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A heart-warming Custom NPC mini expanson that adds Sterling, Mia and Henry, 13 new recipes, events and over 1000+ lines of dialogue. Does not add more rain to the valley.For East Scarp!

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  • Spanish
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  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
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  • Japanese

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to enjoy dancing in the rain.
TW // Alcoholism / Drug Addiction / Suicide Ideation / Minor Cursing

Have you ever felt lost? Adrift? It's okay not knowing what the next stage of your life will have in store for you. After all, we're all often so lost in our own heads that we forget to connect with the people that surround us. ARV is a mod about growing through those who surround us, learning to live with ourselves when we can't love ourselves, and what has to be an obscene amount of puns.

Come spend awhile with the Cooper Family!
At the moment, only Sterling is marriageable, while Mia and Henry are antisocial NPCs.
Meet Sterling, a 27-year old man who just moved back to the Valley after a disastrous streak at Zuzu City. He is briefly back     home and living with his cousin Henry in hopes of turning over a new life and starting back up clean. A challenge when letting
    go of a beer bottle is tougher than ever...
Meet Henry
, Sterling's slightly younger cousin who works on a farm in Grampleton. While he moved away from home to live
    with Mia, and more recently Sterling, he still wakes up bright and early every day to work the family farm. He's a bit of a                         workaholic, so good luck finding him at home.
Meet Mia, the 26-year-old Agronomist from Gallus City working a contract in Grampleton with a knack for gardening,
    intricately shaped food and being the certified single brain cell of the entire Cooper House. A young woman with a straight
    head on her shoulders trying to navigate the complexities of her own gender identity.

 Always Raining in the Valley will feature stories from it's 3 title characters. This first release consists of Sterling's story  and   currently features +10 heart events (ranging from 0-10 hearts - DOUBLE the amount in vanilla), over 60 outfits, letters, 100   locational messages and more!

Enjoy the delight of the Cooper family with Mia's adorable cooking, Sterling's drinks and Henry's family recipes! Please note that  some of these are sent by Mia and Henry, and can thus not all be obtained until their marriageable releases. However, they are
  all already a part of the game!

Stardew Valley Expanded, Ridgeside Village, Zuzu City, etc
 — ARV is indeed, SVE compatible! As well as with every other expansion mod. Please report any incompatibility.

Immersive Shane & Shane in General
— Because of how ARV handles dialogue, it is compatible with Immersive Shane or any Immersive character. However!
Sterling's story only works when you max out his hearts first, followed by Shane's. Otherwise it won't be as immersive.
Diverse Stardew Valley recommended!
— ARV uses a over 60 outfits for its characters during festivals and seasons. And thus looks best when used alongside DSV
for which it has built-in compatibility with!
Lavril & Void recommended!
— 1.5 Update will feature a major storyline with it, including new quests, events and items when both mods are installed!
Compatibility & Other FAQ
— Please read my Compatibility & FAQ section for any additional questions. Otherwise, leave a post on the mod page.
Questions asked in posts will be added to the page above!

Next Minor Updates: 
— ARV Birthday get-together with ES' characters + any additional custom NPCs that want to join.
— Dates with Sterling + Movie dates.
— Compatibility with DSV's Random Flower Crown.
— Sterling's 12, 13 & 14th heart events + Sterling art polish updates.
— Compatibility with Mobile Phone, Multiple Spouses Dialogue, Rival hearts. 

 Next 1.5 Update:
— A full new cross-over with Arknir's own East Scarpe characters Lavril & Void for a full new Questline with New Items, New Special Orders, New Quests and New heart events! Coming to ARV 1.5 release.

 2.0 Release:
— Mia's marriageable release! Make Mia a friendable, dateable NPC. New full schedule, new full dialogue, new recipes, new items, new heart events and new seasonal outfits! + A Storyline with Ridgeside Village.

It Really Took a Village to Make a Mod!

— First of all, thank you to Lemurkat who housed ARV and has held my hand through modding since day one. Despite the fact I was a totally new to modding when I began working on ARV.
— Thank you to my mod partner and Henry's writer, Jiggs. Who helped me pull this mod off indefinite hiatus and inspired me to continue every day!
— Thank you to Arknir, who held my hand through every single one of ARV's events, edited, tested and debugged a lot of them too. As well as for becoming my best friend in this messy, modding scene in the process.
— Thank you to Yoms, who's been my teacher in everything non-mod making and helped me make the wonderful graphics in this mod page!
— Thank you to Erin, who was my cheerleader and n1 supporter before ARV was more than Sterling's portraits, let alone popular at all! To Max my n1 cheerleader, to Airyn who helped me navigate Mia, grow confident in my love for her and compatibility, to Cal who was always so critical but it always helped me through so much, to Tia and Lani and Reb and Jay and Kedi and Lenne and Tai and the entire SMC community for being there for this mod every step of the way!
— Thank you to Yeraclya, my beta tester. Who had all the non-fun jobs to make sure everything worked and always scrambled to aid me even to the last minute before this mod was even posted!
— To Blueberry who allowed me to take inspiration from her beautiful, gorgeous mod pages!
— Thank you to Shark Senpai, who was the first person to tell me to go ahead and make this happen.
— Thank you to the entire Stardew Valley modding community, who shine bright in their love and help.


The best way to non-monetarily support me is through giving me a follow on Twitter! I'm just an artist trying to grow so your support and interaction means everything to me. You can also find updates and ARV art!