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Enhances atronach effectiveness according to tier and elemental type of summons. Unique ability applied to master-level powerful summons. Unlocked levelling. Lighting. Atronach Interaction. Fixes. ESPLite.

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  • Portuguese
  • Frost Atronachs deal and resist twice as much physical DMG. (Thrice PDO for potent versions).
  • Flame Atronachs gain a 100-200% increase in max ranged spell DMG. 50-125% increase in CQB spell DMG.
  • Storm Atronachs gain a 25-67% increase in max ranged spell DMG. 50-125% increase in AoE power spell DMG.
  • All types have higher stats/level according to tier type; Regular (R), Potent (P), Permanent Regular (PR), Permanent Potent (PP).
  • Potent versions have +50% health and deal 50% more DMG over basic regular tiers. Permanent Potent versions have +100% health.
  • Relevelled summons as well as removed static level caps to allow levelling with player. Different rates for different tiers.
  • Re-balanced cloak spell DMG magnitudes so that all types are equal (10). For Ref, In Vanilla; Flame=10, Ice=5, Storm=12.
  • Permanent Potent summons of each type gain an additional special ability.
  • Enemy summons and bosses also affected such as the Jailhouse Block found in Winterhold and Dawnguard's Ancient Frost Atronachs.
  • All tiers have potential to further enhance damage output incrementally up to max +50% when base level of respective tiers is exceeded.
  • Fixes vanilla issue where regular/potent storm atronachs were being called instead of the master-level versions. (Also covered by USSEP).
  • (Optional) - Atronachs now emit light. Different colors according to type. Radius = 450, Intensity = 2.00 (Similar properties to tier 2 travel lanterns).
  • Gain 20% empowerment to an element when in close proximity to an allied or neutral atronach of the corresponding element.
  • Click on your atronachs to view their stats or instantly expel them if they ever get in your way.
  • Atronach summons no longer set off traps.

Note: 200% or (x3) seems like an overly drastic upgrade in max potential primary attack damage for the flame and frost type. However, this is justified and explained later on. Also, please refer to the table on the images section for a more concise portrayal of the information displayed below.

R = 400HP, x2 Physical DMG Output, +50% Physical DMG Resist. So RGLR Atk = 40 DMG, PWR = 60. Cloak = 10/S HP & STA, 10 ft radius
P = 600HP, x3 Physical DMG Output, +50% Physical DMG Resist. So RGLR Atk = 60 DMG, PWR = 90. Cloak = 15/S HP & STA, 10 ft radius
PR = 600HP, x2 Physical DMG Output, +50% Physical DMG Resist. So RGLR Atk = 40 DMG, PWR = 60. Cloak = 10/S HP & STA, 10 ft radius
PP = 800HP, x3 Physical DMG Output, +50% Physical DMG Resist. So RGLR Atk = 60 DMG, PWR = 90. Cloak = 15/S HP & STA, 10 ft radius

All Tiers =
1) Powerful club ground smash attack now affects multiple enemies at close vicinity (10 ft) instead of just one single target.
2) Constant 
0.5% HP/s Heal Factor.
3) Highly resistant to staggering impedance.
4) Gain 
20% empowerment in frost spells and enchantments if within 40 ft range of allied/neutral frost atronachs.

PP Special Ability - Upon successful connection, the smash power attack will hard stagger all enemies within a 15 ft radius. Enemies within 10 ft will be displaced completely and will suffer; -50 stamina, 50% movement speed reduction, 50% attack speed reduction and 25% physical attack damage reduction for 10 seconds.

R = 200HP, Ranged Spell DMG = 40 + 4DoT, CQB Spell DMG = 12/S + DoT (Firebolt & Flames Respectively). Cloak = 10/S HP + DoT, 10 ft radius
P = 300HP, Ranged Spell DMG = 60 + 6DoT, CQB Spell DMG = 18/S + DoT (Firebolt & Flames Respectively). Cloak = 15/S HP + DoT, 10 ft radius
PR = 300HP, Ranged Spell DMG = 40 + 4DoT, CQB Spell DMG = 12/S + DoT (Firebolt & Flames Respectively). Cloak = 10/S HP + DoT, 10 ft radius
PP = 400HP, Ranged Spell DMG = 60 + 12DoT w/15 ft AoE, CQB Spell DMG = 18/S + DoT (Fireball & Flames Respectively). Cloak = 15/S HP + DoT, 10 ft radius

All Tiers =
1) Granted +40% movement speed.
2) Granted +40% spell projectile speed.
3) Gain 20% empowerment in fire spells and enchantments if within 40 ft range of allied/neutral flame atronachs.

