the sewer a more lost temple/sea cave feel, this also provides access to the lower right hand corner, thus increasing your chance of encountering the mutant carp. It's also a lot of fun for fishing with the New Fish mod (recommended).

Potential issues:
- the warp up to the town sewer still works fine, but there will be no sound.
- something funky may happen if Krobus moves in as your room mate. There is a potential the chest may be replaced by something else entirely. Please let me know if this is the case. I have set it so I hope it works properly, but have not tested it.
- the newly added door doesn't open or go anywhere - yet! It's been added as a hint for what may be to come. So watch for updates!
- sewer changes will revert on Spirit's Eve if Festival of the Mundanes mod is installed.