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Stardew Aquarium adds an Aquarium to Stardew Valley. Here you can donate your fish to animated tanks for rewards. Includes a large new beach location with new custom shops.

Permissions and credits
Help restore the Stardew Aquarium to its former glory by donating fish for its exhibitions! See the collection come to life in full animation as you contribute to the collection. And in the meantime, why not explore the beach outside and buy a snack from the beach shop, or stock up on fishing supplies from the submarine shop if you want to try catching the rumored rare fish in these waters?

Head over to the Aquarium from your local train station today!

  • Two new maps: a large outdoor beach and the Aquarium.
  • The aquarium fills up with animated fish and exhibit information as you donate fish.
  • Three shops; the beach shop sells snacks, ice cream shop sells... well ice cream and the Submarine shop sells useful fishing supplies, its stock expanding as more fish are donated to the aquarium.
  • Achievement and a special reward for donating all fish.
  • Can be reached via the train station.
  • Is that something in the waters...?


Rewards & Unlocks


Make sure to have the latest versions of the required mods:

Content Patcher

- Extra Map Layers
- Custom Companions

- Train Station
- Shop Tile Framework

- Json Assets
- Custom NPC Fixes
- Anti-Social NPCs
- Custom NPC Exclusions
- DaisyNiko's Tilesheets

Optionally you can install the following mods to add more content to the mod:

- Any mod that adds fish! (except Extreme Fishing Overhaul, incompatible)
- Content Patcher Animations (optional, animates some of the custom items)
PPJA - More Recipes_A Collection of Recipes (optional, adds more food to the shops)
- PPJA - Fresh Meat_An 'Alternative' Butcher Mod (optional, adds more food to the shops)

Finally drop the Stardew Aquarium folder in your mod folder. After that load up the game and enjoy :)

There is a config.json located  in the "[SMAPI] Stardew Aquarium" folder. The options are:

"EnableDebugCommands":  False by default. Setting it to true will give some access to debugging commands not meant for normal play.
"CheckDonationCollection": You can set this to a keybind ( click here for available options ) to bring up the aquarium collection menu at any time. Remember to put the keybind in quotes ( " " )

You can also change the price of the train ticket in the TrainStops.json located in the [TrainStops] Stardew Aquarium folder. Simply change the "Cost": x, to however many G you want the ticket to cost.

How do I get to the Aquarium?
You get there by train, thanks to the Train Station framework mod. Go to the left side of the train station and click the ticket machine. A ticket costs 20 G.
The Aquarium is open from 10 AM to 9 PM except on festival days (then it's closed).

How do I donate fish?
Click the counter in front of the curator NPC while having an un-donated fish in your inventory. You can click the book on the left of the counter to see the collection menu.

What if I have sold/lost a legendary fish?
Aquarium does add a way to recatch legendary fish, by adding in a new "Legendary Bait" that can be attached to fishing rods. It allows the recatch of legendaries if:
1. The player has already caught the legendary previously
2. Are under the same conditions as the initial legendary fish spawn, with location, skill levels, weather, etc

When these conditions are met, equipped Legendary Bait will 100% guarantee you fish up the legendary, though you still need to play the mini-game for it

Can I add this mod to an existing save?
Yes, you can safely add or remove this mod to any save at any point.

Does this work on multiplayer?

Does this work on Android?
Yes. The normal donation menu however doesn't work on Android, so it is replaced with a repurposed shop menu. For each fish you can donate, it'll look like you are "Purchasing" that fish for 0 G (See media for example) . This may be improved in the future.

Is this mod compatible with other mods?
Yes, we designed the mod to be compatible with as many mods as possible. [Including SVE]

What about modded fish?
If you have mods that adds more fish to the game, you can donate them to the aquarium. They will also be included in the achievement for donating all the fish.

Which mods adds fish to the Aquarium?
To see a full list of mods that adds fish to the Aquarium, click the spoiler below. 

There is currently a bug with Teh's Fishing Overhaul (the 2.1.5 unofficial update), where you will only catch trash on the new map. There is a way to fix this however. Follow the steps in this post.
Even following the steps in that post it's not possible to catch the secret legendary fish added with this mod installed. There is unfortunately nothing we can do about that on our end. You could temporarily disable the overhaul if you are trying to catch the legendary fish and then enable it again afterwards.

You can post bug reports in the "Bugs" section on this page, please remember to add a SMAPI log to the report.

We are accepting translations. If you would like to make a translation for this mod, please send a request through a DM.
List of files that need to be translated:

Translation status


We might add more features to this mod in the future, such as:
- Animated aquariums for more modded fish
- New items / rewards ect

Let us know!

If you have any comments, suggestions or otherwise please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you!

Modder's reference
Want to add some integration to the Aquarium in your own mod? Aquarium adds mail flags and Conversation Topics that can be used to reference donations and big events!

The Project Stardew Aquarium Team:
Customizing the shops and Mapping (interior)
Spriting the exterior Aquarium building and Mapping (exterior)
SMAPI component, creating the Train Station and Shop Tile Framework mods
Events, Dialogue and NPC component
Spriting, Events, Dialogue, Mapping and Animations

Other mentions
Spriting the new Blobfish and animating it
Reworking the Goldie portraits
The animated Fish bowl
Helping with TMXL
Writing a few words
The Stardew Valley Discord
Consulting and feedback
The shop portraits