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About this mod

Remake of the SKSE plugin that allows you to modify the spell casting speed.

Permissions and credits

Brief :

Oldrim Speed Casting mod by underthesky, this is a remake with updated offsets, compiled against the latest address library so it's version independent. (> 1.5.39)

This Plugin Utilizes Trampoline Hook

Original Mod Description :
Changes the charge time of all spells. (configurable)

So... What does this mod do?
When you hold down your cast button some spells (for example "Fireball") will take time to 'charge' before they can be cast successfully. Releasing the cast button before the spell has had enough time to charge will result in not casting the spell at all. This mod modifies the required charge time (by default decreasing it by 1/2). It works by modifying the code that reads the charge time from the loaded game data each time a spell is cast and have it multiply the time with the ChargeTimeFactor from the mod's configuration file (0.5 by default).

Does it affect modded spells?

Does it affect NPCs?

All of this is done by modifying game code with SKSE. No spells, powers, hotkeys or menus. Also no scripts, no esp file and (un)installable at any time.

Configuration :

"SpeedCastingFactor": 0.5, 
"UseHook": true,  
"UseGlobal": false,
"GlobalName": "SpeedCastingGlobal"

SpeedCastingFactor is the modifier value casted upon the spell charge time. 0.5 means 50% of original.
UseHook(*New*) is the added option to allow user to choose to use trampoline hook or not. If using hook, this plugin will do memory edits without altering spell's charge time that some other mods may require, and also enables the option to use a global variable to control the SpeedCastingFactor.
UseGlobal enables the option to use a global variable's value as SpeedCastingFactor instead of the one defined in json file. This option requires UseHook set to true.
GlobalName is the name of above mentioned global variable if enabled.

Installation :
Install with Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex, or manual download then install with above-said tools.
Manual installation: No, it's 2020.

Permission :

The source code inherits and sustains the MIT License, but the binary upload is not.
Contact me before redistributing on other sites.

Credits :
underthesky - orginal Speed Casting mod
Ryan (Fudgyduff) -  CommonLibSSE

Resources :
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