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After becoming the laughing stock of his peers for his 'outrageous' theories regarding the smoluanu, geologist Professor Jasper Thomas has returned to Pelican Town. Can you help him overcome his embarrassment? Or will he fall prey to his obsession?

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
  • German
Professor Jasper Thomas is a shy and polite geologist/anthropologist, recently returned to Pelican Town to further pursue his studies of the smoluanu. Obsessed with his work, and his pursuit for knowledge, can you help him realize that there is more to life?

He currently resides in a newly-added second storey above the Archaeology House - which is also home to a collection of archives (See below for more details)!

Note: Portrait image in header is courtesy of Airyn.

For a list of compatible mods (and to answer THAT question everyone asks, please click the Articles tag).

If you run into any problems with Jasper, please make a comment in the "Bugs" or "Comments" section and I'll endeavor to address them. Logs appreciated!

Jasper's 6-heart event involves multiple events and sprite/schedule changes. It has been re-written for multiplayer, and contains two Broadcast events.
Only the host can trigger the 6-heart event.
The first broadcast event only triggers first thing in the morning when you exit the farmhouse. The second is begun at least 7 days after the first, when the host enters the mines. It is recommended you prepare your farmhands before you trigger it.

(I have not yet been able to test the co-op mode, and thus it is considered in beta.)

Jasper's six-heart event takes at least one ingame month to play through. During this time he something very dramatic happens. If you have any concerns about this, please let me know and I shall endeavor to address them.

A couple of things to note:

  •  Dwarf won't appear in game until you've either seen Jasper's 6-heart event through fully OR you have the translation guide.
    This has been disabled and is now configurable, should you want a more immersive experience.If adding into a save where you have already befriended Dwarf, you will get a bonus cut scene.
  • Added gift tastes, a birthday and dialogue for Gunther. You can befriend him now (he doesn't leave the counter though). He will also always end the conversation by commenting on your lack of donation. NOT ACTIVATED WITH SVE/BGAM/ME.
  • Added gift tastes and dialogue for Marlon (conditional/configurable) NOT ACTIVATED WITH SVE/BGAM
  • Changes made to Dwarf: Dwarf cave interior changed pre-meeting them for story-related reasons.
  • Additional dialogue and lore added for Dwarf.
  • Makes adjustments to your farm cave. This Defaults to "false" change it to "true" for a slightly altered farm cave with hot pool and mine shortcut
    (must be friends with Dwarf before you can use shortcut).

The archives of the Archaeology House  contain many new aspects of SDV lore.
Some relate to my other mods (Mr. Ginger, the Ranch Expansion). If you run a lore-related mod of your own and would like to add some of your own lore to the archives, please message me and I shall see what can be done. Note: sometimes you may see references to a character named "Mona". This is NOT the custom NPC/s of the same name.

Loves:Jasper, Diamond, Rare Disc, Blueberries.
Likes: Dwarven artificts, most Geode Minerals, most Gemstones.

Heart Events:
2 Hearts:  Enter the second storey of the museum when Jasper is in his rooms.
4 Hearts: Enter Cindersap Forest when Jasper is roaming the forest.
6 Hearts:Begins on the farmhouse step. Requires seeing the above two heart events first. Comes in multiple parts and takes at least an ingame month to complete. Once begun the next step should be self explanatory. Visit Jasper in his museum rooms at least once a week for it to progress, as there are multiple heart events.
8 Hearts: Enter the Archaeology House after the 6 heart event has fully played out.
8+ Hearts: Enter the Town 11-4 on a sunny day. Must have seen previous events.
10 Hearts: Jasper will send you a letter in the mail with the details.
14 Hearts:  Starts in the farmhouse, ends in the mountains. Three events.
Final event only triggers very late at night (11:30 pm to 1 am) on a sunny day, and you need to enter the map in that time for it to trigger.

There are also several events added for Dwarf. But the first only triggers if they are known to you before reaching 6 hearts with Jasper. The second is part of the 14-heart event but non-essential and easily missed.

- Airyn for his absolutely gorgeous portraits of Jasper, and his lovely spritework (portraits are configurable, sprites are now standard).
- Nin and Archer for their likewise gorgeous portraits (especially Nin, who captured my original concept of Jasper beautifully).
- Bo for the beautiful RSV-compatible Marriage/Anniversary portrait (I'm not going to show it here, so people have added incentive to marry him, just know it's gorgeous).
- Hesper for cleaning up my original portraits.
- Kdau for his overall awesomeness, plus support, advice and coding skills.
- Mouse for their TMXL expertise and answering endless questions on "how do I do this?"
- Jonqora for fixing the marriage dialogue conflict with Jas. (no longer an issue since 1.5.5, but very much appreciated!)
- And the dozens of other people on the Discord channel that have helped me bring Jasper to life. You folks are awesome.  <3

Included: Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, (translations may not be up-to-date) and Chinese (but see link below for up-to-date)
Separate Install:
- Chinese by KatherineC4
- German by Myu