The Witcher 3

About this mod

Redefines all relic blades from scratch to be useful/gives you access to NPC only weapons/let you upgrade all relic blades,DLC and Kaer Morhen Armor,DLC and Witcher Crossbows,Viper and Vesemir Swords/adds dozens of new loot into the world/modifies some Vendors/adds many quest rewards/heightens Gwent bet to 50/adds new animations/effects etc.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian

List of content:
  • Introduction
  • Videos
  • All functions of TES/What the mod does (IMPORTANT!)
  • Different mod versions explanation (IMPORTANT!)
  • Installation/Uninstallation (IMPORTANT!)
  • Integrated mods (IMPORTANT!)
  • Recommended mods in use with TES
  • Item Spawn Codes
  • Last words/Credits

The Enhancement System is created to enhance the RPG feeling of the game by adding more depth,functions and possibilities into many aspects of the game.It started as simple weapon upgrade mod,and became what it is now: a huge Overhaul for The Witcher 3.Many mods you may know were integrated in TES,to deliver the best possible experience for you.

Further informations you`ll find in different sections below.

I recommend to remove the questionmarks from your map in the graphic hud menu to enhance the RPG feeling even further and make treasure finding truly rewarding.

It is advised to start a new game to get the full experience out of the mod,but it will work on an existing save also.

Armor and Weapon access and upgrades now available without The Enhancement System! Customize your functions and only take what you want, those files have no compatibility issues like TES:

Relic Weapons Redone

Witcher Gear Redone

Exclusive Weapons and Armors Redone

 Here are one Spotlight Video and a Version 2.5 Changelog Video,in which most changes are described:
But you should read the description written down below also
   In the image section you can view most changes as well    

New Video soon!

TES Review New:                 TES Review Old:

Thanks goes to Gundamzeppelin for those Videos



All functions of TES/What the mod does:

For now The Enhancement System adds/changes following things:
It is much to read,but I promise it is worth the effort
New Features are red marked

Weapon/Armor related Features:

Giving all relic swords upgrades - once you find it you can dismantle it to get a schematic to the next stage. All higher upgrade diagrams have been added into the loot/quest reward system

 Giving Geralt access to NPC only weapons: Now you can use Eredins Sword,Imleriths Mace,Caranthirs Staff,Vesemirs Blades,Zoltans Axe,Ciris Zirael and some other NPC weapons
as your own, by buying and/or questing.With fixed and partially custom animations! Eredins Blade will no longer be taken from your hip and appear on your back.

Redefines all relic weapons from scratch,to be useful  and ready to upgrade.No relic weapon you know will have the same effects as before!
Also completely re-worked from Relic Weapons Redone, hopefully not so OP.

Integrating the Viper Kaer Morhen Armor and blades as fully 5th Witcher Gear - with upgrades,actually marked as witcher gear(green in menu) 

Vesemirs Blades and Teigr from Cat DLC are also upgradeble

Upgrade your favorite Fraction Armor! All 3 DLC Armors (Temerian,Nilfgaardian and Skellige) have been included into the crafting system. Now you aren`t limited to Witcher Gear anymore.You can just upgrade your favorite relic fraction armor,to keep up with Witcher Gear!

 Some crossbows redefined for more usability,and also added to the upgrade system. Now you can upgrade Skellige/Nilfgaard/Elven Crossbow as well as Lynx/Bear/Death from above Crossbow!

 Relic Weapon Merchant added: The Hattori in Novigrad will sell you  all loot originals of the relic swords - if you missed or want one. He is used as a base to upgrade.

Unbreakable Relic and Witcher Swords,also all Witcher and DLC Gear on highest upgrade stage added - why calling it legendary stuff when it breaks all few minutes?

Intelligent crafting system: Ingots and ingredients are logically placed.When a Sword is dark,you`ll need Dark steel ingots.When it gets an bleedingeffect on the next stage,you`ll need the corresponding Rune for it - in that case Rune Devana. In most cases abilities are logical placed too-if a sword has edges it will be likely that it causes bleedingeffect. On highest stage all blades are perfected with a touch of diamond dust. Also you`ll  need for an Level 3 upgrade both before upgrade schematics + the sword on stage 2
You`ll get most of the materials back from de-crafting.

Adds throwable knives as secondary weapons to the game.

