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Enemies will use Spells/Perks/Items/Shouts which were previously limited to the player only. Adds support for dozens of Mods. Lore-friendly implementation, highly customizable. No Scripts and no Plugin ;)

Its intended to be used together/on top of your other combat overhauls and Spell/Shout mods

Permissions and credits

Enemies will use Spells/Perks/Items/Shouts which were previously limited to the player only. Adds support for dozens of Mods. Lore-friendly implementation, highly customizable. No Scripts and no Plugin ;)

EEOS is intended to be used together/on top of your other combat overhauls and Spell/Shout mods.
It only accompanies your load order and is 100% compatible with everything.
The more mods you have, the more awesome will EEOS become for you!

As already stated, enemies will have access to certain interesting things which were previously only available for the player. That includes Spells from Spell mods, some special Perks and Standing Stone bonuses,certain Potions and Shouts. All stuff will be added in a lore-friendly way,while trying to make everything balanced. That means that certain things will be locked behind a level requirement for the NPC,and that not every NPC or magically advanced monster can cast the same spells,gets the same items or benefits from the same perks. There is also a Randomizer system integrated,which ensures that all of your over 9000 Spells and Shouts from mods will be encountered at some point.
There is a detailed explanation of how the system works in the "Articles" tab,for those who are interested.

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Skyrim Remastered Guide

Thanks @Click4Gameplay for doing a full Review about my Mod:

Just ignore the last minute,where he states my mod isnt compatible with Ordinator. Its very well working with Ordinator, that was just misinformation provided to the Reviewer.

Thanks @HeavyBurns for including my mod in your new Video :

EEOS beeing previewed at minute 14:00

Thanks @Softgaming for including my mod in your new Video :

Small new Youtuber,go and check him out!

Now including Atronachs:

This Video is meant to show how Player-Only Spells get added to Fire Atronachs. I did similar changes to Storm Atronachs. They are literally creatures born from nature,yet their basic spells are weaker than the ones from a low level bandit mage. This needed to change. I took care of that :)


Spell Perk Item Distributor by powerofthree
Without this mod there wont happen any magic. Its just an SKSE Plugin,so its unscripted and wont require any plugin slot in your load order. Its also completely compatible with anything and safe to remove at any point. He wrote a framework which can provide almost anything ASIS can, while making it free from any plugins. Since,in comparison to ASIS the adding process of all the stuff has to be done manually, I decided to add all the important and cool stuff so you dont have to.

You also need any mod in your load order which you plan to add stuff for the NPCs/Monsters. That means,if you enable the Apocalypse Spells NPC addon in my fomod installer, you also need the Apocalypse Mod. The Mods will be linked in the file description of the installer.

1. Install Spell Perk Item Distributor by powerofthree

2. (OPTIONAL, but HIGHLY recommended) Install Enhanced Atronachs, its needed to enable the changes to Atronachs I made. Apart from that, it should be in each load order anyway.

3. Install any Mod you plan to add stuff to NPCs/Monsters --->New Enemy and Monster mods work mostly without any needed work from my side. New Spells,Items,Shouts and Perks from Mods need to be supported on my site. I will host a pure Vanilla module with some basic stuff as well,which doesnt rely on any mod,so this one can be always used.

4. Install any of my modules via the provided Installer. You can mix and match to suit your preferences. I recommend to always use the Vanilla modules,Sacrosanct and Dark Envoy modules for Vampires and Growl module for Werewolves,then put your prefered different mod modules on top.

Load order doesnt matter.
But in order to make DLC Content work, the Masters should be loaded in exactly this order:


4. (Optional but Recommended Step) ---> As some Spell mods add dozens of Spells,it is quite often the case that there are some spells which can cause CTDs. I tried my best to exclude those Spells from the NPC list, but even if you (the player) casts it himself, it will cause CTDs. These are just a hand full of Spells provided in all the Spell mods out there, but why not try to fix it? Thats why I recommend to let your Spell Mods run through Cathedral Assets Optimizer, which can fix various broken meshes, textures and animations. Just always use the necessary optimization options, extract and repack bsa files if a mod has any.

Just disable my mods, and 
Spell Perk Item Distributor by powerofthree
This can be done anytime

