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Adds artisan good icons for several mods lacking them.

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One problem with BAGI and similar mods is that a lot of people don't make icons and patches for it, so there isn't significant coverage.
I noticed this and decided to address the issue myself, partly because it bugged me, and partly just for the lark (It was kinda fun... well, at first, anyway).

~ What's with the name? ~
Style-Compromise is so called because it is a style somewhere between vanilla Stardew and the Vamp/Rjenyawd/RabidMuffins/paradigmnomad style used by the PPJA Icon Pack.
The wine icon style is somewhere between Rjenyawd's style and vanilla, and the Jellies' and Pickles' jars are similar to those of vanilla Honey, which is, in turn, similar to the PPJA style.
It's designed to not look too out of place alongside vanilla and/or PPJA assets.

~ Do I need to have every supported mod installed? ~
No, you don't.
In fact, you probably can't, as certain mods might conflict.
Some supported mods hypothetically might not even work on the current version of Stardew Valley.
Mods don't have to be actively functional to be supported.
You don't even really need *any* of the supported mods; you just won't get any effect with none of them (except with SCAGI Vanilla, of course).
There won't be any graphical glitches if you lack supported mods, either.
I don't even use every supported mod.
You only need SMAPI and BAGI.

~ Which mods are covered? ~

 - [ SCAGI General ] [ Full Coverage (At least when last I checked) ]
Ancient Fruit Color Variants - for JsonAssets
Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension (Forageables Items)
Bonster's Crops
PPJA - Cannabis Kit
Eemie's Crops for Json Assets - Updated (ModDrop)
Fish's Flowers (Hyacinth and Pansy) - Compatibility Version
Fizzy Drinks •
Garden Village Shops •
Garlic Bread Crop •
Green Coconut Tree Sapling •
Green Pear crop
Growable DingTalk •
Guava Tree
Hyper Plumber Farming •
(JA) Junimo Fruit
Korea Blossom (Postype) •
-JA- Lucky Clover
Mae's Trees
Marshmallows in Stardew •
Mermaid Island (Island Items)
(JA) Mouse-Ear Cress
Mulberry Crop (Postype) •
Json Assets - Pokecrops
Pufferchick Set
Revenant's Crops
Rocket Science
Slime Rancher Mod (Slime Rancher Products) (Postype) •
Spoopy Valley
Starbound Valley
Stardew Alchemy •
Stardew Fantasy
Stephan's Lots of Wild Crops (MediaFire)
Yoseiri's Plants (dead mod atm)
Six Plantable Crops for Winter •
More Tea •
Walk to the Desert •

 - [ SCAGI General ] [ Only Partial Coverage (Due to mod conflicts between these three mods and PPJA) ]
Fish's Flowers (Hyacinth and Pansy) (Original Version) -- {1/2}
Json Assets - Harvest Moon Crops Project -- {3/4}
Stephan's Lots of Crops (Non-Wild Version) (MediaFire) -- {2/9}

 - [ SCAGI General ] [ Mods with Dormant Support Icons but no Active Support Icons (No effects in-game) ]
Birthstone Plants
Christmas Crops
PPJA - Fantasy Crops
PPJA - Fresh Meat: An 'Alternative' Butcher Mod
Pizza Planet
Stardew Bakery
Tea Time

 - [ SCAGI Vanilla ] [ Full Coverage (At least when last I checked) ]
Vanilla Stardew Valley
Tomato is a Fruit (Optional) •
Floral Taxonomy (Vanilla Crops Only) (Optional) •
!! Warning !! - SCAGI Vanilla will conflict with the PPJA Default Icon Pack, causing missing textures.
SCAGI Vanilla doesn't conflict with the PPJA Icon Pack, though, so you can still use that.

 - [ Mods that have BAGI icons already, so I haven't implemented support icons for them... yet ]
PPJA - Ancient Crops
Champagne Wishes •
PPJA - Farmer to Florist
PPJA - Fruits and Veggies
Gemstone Fruits (Link Dead) •
Joja Farm Mega Crop Bundle (Link Dead) •
Junimo Trees •
Metal Trees (Link Dead) •
PPJA - Mizu's Flowers
PPJA - More Trees
Stardew Vineyard •
Stardrops Crop - JsonAssets •
SSaturn's Tropical Farm •
uberkwefty's Winter Crops •
iKeychain's Winter Lychee Plant

 - [ Other mods by myself that have BAGI patches in this style ]
More Than Forage -- Forage Recategorization
Sweet Gem Fruit -- Rare Rebalance

 - [ Does this mod have support icons for honeys only obtainable through mods like the Indoor Beehouses (CFR) and Adaptable Bee House (PFM) mods? ]
Yes. The icons should appear in normal gameplay, as the mods don't add new honey items.

 - [ Does this mod have support icons for the PFM Flower Jelly mod? (Postype) ]
Yes. The icons should appear in normal gameplay, as the mod doesn't add a new jelly item.

 - [ Does this mod have support icons for mods that allow mead to take after the honey used to make it? ]
They haven't been implemented. When last I checked, BAGI doesn't have that feature, so it would likely require another mod to add the new mead type icons.

~ Plans for the Future? ~
If I continue working on this mod, I plan on adding BAGI support for most mods that lack BAGI support; though, as far as I know, there aren't many left.
I also have mead icons made. If I ever figure out a good way to implement them, or if a mod to make it easier ever comes out, I might implement them.
As for this mod getting full support for PPJA Fruits and Veggies & More Trees... Don't hold your breath.

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