Crossbows completely redefined for more usability

Sword effects added,you can always change them in the mod menu.I suggest when you use a sword which can burn people,you turn on the fire effect,when using a sword with stagger effect you turn on the yrden effect and so on.Of course you can use as many effects as you want @the same time - or even not.

Adds some completely new weapons to the game,and retextures a few others to look more like in the previous games.I felt that this shouldn`t hurt anyone,as most blades in the game look alike either.

Treasure maps are now much more expensive and are only sold from the book merchant in Novigrad @ the Hierarch square.Vanilla ones were simply too cheap for that what they offer: the way to the most powerful items ingame.You can find them without treasure maps,or you pay a price worthy for what you get from it.

Gwent related Features:

More Gwent bet added (50 Gold - not to less and not to much,but you could need that extra money)
My other mod  "The Gwent Card Dealer" is also integrated,as he doesn`t harm someone - otherwise there would be compatibility issues between my 2 mods - he is located in the tavern on the crossroads and will sell you Gwent cards you could otherwise only buy at merchants coming later in the story- it is useful as you otherwise play 95 % of your Gwent Card games with your Temerian I right?
Gwent changes are fully compatible with other Gwent gamechanging mods

Money related Features:

You will find more money in the world,but therefore I have given a small carry weight to it.Dont worry,you can access your money now and store it into your stash.Also I made it MUCH lighter than it was in the previous testversion,so it shouldn`t be a big burden anymore too soon.
Optional Version without money carry weight available too

Menu related Features:

Now you can see the real value of an item before selling it for a too less price or buying it for a to high one.There was added a value amount slider for any stackable item in the players chest.Also the crafting menu was totally enhanced,now you see new craftables marked,the required level for it and you can filter the list through various options.

Animation related Features:

Taking different potions and applying oils to a drawn sword will now trigger an animation.Now you have to wait for the moment in battle where you can drink your potion! Makes things a lot more difficult but more immersive as well,and counteracts the fact that some weapons are stronger now than the vanilla game offered on purpose.
Quen is your best friend ;)
Optional Version without Animations available too

Other Features:

You will find more herbs now when looting a plant.Also you will get more quest rewards,many of them books,notes,weapons,armors or diagrams.The books and notes are cut content.

Multilanguage mod:

This mod was translated into nearly every language and can be used without Custom Localization Fix now.
There are just missing the Japanese translation and translations for the HoS add-on.

Hearts of Stone DLC add-on:

The HoS add-on makes many items of the HoS DLC much earlier available for the main game.You can buy them from Yoana in Crow`s Perch as soon as you meet her.Also it makes all those items upgradable and redefines them for a better use.

There will be no optional TES version for a medium Kaer Morhen Armor anymore,as the Viper armor from HoS serves for that use now.

More informations about it you can find one topic below.

-There will be more instructions in the "Posts" tab

Different mod versions Explanation:

Full Version:

Contains every integrated mod and every feature,so be sure that you remove them all from your modfolder,if you were using them previously.With TES 2.5 there is no need anymore to use them as seperate mods.
The HoS add-on is already integrated here,but it is on you if you want to install it.

Hearts of Stone DLC add-on:

As you might guess,you will need the HoS DLC to use this add-on,but you could use it without one of the main files.This file modifies/does the following things:

  • Creates a complete Order of the Flaming Rose Armor,as the HoS DLC had only Armor and Gloves to offer
  • Gives upgrades to Dark Viper Armor and Swords
  • Gives upgrades to Order of the Flaming Rose Armor and Sword
  • Gives upgrades to Thief Armor
  • Gives upgrades to Ofieri Steelsabre and Crossbow
  • Modifies all of them and gives slightly new names,to differency from the ones you`ll still get from the HoS quests

You can buy all of this items from Yoana in Crow`s Perch @ any time.
Those items are upgraded by dismantling them,but beware,as always the upgrades will require a new level.
All of this items can be upgraded infinitely (but not the crossbow)

Installation/Uninstallation Instructions:

Please accept that the mod can`t be installed via NMM.This is simply because of it`s complexity,but it also ensures that the mod will running properly.NMM brought trouble installing Witcher mods in the past more than once.

