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With permission, edited portraits from Nyapu's Portraits Inspired by Dong. Includes edited portraits for miscellaneous characters and/or characters that are not on Nyapu's to-do list!

Permissions and credits
About: Started off doing these for my own game but, with permission, decided to share! These are edited Nyapu portraits made to fit characters that are not on Nyapu's to-do or by-some-chance list. 

Content Patcher
Nyapu's Portraits inspired by Dong (Optional, but this mod was meant to be used with these!)

These are replacer portraits, meaning you'll have to overwrite the original portraits for these to work. I do not have the time or know-how to make them into [CP] files, I am sorry!
1. Ensure you have all the required mods for the NPC and for the portraits to function.
2. Download the portrait mod .zip file.
3. Open the .zip file and move the contents to your Stardew Valley mod and overwrite the original files.
If you need more help with installation, please check out the Articles tab!


Current Portraits

* Beatrice ~

* Ayeisha ~

* Traveling Dreamer ~

* Elian ~

* The Witch's Familiar - Nul Envoide ~

* East Scarp 2.3+ BETA ~
Not currently public! For now, join the Discord if you'd like to grab them.


Play tested?
- For the most part, yes. I haven't had a lot of time to play Stardew to see if there are any errors, so if there are please lmk!

Some characters have seasonal portraits, did you include them here?
- Yes, unless additional portraits were uploaded after these were published. 

Some portraits look better than others, what gives?
- Some portraits, especially the early ones, won't look as good as newer ones as I get better with editing. I have very little experience with pixel art, but I'm trying! :^D

Can I edit these and share them?
- As long as you have permission from the original mod creators, I'm fine with my edits being... Well, edited! 

Will you do portraits for xxx mod?  //  [My current to-do list]
- If it's on Nyapu's to-do list, the answer is no. If it's on their *Not Make* list, then the answer is maybe. You can speed up your request time a bit by getting permission from the mod authors before requesting here! I will not publish portraits until I have permission to do-so.

Thank-you to:
nyapu for their beautiful portraits and for givining me permission to edit their work!
AirynS for giving me permission to use some of their assets in the Beatrice portrait!
- All of the lovely mod makers who share their work with us!