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ELFX used with SMIM mod can drop frame to crawling on these areas, and this mod patched those to bring back the performance to normal.
+ Jorrvaskr basement
+ Solitude Radiant Raiment
+ Faldars Tooth
+ Shadow Green Cavern

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What is this mod

Skyrim SSE has much better performance than the original Skryim, but still struggled when ELFX and SMIM got together.  The Whiterun Jorrvaskr basement produced 17fps on the original Skyrim vs little over 30fps with SSE.  This mod brought it back to consistant 60fps.  Some of areas I have patched  previously did not need this mod patch, so I removed those on this mod.  The latest ELFX v3.04 lowered the troubled areas to just 3 I have observed, so post if you found a fps unstable area.  

I also included some shadow casting light optimization not related to SMIM (colored in green), and those will also boost fps with just ELFX without SMIM or ENB.

Here’s the list of areas that got patched with this mod:
  • Jorrvaskr basement
  • Solitude Radiant Raiment
  • Faldars Tooth
  • === General ELFX light optimizations ===
  • Whiterun Dragonsreach light on/off flicker as you pan your view.  The 3rd GIF picture illustrates this glitch.
  • Shadow Green Cavern: 46fps to near 60fps on my GTX1070 @2560x1080.


Bethesda for Skyrim SE and CreationKit 64bit
Enhanced Lights and FX for SSE by anamorfus
Boris for his awesome ENB and ENBoost

Required files

  • EnhancedLightsandFX.esp (Required ELFX for SSE v3.04 and later)

Mod load order

Make sure you activate this mod's Skysan_ELFX_SMIM_Fix.esp after the ELFX "Core" mod.
If EnhancedLightsandFX.esp file is missing or not active, Skyrim will CTD if Skysan_ELFX_SMIM_Fix.esp is active.  If you have merged ELFX mod and options, you may need to merge this mod to that merged mod.
UPDATE: Seeing both ELFXEnhancer.esp and ELFX - Hardcore.esp did not edit any ELFX lights this mod has modified, please activate this mod soon after the "Core" EnhancedLightsandFX.esp file.  You can activate ELFX options after this mod to use those optional ELFX settings.  
 ... All other ELFX mod files


How did this mod fix

=== General shadow light optimization ===
The shadow calculation in the Skyrim SE engine appears to be still done in CPU, and the shadow ultra setting brought my i7-770 and GTX 1070 to below 30fps on those interiors.  ELFX's goal is the maximization in visual, so it pushes the Skyrim engine's limit.  Some ELFX shadow lights had the "No Fade" setting, and the shadow calculation will ignore the room boundary optimization.  While still keeping the ELFX visual quality as closely as possible, this mod optimized those lights to that boundary if Bethesda had one included (i.e. mzulft02), and limit the "No Fade" setting usage when not required. 
=== ELFX + SMIM optimization ===
The SMIM mod has the 3d individual chains on the chandelier mesh, and ELFX added more shadow casting lights around it to maximize the Skyrim game engine's shadow casting light limitation.  The SSE shadow ultra setting appears to be behaved same as with ENB, and SSE calculated all shadow casting capable meshes in the scene including those tiny chains and those many shadow casting lights that might be near the chains.  This caused a huge drop when all tiny shadows how it should cast.

Using the CreationKit, this mod optimized the shadow casting lights that ELFX has placed around the chandelier.  This gif image illustrates the Jorravaskr basement before and after.  The upper left corner number from the gif image is the frame per second, and my GTX 1070 with i7-3770 struggled with 30 fps without this mod.  The screen capture did not use ENB, so only ELFX and SMIM were used.