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Adds Lavril to NPC Adventures. The shy healer will run away at the first signs of danger, but she'll cheer you on with her mysterious spectral powers. Lavril hopes to make a hundred friends on your adventures. Compatible with Custom Companions.

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  • Mandarin
This is a content pack that adds the East Scarp Custom NPC, Lavril, to NPC Adventures. This mod is useless on its own. Make sure to have the aforementioned mod and all its dependencies installed.

  • Lavril is now compatible with PurrplingCat 's NPC Adventures mod! You can recruit her as a healer, but she occasionally runs away from danger. She has 50+ additional dialogue in unique locations, adding more immersion in the game.
  • 3 unique idle animations when following you and staying still.
  • Access to her inventory (36 extra slots). If you leave your items with Lavril overnight, Void mails them to you on the next day in a colorful way.

  • Recruit Lavril and Void at the same time with PeacefulEnd's Custom Companions. Void can be recruited at the Mouse Hat shop for 30,000g. Summon him with the ring and he will accompany you and Lavril on your adventures.


UNIQUE companion skills:
  • [Limited Healing] - Talk to Lavril when your health is low to get healed. Heals a few times before needing to recharge.
  • Activate a [Soul Link] with the player. Lavril and Void cheer you on with their spectral energy, boosting your stats by +3 ATK, +1 LUCK, and 1+ SPEED.