Full version: 

-Merge the DLC folder with your game DLC folder
-Merge the bin folder with your game bin folder
-put modEnhancementSystem into your mod folder
-If you own Hearts of Stone put modEnhancementSystemHOS into your mod folder too
-run Scriptmerger if you are using multiple mods,dont forget to remerge your scripts COMPLETELY
-Play and have fun ;)

Hearts of Stone add-on:

-If you own Hearts of Stone put modEnhancementSystemHOS into your mod folder 
-run Scriptmerger if you are using multiple mods,dont forget to remerge your scripts COMPLETELY
-Play and have fun ;)


Remove all files of the previous version and replace them with the new one.Also remember to delete your old merges and refreshing them.


Remove all files from your Witcher 3 folders which you had to add for the version you`re using.If you used one of the 2 full versions I advise you to use this mod once after deleting,to prevent script issues or savegame bloats:

Safedevelop - from Chickenudoom.Basically it cleans your whole savegame from scripts which were left behind.It does the same as the "cleardevelop" command you can enter in Debug Console,by drinking a Clearing Potion BUT let you stay on your level and doesn`t remove anything from your inventory like the Debug console command does.
You can remove this mod again after using it once,but you should remember that it can solve many of your problems you might have with other mods in your future.I usually remove this mod from my mods after using it once,and when I get a new problem with a mod I use it once again.

Integrated Mods:

Menu mods:

Enhanced Menus - from Janiskeisari.Does what it says.

Show Real Value - from uranhat.Implements a nice little feature that you can see the real price of an item before selling or buying it.This could prevent you from selling an item for too less money or paying to much.

Better Crafting Menu - from uranhat.Adds filters to the crafting menu,shows new craftables and required levels.

Weapon mods:

Throwing knife - from SkacikPL.Adds a new secondary weapon to the game,that you can use just like bombs.
The Throwing knives have arrived in the Northern kingdoms.

Crossbow Damage Boost and Balance - from Fnts.Does what it says.

Effect/Animation mods:

Sword effects of AMM - from CAPA14.Adds the very cool sword effects from AMM into TES.To ensure compatibility between AMM and TES you can find a optional version of TES without those effects built in.

Animations from Eating and Drinking animations partially added - from erxv.Adds animations for drinking witcher magic potions and applying oils to swords into TES.Now you have to be careful with drinking a magic potion while combat! Optional version without those effects available too

Textures Weapons No Replacers:

Full_Black_Wolven_Gear - from Nayefk93
Valyrian Steelsword of Jon Snow - from Nayefk93
Son of Sparda Swords - from Nayefk93

I have modified all those weapons,so that they don`t replace anything.Also they can be upgraded like everything else I`ve modified.

Textures&Icons Weapon Replacers:

Witcher 2 Weapons - from Franci04
Dark Weapons Witcher 2 - Modders Ressource - from Franci04
Icons and Scabbard for Dark Weapons - from Franci04

This integrated mods will replace a few swords and icons,to look more like in the previous Witcher games.
I also felt that it would bring more diversity to the look of the swords,as many swords in Witcher 3 look nearly the same.

Other mods:

Advanced Witcher Book Collection - from KasparsBITELV.For now just the Witcher 3 books and notes,which CDPR had decided to remove from the game.They were added as quest rewards and can be bought from Novigrad Book Shop.

Enhanced Herbalism - from KasparsBITELV.Have you ever thought that it is strange that Geralt needs dozens of plants for his potions,but he always picks just one from a plant? Well,this mod fixes that.Now Geralt can pick more pieces from a plant than just one.

If you like The Enhancement System with all its features,please show it to all integrated mods and authors.Thank you.


Recommended Mods in use with this:

Lore-friendly Silver Swords - from ErdnussSpass.Use "SilverShines".Gives silver swords a nice silver touch.

Slots Slots SLOTS - from Zur13 together with Set Skill Points Per Level - from pMark.With those mods in combination you can fully max out Geralt.Who doesn`t want an allrounder?I suggest to use this only on the highest difficulty setting.You could become a God.

Mutagen Dissolution - from Tenzian.He made it possible to craft mutagens out of your monster mutagens. Really useful for getting red mutagens.

Semi-auto and Double barreled Crossbow - from curme.I use the "Four barelled" version.Makes it possible to shoot 4 times before reloading.

Enemy level scaling - from Marnah93 and Philozoraptor.I suggest using either the "Enemy lvls scale with your lvl" or "Scaling with extra challenge" version,if you wanna play a little bit with your foes and new weapons.Completely compatible.

