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This mod adds the ability to sit to various map tiles, like the hood of trucks, some counters, riverbanks, etc. It is only a data edit to add more, and does not change how seats function or edit any maps.

Permissions and credits

Control your cheeks like never before with this groundbreaking, data-driven enhancement to your sitting experience.
Empower yourself to plant that ass where it's never been planted before.

From corporate crates to car hoods to riverbanks, we'll seamlessly facilitate the seats of your dreams.
If you can fits - you can sits.

This mod adds 50+ tiles to the list of sittable tiles. I've attempted to be conservative by avoiding tiles that almost always have additional items layered on top, and tiles that have important tile actions on them in vanilla, such as counters that open shops. It does not change the way sitting itself works, or edit any maps directly to place new tiles.

Every section of the content.json is commented so you know which parts are for which and can easily edit out sections if needed. It is also configurable.

PrecariousPerches: set to true to enable seats in places likely to bump you into water or open-air. Use with Swim and/or NoClip for best results.
HoodSeats: By default, sitting on top of a car hood will center you between the tiles. It looks nicer, but two people can't sit at the same time. Set to "double" to leave room for two.
SeatsWithFrontTiles: Enable overlaying tiles for seats that look better with them. May conflict with recolor mods.
InteractableTilesBETAONLY: Some tiles are almost always interactable, even in vanilla. Turning these on without having the latest build of Stardew Valley 1.5.5-beta may break interactables.

How to use
If a tile looks like it would roughly line up with your farmer's butt, try right-clicking it. If you want to use the water-bordering seats (controlled by the PrecariousPerches config option), I'd pair it with a mod like Swim, for the times you pop up from sitting and land in the water.

  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.5+ on Linux/Mac/Windows.
  • Works in single player and multiplayer. (Host needs to have it installed.)
  • Should be compatible with... everything.

Additional mod support
I may adds seats where appropriate to various mods, depending on time and permissions. Current list:

Seasonal Garden Farmhouse: done
Hot Springs Farm Cave: done

(I don't actually know how well these mods work in the latest update, but DustBeauty/Hesper is the only content author I've found that has a clear statement waiving the need to ask for permission for compatibility edits or fair use, and I wanted to support them even if only in a tiny way.)

East Scarp: done...

...for now.

There are a number of "regular" chairs that should be made sittable, between ES and Daisy's sheets, and those should probably be added to their respective mods. If I work on those, I will send them directly to the authors. ES also uses a lot of flavor text, and I'm reluctant to experiment too much until 1.5.5 is out of beta where it will no longer be a problem.

That said, ES does use a lot of vanilla tiles that are now sittable, without any extra support needed! For now, I have just added all the vehicle hoods, the sides of said vehicles (beta only), and the stoops of a Spanish Revival house. (I really wanted to sit on the well, but clipping!)

Lumisteria's Tilesheets - Indoor: done

"i am considering some of the life choice i made, and definitively think that your mod is inhabited by the spirit of a very agile toddler" ~ Lumina

This mod is a tilesheet resource, so different modders may use it in different ways. Since there's no way for me to predict what someone might make interactable, all of these seats are locked behind the 1.5.5 beta config option. (It also has several chairs/stools that are already sittable, no extra mod required!) It has cute things and you should download it and make things with it :)

If you are a mod author that would like me to add strange seats for your mod (whether to mine or submitted to yours), drop me a link. This page sums up the order in which I will work on anyone else's content. That said, it's easy to add your own! Feel free to use this pack as an example if needed :)