PP Special Ability - Replaces primary firebolt spell attack with fireball. Same 60 DMG magnitude as with potent summons however with added 15 ft radial AoE DMG upon hitting a surface/target.

R = 300HP, Ranged Spell DMG = 50 and 25 MAG w/20 ft AoE (Chain Lightning). Cloak = 10/S HP & MAG, 10 ft radius
P = 450HP, Ranged Spell DMG = 75 and 37.5 MAG w/20 ft AoE (Chain Lightning) Cloak = 15/S HP & MAG, 10 ft radius
PR = 450HP, Ranged Spell DMG = 50 and 25 MAG w/20 ft AoE (Chain Lightning) Cloak = 10/S HP & MAG, 10 ft radius
PP = 600HP, Ranged Spell DMG = 75 and 37.5 MAG w/20 ft AoE (Chain Lightning) Cloak = 15/S HP & MAG, 10 ft radius

Storm Atronach Shockwave Blast Power Attack Details - (AoE Spell Applied To Specific Physical Power Attack):-
R/PR Tiers: 30 Health and 60 Magicka DMG within AoE Range of 30 ft. Target within melee distance also suffers additional 30Base(1.5) Physical Power Attack DMG. 75 Health and 60 Magicka DMG Potential.
P/PP Tiers: 45 Health and 90 Magicka DMG within AoE Range of 45 ft. Target within melee distance also suffers additional 30Base(1.5) Physical Power Attack DMG. 90 Health and 90 Magicka DMG Potential.

All Tiers = 
1) Gain 20% empowerment in shock spells and enchantments if within 40% ft range of allied/neutral storm atronachs.

PP Special Ability  - The shockwave blast power attack will hard stagger all enemies within a 45 ft radius. Enemies within 20 ft have a 25% chance to be paralyzed for 4 seconds.

R = Min Level = 20. Player Level Multiplier = 0.75x - DMG Levelling Spans Level 21-61 (Player Level = 28-82).
P = Min Level = 30. Player Level Multiplier = 1.00x - DMG Levelling Spans Level 31-71 (Player Level = 31-71).
PR = Min Level = 30. Player Level Multiplier = 1.00x - DMG Levelling Spans Level 31-71 (Player Level = 31-71).
PP = Min Level = 40. Player Level Multiplier = 1.25x - DMG Levelling Spans Level 41-81 (Player Level = 33-65).

Summoned Atronachs will level with player at relevant rates once the player exceeds base minimum level of the summoned atronachs, dependent on the tier.

DMG Levelling: All tiers of every type have potential to upgrade DMG output further by 10% increments every 10 levels gained over base level up to a maximum +50% of starting DMG output. (This is up and over the damage values listed in the above section). This does not apply to physical DMG caused by flame/storm types. Do keep in mind that the player-level multipliers are not all the same for each tier and so PP tiers will start levelling up DMG (and HP) less than 20 player levels after R tiers begin levelling up. The player level range that spans the period where all tiers start to level up is much smaller (28-33).

