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Adds dozens of new creatures and monsters to Skyrim. The mod's main goal, aside from adding a more diverse range of fauna to Skryim, is to also add as many creatures from ES lore as possible and give hunters a truly wide range of prey to fight and hunt.

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Beasts of Tamriel
A brand new monster mod featuring many new creatures, ingredients, sights and summons!
Adds over +100 new creatures and just as many ingredients for every new creature as well as some new vegetables and many new gourmet recipes made from the meats and ingredients of many creatures and plants. It also adds plenty of miscellaneous trophy items you can harvest from these creatures, such as horns, skin and whatnot. The creatures themselves are rare and don't appear to often except for those that have already been placed in the overworld. They don't replace any vanilla creatures and have their own spawns but can appear in vanilla spawns. Some of these creatures (specifically the daedric ones) can be summoned via new conjuration books found in certain locations in Skyrim and elsewhere. There are also many Guar varieties and references to past and new games for oldschool fans to enjoy. For further details read the sections below, such as the FAQs and Know Issues sections.

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Drag and drop the contents of the Data folder in the rar file into your Skyrim Data folder. The mod requires both Dawnguard and Dragonborn to work. No exceptions.

Known Issues
Guars have a few issues when ridden and when killed but they aren't too noticeable and hopefully we will have it fixed for the next update. They also tend to roar when fast traveling to their locations as they use the werewolf animation.

Some tamed echatere are a bit unpredictable in behavior. Will hopefully be fixed in the next update.

Mod may have compatibility issues with mods that edit Bannermist Tower and Lost Prospect Mine too heavily.

Q: Will you be adding an MCM option so that we may be able to accept which of beasts we want?
  A: The old Skyrim version now has it. Not sure about the SSE one though since there are lot of features still unavailable for SSE.

Q: Are they replacing beasts from vanilla Skyrim or Immersive Creatures?
  A: No. The new features in this mod all use unique ids to avoid conflicting with other mods that might add something similar. For example, you can use both this and my wereboar mod at once without issue despite both having wereboars.

Q: Is it compatible with other monster mods?
  A: As long as you have Wryebash to make bashed patches for your mod. However I use several other monster mods with this mod with no issues.

Q: I don't like these creatures!/They're not lore-friendly!
  A: The vanilla Skyrim version of the mod has the MCM option. But all the creatures with the exception of two are lore-friendly and can easily fit into the
story if you keep an open mind and can easily be dismissed as Chimeras,
which are in fact canon to the lore as read in De Rerum Dirennis and if you know they're lore-friendly but think they don't belong in
Skyrim then maybe they were illegally brought in by poachers or nobles,
or magically summoned.

French Translation

SpikeDragonLord - Textures/Meshes/ESP Setup
jboyd4 - Meshes/Animation/Cleaning
RustyShackleford69 - Lore Guy
opusGlass - Creature spawn configuration and plugin cleaning
the1yunico - CACO Patch
Tooneyman - SSE conversion

Very special thanks to these amazing people:

Vicn's Creature Pack

muppetpuppet's Moonpaths to Elsweyr

dogtown1's SkyMoMod (lore-friendly replacer)

volvaga0's Chitin Goggles

mr_siika and Tamira's Ravens and Vultures

CrisSpiegel's Helveton

AerynnRavanna's resources

m150's resources

Phitt's Resources Team

Prides of Skyrim Team
*Frank The Fish
*Bean Bag

Viltuska's Vargr - a Draugr Hound

pndr's Milk Bottle

baldy3456's Models (make sure to check out his latest works over at the Atmora Project of Beyond Skyrim)

Frank the Fish and tumbajamba's mounts/goblins mod

LorSakyamuni's The Witcher 3 Monsters and Animals Resource Pack and CD Projekt Red's other assets (distributed with their permission)

enihs' MHW Chrome Razor

Horniman Museum's resources

kaj steveman's resources

FUTOSHI's Creepy zombies

Tamira's New Plants

apachii's ApachiiSkyHair

Wolfeyes22's Skinned Hound Companion

Merilia, Nobiax and Tamira's Lots of Pumpkins

ObsidianStag's Detailing the Eldrich

GKB's Green Trees

Insanity's Food Stuffs - Resource

GendunDrup's Resources

bfadragon's resource extra food

Oaristys and Tony67's Modder's Resource Pack

aviform for his barn owl and spotted brown owl textures

Please show them your gratitude by checking out and supporting their work.


Before using any assets from this mod, contact us first for details on which creatures you want to use and whether or not permission will be given. If a specific creature you want to use belongs to one of the resource providers in the credits make sure to contact them as well and give them the credit they deserve.

Recommended Mods
Some mods that I think compliment this one pretty well or that I just personally use with this one. If compatibility issues arise, use WryeBash and always experiment with your load order. If incompatibilities do arise with certain major mods in the future that edit the same cell, let us know and we'll try to make patches.

Borgiak's The Gourmet - Food And Ingredients

FUTOSHI's Creepy zombies (adds a lot of zombies so think carefully before installing)

RustyShackleford69's Snow Whale Bones

NanoByteGhost's Skyrim Fighter's Guild

opusGlass' Diverse Dragons Collection

Also try out any other monster mods if you want with this one, but most importantly (if you can) please try the mods by the people in our credits as they are great modders with great contributions. And finally, make sure to check out some of the other mods by me and jboyd4.

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