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An automation tool, used to optimize BSA, meshes, textures and animations. It also allows to quicky port an Oldrim mod.

Permissions and credits
SSE Assets Optimizer

SSE Assets Optimizer is a tool aiming to automate assets optimisation for Skyrim Special Edition. Is is an open source project.

How can it help you ?
Meshes :
  • It optimizes meshes and headpart.
  • New method to handle headparts

Textures :
  • It converts uncompressed textures to BC7
  • It converts TGA to DDS. 
  • It uses Nifscan to convert incompatible DDS

Animations :
  • It uses Bethesda's Havok Tool to port Oldrim animations.

  • It extracts the old BSA before processing (existing loose files are preserved)
  • Rename it
  • Create a new one

All of this can be done on multiple mods at once, meaning that you can pack your whole load order in BSA after optimising it, with only one click.
Each option is independently configurable.


BSArch by Zilav
The Bethesda Creation Kit, found in the Bethesda Launcher.
Havok Tool is provided with the Creation Kit. It should be auto detected, but if it isn't, you can copy it from Skyrim\Data\Tools to the resources folders. 


Extract the archive into a new folder. Drop the requirements (bsarch.exe) in the resources folder.

Launch the tool outside of your mod manager.

By default, all the options are checked.

To process several mods at once, use the option "several mods" on the MO2 mods folder. If Vortex also has a mods folder, it should be the same.
With NMM, apply the "one mod" option on Skyrim data folder.
Disclaimer : BSA Processing is not supported when processing the data folder.
Disclaimer 2: Always make a backup of your mods.

If you need help, you can join the Modding Tools Discord server.


Zilav, for Nifscan, BSArch and ListHeadparts
Ousnius, for sharing SSE Nif Optimizer code.
Opparco, for creating a CLI version of SSE Nif Optimizer.
Microsoft, for TexConv and TexDiag.
Feles Noctis, Hishy and many others, for tests and advice