This file primarily aims to enhance the effectiveness of atronach summons, especially during mid-higher level game-play. All atronach summons, barring maybe the permanent potent storm atronachs were getting destroyed without causing much influence towards the tide of the battle when reaching a certain level of the game. This is also partly due to the static level cap of atronachs, which was considerably low for some of the atronach tier/types. Hence, the removal of summon level caps. This file also aims to make all elemental types more balanced relative to each other, as in vanilla, there was much more reasons to choose a permanent storm atronach over a permanent flame atronach due to higher health, higher physical melee and spell DMG output, no elemental weaknesses and similar mobility/AI. Storm types were also more effective at occupying the tanking role over that of frost types due to much more melee + cloak DPS making up for the slight differential in HP. So not only were the storm types the most versatile, they played each role better than what the other types were specialized to fulfill. So it was no surprise then that the summoning of the other two elemental types generally eventually fell out of favor once the ability to cast storm atronachs was gained. This is also why this file makes it so that all elemental types start at the same level, differing only according to the tier. This is also why the storm types receive less of a maximum spell damage output upgrade relative to the flame types. This file also aims to rectify the effects of 'Elemental Potency' which was too inconsistent in its application to actual potent summons within the game. For example, there was no difference in spell magnitudes between regular and powerful flame types, no difference in physical damage output between regular and powerful frost types and twice the difference in ranged spell magnitudes between the regular and powerful storm types. Though it did grant extra ~50% HP between regular and powerful tier summons of all types, the % increase in HP was much more inconsistent between the permanent regular and permanent powerful tiers.

Frost Atronachs are now more tankier - when it comes to physical melee exchanges at least - with their added innate physical damage resistance and higher health. They also now hit harder, as befit their colossal size. Before, they attacked for only 20-30 DMG lol (Elemental Potency made no difference), which would be further mitigated by enemy armor! So choosing a Dremora summon would have been better suited to fulfill the tanking role in almost all situations as they hit for much more damage and their armor would counter the difference in health points. Now the frost types hit for 2-3x their original damage output dependent on tier. They also gain a constant 0.5% healing factor as well as a greater resistance to stagger for better stun-lock prevention against multiple bashing enemies. The special ability applied to PP summons serves as an effective means of crowd control when the frost atronach is surrounded by multiple enemies. Summarized, Frost Atronachs serve as the low-mobility, high HP tank summon, engaging and occupying targets in CQB to set up attacking opportunities for allies. Now being able to deliver more deadlier blows, having higher durability and extra CC capabilities, they can only serve this purpose better.

Flame Atronachs needed some much needed love. By far the weakest level atronach-type summon originally, they had very low health and were fairly weak spell casters (20DMG missile or 8/Sec Conc), despite having good mobility. Lowest tier flame summon was level 5 in comparison to 16 and 30 for frost and storm summons respectively. Though granted extra health, potent summons gained no extra damage output and so it wasn't that effective to summon any tier of the flame type except in certain niche situations. All flame tiers now have slightly more health despite still being the least durable of the three types, and have greatly enhanced primary ranged spell DMG magnitudes (Regular = 40+4DoT, Powerful = 60+6DoT). CQB spell DMG (Flames) also increased by 50% from 8 to 12 DMG/S for regular tiers and also affected by Elemental Potency (18 DMG/s). Despite gaining ground with the storm type, the flame type are still bettered (albeit now slightly) by them in almost every department across the board except speed. So all flame tiers granted 40% increased movement speed for the purpose of gaining a single sensible superior attribute over the other types. This change should serve to slightly increase survivability through better evasiveness. The special ability applied to PP summons grants a highly welcome AoE aspect to their primary ranged missile spell attack, something which even the lowest tier storm atronachs are blessed with from the start. Summarized, Flame Atronachs are highest-mobility, low HP, ranged mid-tier spell casters. They prefer to cast ranged spells from a distance, however will use their secondary continuous stream of flames spell at close-quarters when the situation demands it. They are also weak melee combatants (RGLR Atk= 15, PWR Atk= 22.5).

