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Finished the Community Center and sad that it now lies almost empty? Now it really will serve a purpose as heart of the community.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
SHOULD BE COMPATIBLE WITH 1.5 but has not been fully tested. Please let me know if anything weird happens!

Changes schedules on rainy days so selected groups of people will visit the Community Center to socialize.
Moves the kids lessons into the Crafts room (now re-imagined as a school room) and allows for custom teachers.
Adds fish to the tank (thanks Gervig!).
More features to come.

There are four configurable Options:

Sets the craft room up as a school room on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, including rainy days
* Disable this if you have built the school with Town School.
* SHOULD BE COMPATIBLE WITH SVE.* Now over-writes part of SVE's map to allow more space for compatibility with other mods that add children.
(Default: True)

Disable if SVE is installed. (Or use with OverRideSVE set to 'true') (Default: True)

CookingClass: Disable if you have Town School, or any other mods that affect Penny or Gus's schedules. (Default: True)

OverRideSVE: This will override the SVE map and change it into mine. It has been designed so this is possible, and won't be too broken on Community Center Day, but does mean Susan and Andy appear to be scraping the floor. This is not compatible with Woman in a Painting (yet). It may perform unpredictably. (Default: false)

The following NPCs visit the Community Center:

Other features include:
-  Community Noticeboard contains new notices - DAILY!
- A radio so you can provide your own soundtrack
- Fish in the fish tank (thanks Gervig!)
- New events.
- Unique locational dialogue

Future ideas:
Farmer able to attend cooking class and learn recipes.
Special events:
- Art classes
- Some sort of activity over winter.
Full compatibility with Help Penny (currently only school schedule is compatible).
Compatibility with Life Cycle once Penny and Sam are married.

Custom NPCs can join too! Just let me know if there are some you would like included!

Designed for compatibility with Woman in a Painting.

** Should be compatible with Little NPCs/Farmer's Children **

Mod recolor shown in samples is: Rustic Country Interiors