Just Cast it - Magic Rebound ---> new,wayy to underrated mod, which will change the way you and NPCs cast Spells
Speed Casting SKSE Remake ---> makes casting spells a lot faster for you and NPCs
Glow be Gone SKSE Updated ---> optional,removes glow from any NPC and you if you dislike it. Dont forget to customize its ini file,and download the ghost fix
Dynamic Animation Replacer ---> optional,gives options to give every race/gender its own custom animations.Together with the new stuff added from here,this will truly change the behavior of each NPC.
Potion Animation Fix ---> adds animations to potion drinking for you and NPCs. Dont forget to activate Mod in MCM. Sadly doesnt work with the next mod (CACO). Alternatively there is Animated Eating Redux, which can scan and integrate CACO Potions into its system.
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul ---> you can set timers for potion durations, and also get access to new potions which NPCs will be able to use with my addition.
Imperious - Races of Skyrim ---> gives all races some bonus abilities,which they will use in fights. Highly recommended.
Frozen Electrocuted Combustion ---> Applies visual effects to NPCs and the player when killed by dragons, fire, frost, fear, lightning, drain, poison, sun damage and soultrap status effects. Highly recommended.
Deadly Spell Impacts ---> Fire, lightning, frost, and spit (Spider/Chaurus) spell impacts now have their own unique textures. This mod also increases the variation in impact size, increases the size of dragon breath impacts, and adds melted snow impacts for fire and lightning spells. Highly Recommended.
Challenging Spell Learning ---> Underrated Mod. Makes Spell learning a tad more immersive while not beeing tedious or annoying.
Better Vampire NPCs ---> Can be used alongside all Vampire additions I made.
Enhanced Atronachs ---> Atronachs wont stop levelling at level 12 and become useless on higher levels. For the new version this mod is a soft requirement,to enable changes to Atronachs I made.
Path of the Anti-Mage ---> This gives you some new ways fighting against all this new magic. Underrated Mod in my eyes.
Follower Cynthia the Spell Lady ---> She is the force on your side. Since she is a mage class follower, she does get access to A LOT of spells from this mod. She rescued me from harsh situations more than once,and its incredible watching her just doing her art of magic.

Also any Combat AI mods which you prefer. I use Ultimate Combat + Wildcat + Mortal Enemies for NPC Behaviors and actions.
Deadly Dragons + Dragon Combat Overhaul(converted myself from LE) for Dragons.
Revenge of the Enemies (ROTE) for Monster Behaviors. I consider ROTE an essential mod, if you dont use it yet,you should immediately do so and thank me later.

Immersive Creatures (i posted instructions in its comment section to make it stable). This ---> Immersive Creatures Patch Central is also needed. 
Savage Skyrim ---> Hands down THE best animal mod available for SE and an absolute must have
OBIS - Organized Bandits in Skyrim 
Heritage - Reflexive Enemies
TES V - Hunt of Hircine
Beasts of Tamriel
Diverse Dragons Collection SE 
Bogmort - Mud Monsters of Morthal Swamp
The Falkreath Hauntings
Old Gods of the Hunt
Extended Encounters (needs to be googled)

I use all of those together without any issues
OBIS and Heritage are the best mods for more Enemies and definetly a must - have.
Heritage has also some super cool features like beastmasters calling for animals,turning into werewolves,getting invisible and other stuff.

Vanilla Skyrim Plugin

Storm Calling Magic
Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul
Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim
Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim
Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
More Apocalypse - Expansion for Apocalypse

Growl - Werebeasts of Skyrim
Arcanum - A new Age of Magic
The Elder Scrolls - Tomebound
Mysticism - A Magic Overhaul
Forgotten Magic Redone SE
Colorful Magic
Skyrim Spells and Powers by Warrior Keke
Elemental Destruction Magic Redux / Elemental Destruction Magic
Shadow Spell Package
Spectraverse - Magic of Magna-Ge
Dark Envoy - Vampire Powers
Cosmic Spells
Dragon Age Spells Redux
Poison Spells
Astral Magic
Astral Magic 2
Crimson Storm - Vampiric Shock Spells
Ace Blood Magic
Blue Fire Magic
Coldharbour Resummoned SSE
Phenderix Magic World
Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes

You need those mods if you wanna add the Spells/Perks/Shouts to NPCs and Monsters. The more of those mods you use, the more diversity you will see in Skyrim. However, this means also more Stuff in the levelled lists and more garbage in your Spell menu. Try to find a suitable combination which works for you. If you wanna get the option to remove spells from your Reportoire, simply convert this Oldrim mod for yourself:

Spell Eraser

My other Mods:

Enemy (R)Evolution of Skyrim LE ----->Now also available for LE
Sit Crosslegged SE -----> An extra Sitting Animation. Can be used with DAR,CIWM and just pure vanilla.
Main Menu Randomizer  Dark Souls Style - with Music and Sounds and moving Ember Particles -----> LE Mod
The Gwent Card Dealer -----> The Witcher 3 Mod. Old but Gold
The Enhancement System -----> The Witcher 3 Mod. Also Old but Gold
The useful Witcher Tool Innkeeper -----> The Witcher 3 Mod.
Winters Blade Redone -----> The Witcher 3 Mod.
Dark Souls 4.0 -----> Reshade for Dark Souls 3
Sekiro 2.01 -----> Reshade for Sekiro

Bethesda - for bringing us the game we still play 10 years later
Nexusmods - for allowing us to share all our mods for free
powerofthree - for creating his Spell Perk Item Distributor mod and dozens of others in our load orders. Thank You!
 konkeranto - for creating his much needed scripts,which made my work a lot easier. Be sure to visit his profile,give him kudos,endorsements and so on. People with talents need to be supported :)


any mod author which Spells,or Items,or Perks will be shared with the NPCs of Skyrim.
I hope its okay for you I will create presets so that your mods can live on in the people of Skyrim :)

If someone doesnt want that his mods stuff will be included in here,just contact me and I will remove it :)