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Beatrice is the keeper of the East Scarpe Lighthouse. She has been in Pelican Town for many years and has watched it grow. She has a sad past, but is always willing to offer a friendly ear or advice.

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  • Spanish
  • Russian
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  • Korean
Beatrice is designed to live in the lighthouse in East Scarpe ( created by LemurKat and Kdau .

She has seasonal sprite and portrait variations, including for the festivals she comes to.

Birthday: Spring 17

Loves: Frozen Tear, Potato, Parsip Soup
Like: Anchor, Bean Hotpot
Dislike: Seaweed, Fried Calamari
Hate: Fish

She spends most of her time keeping watch over the sea and has to get back to the ligthouse every evening to make sure the light is lit. Every week she heads into town to shop at Pierre's and she reads to the kids at the library once a month.

She has dialogue for all heart levels and as you get to know her, she'll start to open up a bit about her life.


Heart events
Her own room (currently she just stands at the bottom of the ladder into the lighthouse every evening)
Interaction with other characters

Required Mods
Escape to East Scarpe
Content Patcher
TMXL Toolkit

Beatrice was built using SVE, but should work fine without. Her festival locations might be a bit off without SVE.