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Juliet is a troubled young woman exiled to Pelican Town for reasons unknown, but possibly linked to her sharp-tongue and flirty, irrepressible nature. Her
co-worker, housemate, and friend, Jessie is matronly, empathic, and a keen gardener and herbalist.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
  • German
Juliet has been exiled to Pelican Town and sentenced to work as a wage-slave at JojaMart.  She's irrepressible and a little wild. She lives in a large manor behind the community center with her landlord, Jessie and (if installed), Jade. Jessie and Juliet work rotating shifts at the JojaMart, where they share clerk duties - except on rainy days, when they spend the morning together.

Juliet only becomes datable once you complete the Community Center
(see the events guide below for more information).

(Compatibility with SVE is all is thanks to a friend who has elected to remain anonymous - she also made the map recolors)

Designed for compatibility with:
- Karmylla's Immersive Maps
- Stardew Valley Reimagined 2
(Reimagined will probably crash the 4-heart event scene, see below, and compatibility with Sundrop City is not guaranteed)

If using Karmylla's Immersive Maps or Reimagined2:
1. Install  'Reset Terrain Features' (Nexus Mods: 4715)
2. Perform a bush reset on the town map

If using another town altering mod, ie Reimagined, I highly recommend installing NoClip

The staircase patch behind the Community Center:
1. Will automatically detect Karmylla's Immersive Maps, Reimagined, Reimagined2 or SVE and adjust accordingly.
2. If you have two or more of the above installed, you can adjust the config to enable Reimagined2.
3. With the Reimagined2 patch set, Juliet will walk through that little fenced-in area. Be wary placing stuff in there.

All of my mods are designed with cross-compatibility in mind, and by installing several of them, you will experience a more immersive game.
(For this one: East Scarp is recommended, along with Jacob and Eloise).
For a full list of my mods, visit my profile.

Juliet loves:
Red mushrooms, Maple Bar, Poppyseed Muffin

Jessie loves:
Rhubarb pie, Red plate, Melon, Cranberries, Chanterelle.

Heart Events:

2 Hearts: Enter Juliet's house while she is present.
4 hearts: Outside the JojaMart around the time Juliet finishes work (4 to 6 pm).
If using Reimagined2 make sure you have NoClip installed or perform a terrain reset before triggering it.
(There is a follow-up on the town map too, may follow directly afterwards.)
6 hearts: Inside the JojaMart (or if JojaMart is completed, enter the town map) after seeing the 4-heart event.
8 hearts: Enter the Town map in the afternoon.
8 hearts: post Community Center completion: Juliet will visit with an invitation. Accept it, and you will be given the choice to make her datable.
This is the only way to date/marry her.
If you decline, you will trigger the platonic version of the 10-heart event.
10 hearts: You will receive an invitation. Platonic and non-platonic options based on choices above.

2 Hearts: Enter her garden when she is present (will not trigger in winter).
4 Hearts: Enter the secret woods late morning to mid afternoon on a weekday.
6 Hearts: Enter the mountain mid to late afternoon. Only triggers post Joja closing.
8 Hearts: Enter the house midday on a weekday.
10 Hearts: Visit the beach on a rainy day after seeing the 8 heart scene.

Note: there are a few other "Easter Egg" scenes scattered throughout, including some that will only work in conjunction with other mods. Currently these include East Scarp and Stray Catfe but there are more to come.

- When you trigger Shane's 6-heart event, no-one will hold the Joja counter until 5pm. There's no real way to fix this - scheduling him to work it on rainy days was the only way to give them both reliably time to spend together. Just assume Morris is frantic with annoyance that his staff have not turned up. And if for some reason you want to purchase from JojaMart, you'll still be able to.

- Russian by 6Squad
- Portuguese by Kiguyamods
- Spanish by Mardrest
- Chinese by KatherineC4

* More heart events relating to other characters and locations (specifically custom ones)
* Seasonal marriage dialogue.
* A furthering of the story-line for Jessie, linked to East Scarp.
* Further developing Jessie's relationship with Linus.

For more information, including the Credits and some troubleshooting tips, please see the Articles section.

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