The Daily Monster Hunt Challenge - from Smalldjo.Adds a monster hunt to the Quest noticeboards every day.

Item Spawn Codes:

Each Item can be spawned via debug console.The codes need the inverted commas in the brackets,or they wont work.

Here is an example of how a code has to look like:
additem("Son of Sparda Sword Upgrade 4")

This list just contains my new added items.Also,it focuses on the items themselves,not the diagrams to craft them.
The list would simply become too long.
Below I will just list the Item names,which have to be written between the inverted commas in the bracket:


  • DLC1 Temerian Armor
  • DLC1 Temerian Armor2
  • DLC1 Temerian Armor3
  • DLC1 Temerian Armor4
  • DLC1 Temerian Armor5
  • DLC1 Temerian Boots
  • DLC1 Temerian Boots2
  • DLC1 Temerian Boots3
  • DLC1 Temerian Boots4
  • DLC1 Temerian Boots5
  • DLC1 Temerian Gloves
  • DLC1 Temerian Gloves2
  • DLC1 Temerian Gloves3
  • DLC1 Temerian Gloves4
  • DLC1 Temerian Gloves5
  • DLC1 Temerian Pants
  • DLC1 Temerian Pants2
  • DLC1 Temerian Pants3
  • DLC1 Temerian Pants4
  • DLC1 Temerian Pants5
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Armor
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Armor2
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Armor3
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Armor4
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Boots
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Boots2
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Boots3
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Boots4
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Gloves
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Gloves2
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Gloves3
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Gloves4
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Pants
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Pants2
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Pants3
  • DLC5 Nilfgaardian Pants4
  • DLC14 Skellige Armor
  • DLC14 Skellige Armor2
  • DLC14 Skellige Armor3
  • DLC14 Skellige Armor4
  • DLC14 Skellige Boots
  • DLC14 Skellige Boots2
  • DLC14 Skellige Boots3
  • DLC14 Skellige Boots4
  • DLC14 Skellige Gloves
  • DLC14 Skellige Gloves2
  • DLC14 Skellige Gloves3
  • DLC14 Skellige Gloves4
  • DLC14 Skellige Pants
  • DLC14 Skellige Pants2
  • DLC14 Skellige Pants3
  • DLC14 Skellige Pants4
  • Starting Armor 1
  • Starting Armor 2
  • Starting Armor 3
  • Starting Armor 4
  • Starting Armor 5
  • Boots 010_crafted
  • Boots 011_crafted
  • Boots 012_crafted
  • Boots 013_crafted
  • Boots 014_crafted
  • Starting Gloves1
  • Starting Gloves2
  • Starting Gloves3
  • Starting Gloves4
  • Starting Gloves5
  • Starting Pants1
  • Starting Pants2
  • Starting Pants3
  • Starting Pants4
  • Starting Pants5

In NG+ mode,every of this items need an NGP before it.Example: additem("NGP Starting Pants5")


  • Crossbow 1 q206
  • Crossbow 2 q206
  • Lynx School Crossbow2
  • Lynx School Crossbow3
  • Bear School Crossbow2
  • Bear School Crossbow3
  • DLC13 Nilfgaardian Crossbow2
  • DLC13 Nilfgaardian Crossbow3
  • DLC13 Skellige Crossbow2
  • DLC13 Skellige Crossbow3
  • DLC13 Elven Crossbow2
  • DLC13 Elven Crossbow3

Crossbows have the same names in normal game and NG+

Special Weapons:

  • 0NPC Wild Hunt sword 1
  • 0Mace 2
  • 0Dwarven Hammer
  • 0Hatchet
  • 0Blackjack
  • 0Poker
  • 0Wand
  • 0Scythe
  • 0Pickaxe
  • Q1_ZoltanAxe2h_crafted
  • Caranthil Staff1
  • Imlerith Mace1

