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This is a port of Sit Crosslegged LE mod,with added support for Dynamic Animation Replacer and Custom Idle Wheelmenu.
Can be used with or without those mods.

Permissions and credits
Sit Crosslegged SE

I made a port from Sit Crosslegged LE mod for myself,and added support for Dynamic Animation Replacer by Felisky, so the sitting animation can be used alongside others. Since that mod isnt available for SE yet and has open Permissions,I thought I might as well share it :)

If you like the mod,be sure to endorse also the original on LE.


CIWM Version: Install Custom Idle Wheelmenu and place my CIWM file after it in your load order. This version lets you trigger the animation where and whenever you want.

DAR Version: Install 
Dynamic Animation Replacer by Felisky, then install this animation. It should work without running FNIS or Nemesis.

Normal Version: Just install and enjoy :)

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The Nexus Sites
Felisky for DAR
matsudateacher for his animation and open permissions :)