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nicola89b and Firegtx of ORD team

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Gain FPS across Skyrim with no visual difference!

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This mod born after the great success of Lightened Riverwood. What it mainly does is to delete elements (disable reference) like plants/clutters/stones that you can't probably notice and underground elements that are not visible. It touches both the area outside the cities and the 5 main cities.
Every things we touched (for now) are into the changelog. Please let us know if you have any improvements about fps. Enjoy.

Contrary to what one may think this mod is for mid/high-end computer. Of course all kind of computers can have improves from this mod!

It can be installed either modularly (city only or only external) or complete via the convenient fomod.
The mod is flagged ESM and ESP-FE so won't count within the 255 esp limit. Install and let LOOT choose order.


  • This mod is built using as base USSEP (required) and Landscape and Water Fixes (not required but guys... you really should use it as general rule!). It is compatible with everything (I tried differents mod and I didn't notice anyproblem). You can try this in combo with all graphical mods that you prefer (open cities, jk's and so on). No navmesh were deleted.

Well, exist something that is more invasive for computer that are really potatoes:

Skyrim for Potatoes
Less Vanilla Trees

My mod was studied to be invisible when you compare it with vanilla.


Q: I found some suspicious records that seem dirty records and bla bla bla?
A: No, don't worry is all okay. Some records are really near the original becouse they need to cover double or triple objects around one point.

Q: Can you make a fps comparison?
A: I made one (trollface) but you are welcome to post your pic with fps comparison!

Q: Can you make a pic comparison?
A: It's impossible make a pic comparison of invisible alterations.

Q: Why did you deactivate comments?
A: Becouse people think to know all without any knowledge. Let's give a change.


Dear Diary - No Magnifying Glass for book menu
Dear Diary - Normal lockpicking menu
Sovngarde - A Nordic Font - Alternative Size for diary paper mod
Lightened Riverwood

nicola89b and Firegtx from ORD (Ordine della Runa Dorata) that worked on CK to fix all visible things.
WizKid34 for his lessons and advices about CK