Special weapons have the same names in normal game and NG+


  • Black Wolven Steel Sword1
  • Black Wolven Steel Sword2
  • Black Wolven Steel Sword3
  • Black Wolven Steel Sword4
  • Son of Sparda Sword
  • Son of Sparda Sword Upgrade 1
  • Son of Sparda Sword Upgrade 2
  • Son of Sparda Sword Upgrade 3
  • Son of Sparda Sword Upgrade 4
  • Jon Snows Longclaw
  • Jon Snows Longclaw Upgrade 1
  • Jon Snows Longclaw Upgrade 2
  • Jon Snows Longclaw Upgrade 3
  • Gnomish sword 21_crafted
  • Gnomish sword 22_crafted
  • Arbitrator Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Arbitrator Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Longclaw Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Longclaw Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Beannshie Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Beannshie Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Blackunicorn Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Blackunicorn Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Angivare Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Angivare Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Ardaenye Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Ardaenye Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Barbersurgeon Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Barbersurgeon Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Caerme Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Caerme Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Cheesecutter Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Cheesecutter Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Cheesecutter Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Dyaebl Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Dyaebl Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Deireadh Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Deireadh Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Vynbleidd Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Vynbleidd Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Gwyhyr Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Gwyhyr Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Forgottenvransword Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Forgottenvransword Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Harvall Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Harvall Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Hjalmar Short Steel Sword Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Hjalmar Short Steel Sword Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Karabela Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Karabela Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Princessxenthiasword Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Princessxenthiasword Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Princessxenthiasword Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Robustswordofdolblathanna Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Robustswordofdolblathanna Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Ashrune Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Ashrune Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Daystar Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Daystar Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Devine Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Devine Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Bloedeaedd Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Bloedeaedd Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Inis Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Inis Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Gwestog Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Gwestog Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Abarad Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Abarad Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Abarad Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Wolf Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Wolf Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Wolf Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Cleaver Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Cleaver Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Dancer Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Dancer Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Dancer Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Headtaker Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Headtaker Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Mourner Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Mourner Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Mourner Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Ultimatum Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Ultimatum Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Caroline Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Caroline Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Lune Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Lune Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Lune Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Gloryofthenorth Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Gloryofthenorth Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Torlara Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Torlara Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Torlara Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Torlara Upgrade 4_crafted
  • q402 Skellige sword 3 Upgrade 1_crafted
  • q402 Skellige sword 3 Upgrade 2_crafted
  • q402 Skellige sword 3 Upgrade 3_crafted
  • sq304 Novigraadan sword 4 Upgrade 1_crafted
  • sq304 Novigraadan sword 4 Upgrade 2_crafted
  • NPC_Vesemir_Steel_Sword2
  • NPC_Vesemir_Steel_Sword3
  • NPC_Vesemir_Steel_Sword4
  • Viper School steel sword1
  • Viper School steel sword Upgrade 2
  • Viper School steel sword Upgrade 3

Swords with same name in normal game and NG+:
Eredin Sword Upgrade 1_crafted
  • q505 crafted sword_crafted 3
  • Zireael 01_crafted 2
  • NPC_Vesemir_Steel_SwordCopy
  • NPC_Vesemir_Steel_Sword10

In NG+ mode,every of this items need an NGP before it.Example: additem("NGP Torlara Upgrade 1_crafted")


  • Black Wolven Silver Sword1
  • Black Wolven Silver Sword2
  • Black Wolven Silver Sword3
  • Black Wolven Silver Sword4
  • Rebellion Sword
  • Rebellion Sword Upgrade 1
  • Rebellion Sword Upgrade 2
  • Rebellion Sword Upgrade 3
  • Rebellion Sword Upgrade 4
  • NPC_Vesemir_Silver_SwordCopy
  • NPC_Vesemir_Silver_Sword2
  • NPC_Vesemir_Silver_Sword3
  • NPC_Vesemir_Silver_Sword4
  • NPC_Vesemir_Silver_Sword10
  • Harpy Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Harpy Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Negotiator Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Negotiator Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Negotiator Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Weeper Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Weeper Upgrade 2_crafted
  • WitcherSilverWolf Upgrade 1_crafted
  • WitcherSilverWolf Upgrade 2_crafted
  • WitcherSilverWolf Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Addandeith Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Addandeith Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Moonblade Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Moonblade Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Aerondight Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Aerondight Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Aerondight Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Aerondight Upgrade 4_crafted
  • Aerondight Upgrade 5_crafted
  • Bloodsword Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Bloodsword Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Deithwen Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Deithwen Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Fate Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Fate Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Gynvaelaedd Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Gynvaelaedd Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Naevdeseidhe Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Naevdeseidhe Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Naevdeseidhe Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Bladeofys Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Bladeofys Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Zerrikanterment Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Zerrikanterment Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Anathema Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Anathema Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Roseofaelirenn Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Roseofaelirenn Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Reachofthedamned Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Reachofthedamned Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Reachofthedamned Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Azurewrath Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Azurewrath Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Azurewrath Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Deargdeith Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Deargdeith Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Arainne Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Arainne Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Arainne Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Havcaaren Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Havcaaren Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Loathen Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Loathen Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Loathen Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Gynvael Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Gynvael Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Anth Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Anth Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Virgin Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Virgin Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Tlareg Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Tlareg Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Tlareg Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Breathofthenorth Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Breathofthenorth Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Torzirael Upgrade 1_crafted
  • Torzirael Upgrade 2_crafted
  • Torzirael Upgrade 3_crafted
  • Torzirael Upgrade 4_crafted
  • Viper School silver sword1
  • Viper School silver sword Upgrade 1
  • Viper School silver sword Upgrade 2
  • Viper School silver sword Upgrade 3

