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Applies visual effects to NPCs and the player when killed by fire, frost, fear, lightning, drain, poison, sun damage and soultrap.

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This mod applies VFX to bodies when killed by several effects. 

Fire - bodies self immolate and either combust into skeletons or become charred, leaving smoke behind. Works for the player, humanoids and animals.

Frost - bodies freeze alive and shatter after some time. Works for the player, humanoids and animals.

Fear - skin becomes pale and hair turns white with shock

Shock - bodies spasm and char. Works for the player, humanoids and animals.

Sun Damage - bodies burn up into ash. Works for humanoids.

Drain - bodies become desiccated. Works for humanoids.

Poison - bodies become sickly and show signs of poisoning. Works for the player and humanoids.

Soul Trap - bodies are drained of life. Works for humanoids.

An MCM menu has been added under FEC allowing you to customise many aspects of this mod, including choice between skeletons and burnt bodies when killed by fire, and whether bodies stay permanently frozen or shatter into bits after a while.

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Version History



1. This will only work on magiceffects that have the MagicDamageFire/Frost/Shock keywords or spells from vanilla/DG/DB, so unfortunately custom spells without it will fail to register.

2. Only works on 77 NPCs and animals at a time to avoid FPS issues.

3. Incompatible with Burn Freeze Shock Effects, due to obvious reasons.


Place this anywhere in your load order.

  • Installing using Nexus Mod Manager/ModOrganizer - Just click the "Download with Manager" button and it will install.
  • Manually installing - Unzip the contents of this folder into your Skyrim/Data Folder
  • Make a clean save when upgrading to version 1.9!


It is recommended to make a clean save.

  • Uninstalling using Nexus Mod Manager/ModOrganizer- Uncheck FireBurns.esp and uncheck the mod.
  • Manually uninstalling - Delete the files/folders associated with this mod

Known Issues

  • You might experience a drop in FPS, especially when multiple NPCs are affected at once, but most systems should handle it fine.


  • If you want to use any of the files in this mod, please let me know in a PM. 
  • Please do NOT upload this mod to Steam Workshop under any circumstances.


  • JustinOther of Death Cam Duration Options for helping me figure out how to extend the death camera
  • PROMETHEUS_ts for the beast skeleton meshes and textures
  • SRW0 for the charred skeleton textures 
  • achintyagk for his snowflake texture
  • fadingsignal for his SkySight skin normal map texture
  • Humus ( and billyro for their Humus Cubemaps for Skyrim

Peace out.