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I always look to build a load order that makes combat fun, with more action, but without a ton of restrictions. I wanted smart, tough enemies, but not HP sponges. I also wanted to limit scripts used and find ESL or ESP-FE mods to lighten up my load order. My goal is that you can find something here to help you when building your own load order.

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So you want a fun and challenging challenge that's not Requiem?

I used to roll with InpaSekiro and Wildcat as the core of my combat mods, with many other mods in support. I love Sekiro, but its bugs are well documented and frustrating at times, and its gameplay is (I feel) too restrictive. Wildcat is a fantastic mod and is lightweight but can be replaced with a few mods that do more when combined (and are script-less and/or ESLifyed).

My Goal
I was looking to build a list of mods that added more
action without any restrictions. I wanted intelligent, formidable
enemies, but not HP sponges. I also wanted to limit scripts used and
find ESL or ESP-FE mods to lighten my load order. I hope 
you can find something here to help you build your load order and 
have fun when playing. I have included the URLs for each mod
mentioned, so you can quickly go to the mod pages
and see if the mod I recommend is for you.

(!)I also added as many mods as I could under the Requirements tab above,
not that they are required, just as a convenience.

NOTE: no mod here is required; all are suggestions. The mods in the
requirements tab are there for your convenience.


I have used these mods in many load orders over many years, and I can
vouch for them as safe and fun to play. As always, make sure you
look at the requirements needed for each mod and adequately place the
mods in the correct order. Also, as you usually do, check to
see if you have any conflicts with the mods you add and find or make
the patch/es you need.

There are mods in the LO (load order) that use Nemesis and a set of
mods for those who only use FNIS. I use both Nemesis and FNIS. They
can be used together* but it takes some finagling to manage.

*Nemesishas to be disabled while FNIS is used and all of its mods updated,
then FNIS has to be disabled while Nemesis is enabled and run, which
is a pain and can cause problems if you don't know what you're
doing, so I only listed an either/or approach.

Okay then, let's get going!

The Meat on the Bone.

If you want to add challenges but need to free up scripts, you can start with two mods I love; Combat Evolved and Mortal Combat– Fast-paced Combat Tweaks. Combat Evolved is Wildcat minus injuries—it has no scripts and is very lightweight. Mortal Combat (ESL) is
a lightweight fast-paced addon and has a file made to pair with Combat Evolved. These mods make Combat fast-paced and fun.


Combat Mods

1. Combat Evolved:  (has no scripts)

2. Mortal Combat  (ESL):

Mods below(3,4,5,6 )Requires Nemesis Behavior Engine and more so read mod page requirements-- there will be options for those
who only wish to use FNIS instead.

3.SkySA- Combat Behavior Compulsion(req Nemesis)/ I also use Intense Combat option:

4. Weapons animations for Skysa\subjective\you need to pick your flavor– I use JH Combat animationsNorthern Ravager, and some of Elder Soul's animations. There are too many to list, so find your favorites. Look under requirements on SKYSA's page, and you can find links to a
metric butt-ton of animations, as well as authors who have insane animations on their sites.

5. True Directional Movement(If you prefer 3rd person combat):

6. Action Based Projectiles—Dodge-able Range Attacks works with TDM and allow the chance to actively dodge
enemy spells and arrows [This mod requiresTDM which requires Nemesis]:


Options for those who use FNIS. These mostly use Dynamic Animation Re-placer. There are a host of great animation mods that you can use with DAR, like Stances– Dynamic Animation Sets and its addon. I use this with Skysa also. As always, read the requirements:

First Person Combat Animations Overhaul 2.0 -SIZE MATTERS [great first-person animations.]

360 Walk and Run Plus AND YY Animations SSE

Animation Motion Revolution – needed for many of Verolevi's combat animations below.

Vanargand and Leviathan animations – pick what you want, heed requirements:


7. Deflection—Dynamic Combat Overhaul (best Parry mod) made to work with Combat Evolved:

8. Re-timed hit frames—needed if you don't use Ultimate Combat (SKSE/no ESP)

9. Strike Obstruction Systems—Combat Blocking Overhaul (ESL) best block overhaul:

10. (optional) Action Based Projectiles— Dodge-able Range Attacks [works with TDM and allow the chance to actively dodge]
enemy spells and arrows:

11. Dodge Mod: I switched from TK Dodge uses 14 scripts (17 if you use Step dodge) this mod has only four scripts):

12. Dodge Roll: (optional mod) lesser power doesn't touch animations or perks; I use it for blade traps

13. zxlice Hitstop (SKSE no scripts):

14. Horrible Andy'sComplete ArcheryOverhaul (ESL): This is instead of AGO. AGO's esp is script-heavy and has some issues with belt fastened quivers.

AND/OR (you can use both with changes in the MCM) Archery Game-play Overhaul, for those who can't play without AGO.

15. Optional fun mod: Shinobi Tools Be a ninja –so fun!

16. Simple Dual Wield and Unarmed Block. Adds Dual wield plus block/parry to both weapons:

First Person Combat Animations Overhaul 2.0 -SIZE MATTERS – for 1st person combat users:


Gimme Some Mo'

To get funky, here are some of my much-loved mods to add to make enemies fun and save many esp's in your LO.

If you want a stricter experience like Ido, add two mod game-changers and remove mindless gameplay; Wounds and Bleed Them Dry. Bleed Them Dry gives you and your enemies chances for persistent bleed damage, debuffs, and bleed-out states (fully configurable). Wounds give the player fully configurable wounds and injuries based on the location of hits with bladed or blunt weapons—so, bruises, cuts, concussions, and broken bones that have adverse effects and must be tended to—by the player with bandages, medicinal alcohol, braces /or temple healers — or will worsen over time and need time to heal.

Dragonstone– A Skyrim Overhaul (Skyrim'senemy AI is enhanced, and it replaces many mods saving load order slots- covering everything from adding wildlife, Dragons, creatures, npcs, birth signs, standing stones, its combat system, economy, and much more in a single ESP–it is fully configurable. I build my load order around this mod.

Enemy (R)Evolution of Skyrim - EEOS - Spell Perk Item Distributor Add-on. Dragonstone adds several of the systems in EEOS, so this is optional, but this mod usesSpell Perk Item Distributor to enhance enemies even more, among other things.


Wounds addons - Healers - Spells – Patches:

Bleed Them Dry Remade:


Look, man, I'm just a Basic B|tch.

If you want a single, simple mod to pair with your favorite combat mod, I would suggest Visceral Combat and Movement (ESL):

Visceral is excellent paired with Blade and Blunt, Wildcat, or Valravn and has patches for them and a simplified Mortal Enemies add-on patch. I have previously used Visceral with all of the above in several LO's, and it shines. Still, now I use Mortal Combat instead, which was built from Visceral Combat with some improvements like attack turn restrictions.