Storm Atronachs (Powerful) were perhaps the only viable type and tier of atronach summon when it came to entering the mid-higher level stages of the game. Even then, they still had their limitations due to their static level cap. They were highly mobile, fairly powerful spell casters, preferring to cast at range however were also effective in engaging targets in melee combat in CQB. They also hit very hard, more than twice as hard as vanilla frost atronachs (20-30 vs 50-65). In essence, they were a 'specialist-eclipsing jack-of-all-trades' in relation to the other elemental types. With the PP Storm tier having so much more hit power, a 140% more effective cloak spell, no elemental weaknesses and only 18% less HP than the PP Frost tier, there would be little reason to have the latter tank for you when the former can output so much more damage at close quarters anyway, with little to no expense of durability. Same goes for choosing a storm type summon over a flame type summon for ranged damage. Higher durability, potency and instantaneous nature of ranged spell attacks makes Storm types more favorable almost all the time. Storm types were also the only type to have any kind of damage output affected by 'Elemental Potency', gaining 2x more spell power for their ranged spell missile attacks. (Regular did 30, Powerful did 60). Since they were fairly powerful to begin with, this file increases the max ranged spell damage output by 25% only for powerful tiers and 67% for regular tiers. (Regular does 50, Powerful does 75). In addition, the AoE shockwave blast spell applied to a certain power attack triggered during melee combat has been enhanced by 50% from 20 to 30 DMG and range increased from 25 ft to 30 ft for regular tiers. This is now also affected by Elemental Potency (45 DMG and 45 ft). Note that magicka damage done is twice that of health for this spell. The special ability applied to PP summons serves as a massive ranged AoE measure of CC. Summarized, Storm Atronachs are high-mobility, mid HP, powerful ranged spell casters with a high capacity to deal with enemies at close range as well with their fairly powerful hit power. They are the most versatile type of atronach summon, favoring well both in CQB and ranged combat and also have the highest multi-target damage potential with AoE aspects to their primary ranged missile spell attacks and CQB AoE power attack spells.

Note: Upgrades to physical DMG output and physical DMG resistances not applied to Flame/Storm types. The Flame atronachs are meant to be weak melee combat duelists and favor ranged combat anyway. Storm atronachs are already fairly powerful hitters and do not intend for them to hit harder than the colossal frost atronachs. They also do not serve primarily as tanks, generally favoring ranged combat over CQB. However, both Flames/Storm types still get higher HP which differs according to tier and increases when base minimum level is exceeded so their overall durability is still slightly enhanced while gaining varied enhancements to spell damage outputs. Added special abilities to PP summons mainly for extra rewarding satisfaction when master-level conjuration spells are unlocked and to add some spice to the diversity in capabilities between the most powerful summons and the rest. Also to note; AI data, summon duration and cast time/costs remain unchanged.

Overall, atronachs should now contribute much more in battle with their heightened durability (especially frost type) and attack damage in mid-higher level game-play. They may now just even survive an encounter to fight another day. Atronach effectiveness will not wither as much as you progress through the game as they will level with the player once base minimum level of the respected tiers is exceeded. Remember that levelling now affects DMG output as well as HP upgrades. Flame type summons will now have more rights to compete with the storm types for a precious place on any available summon slot due to reducing the gap between the colossal disparity in spell damage magnitudes and the former receiving extra movement/projectile speed upgrades. All master (especially powerful) summons should now also be worth your insane casting time and magicka costs!

Compatible with pretty much any mod. Except it may conflict with ones that alter certain atronach records. Whichever one you want to take precedence, drop it below the other in the load order. Alternatively, use SSEEdit to resolve any possible conflicts to get what all the mods completely intend to bring to the table. Synergizes well with 'Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim', Vokrii, 'Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim' etc. Also compatible with mods which just replace the meshes or textures of the atronachs such as 'Transparent and Refracting Icicle and Frost Atronach' or 'Rustic Atronachs' etc. ESPLite versions now available for those vigilant of plugin limit. Keep in mind that it is not advisable to switch between ESP and ESPLite versions of the same mod mid-playthrough unless no FormIDs had to be compacted. In this case, Form IDs for the ESPLite versions of EA were compacted.

Cleaned using SSEEdit. If you feel like tweaking certain aspects of this file to your own liking via CK or SSEEdit, just search for records beginning with the prefix 'RXY'.

1) Levelled DMG upgrades when exceeding and levelling beyond base minimum level instead of just HP upgrades. 
2) Sensible utility/support effects applicable to each elemental type such as constant luminosity spell applied to the flame/storm atronach types. 
3) QoL Updates - Atronach Interaction Menu - click to view their stats or instantly expel them. Atronachs no longer set off traps. 
4) Visual differences for the appearance of each tier so that they can be easily distinguished in terms of power level etc.
5) Patches for some key mods inbound soon.



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