In NG+ mode,every of this items need an NGP before it.Example: additem("NGP Torzirael Upgrade 1_crafted")

Hearts of Stone add-on items:
Viper Armors:

  • TESEP1 Starting Armor 1
  • TESEP1 Starting Armor 2
  • TESEP1 Starting Armor 3
  • TESEP1 Starting Armor 4
  • TESEP1 Starting Armor 5
  • TESEP1 Boots 010_crafted
  • TESEP1 Boots 011_crafted
  • TESEP1 Boots 012_crafted
  • TESEP1 Boots 013_crafted
  • TESEP1 Boots 014_crafted
  • TESEP1 Starting Gloves1
  • TESEP1 Starting Gloves2
  • TESEP1 Starting Gloves3
  • TESEP1 Starting Gloves4
  • TESEP1 Starting Gloves5
  • TESEP1 Starting Pants1
  • TESEP1 Starting Pants2
  • TESEP1 Starting Pants3
  • TESEP1 Starting Pants4
  • TESEP1 Starting Pants5

Thief (Jon Snows) Armors:

  • Jon Snows Armor
  • Jon Snows Armor2
  • Jon Snows Armor3
  • Jon Snows Armor4
  • Jon Snows Armor5
  • Jon Snows Boots
  • Jon Snows Boots2
  • Jon Snows Boots3
  • Jon Snows Boots4
  • Jon Snows Boots5
  • Jon Snows Gloves
  • Jon Snows Gloves2
  • Jon Snows Gloves3
  • Jon Snows Gloves4
  • Jon Snows Gloves5
  • Jon Snows Pants
  • Jon Snows Pants2
  • Jon Snows Pants3
  • Jon Snows Pants4
  • Jon Snows Pants5

Flaming Rose Armors:

  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Armor
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Armor2
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Armor3
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Armor4
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Armor5
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Boots
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Boots2
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Boots3
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Boots4
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Boots5
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Gloves
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Gloves2
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Gloves3
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Gloves4
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Gloves5
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Pants
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Pants2
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Pants3
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Pants4
  • Forgotten Dragon Slayer Pants5

In NG+ mode,every of this items need an NGP before it.Example: additem("NGP Jon Snows Armor")


  • TES Ofir Crossbow
  • TES Ofir Crossbow2
  • TES Ofir Crossbow3
  • TES Ofir Crossbow4

In NG+ mode names stay the same


  • Ofieri Steel Sword1
  • Ofieri Steel Sword2
  • Ofieri Steel Sword3
  • Ofieri Steel Sword4
  • Ofieri Steel Sword5
  • Flaming Rose Steelsword
  • Flaming Rose Steelsword2
  • Flaming Rose Steelsword3
  • Flaming Rose Steelsword4
  • Flaming Rose Steelsword5
  • Dark Viper Steelsword
  • Dark Viper Steelsword1
  • Dark Viper Steelsword2
  • Dark Viper Steelsword3
  • Dark Viper Steelsword4
  • Dark Viper Silversword
  • Dark Viper Silversword1
  • Dark Viper Silversword2
  • Dark Viper Silversword3
  • Dark Viper Silversword4

In NG+ mode,every of this items need an NGP before it.Example: additem("NGP Ofieri Steel Sword1")

My other mods:

The Gwent Card Dealer

The useful Witcher Tool Innkeeper

Last words:

This mod has taken enormous amounts of time and frustrations,so I  appreciate all your feedbacks,endorsements,votings,kudos or what the hell ever you like :)

If you like The Enhancement System with all its features,please show it to all integrated mods and authors.I can not say this enough.I myself have to thank all mod authors of the integrated mods on this point too.Without you,TES wouldn`t have become what it is now!