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Replacer for Skyrim interface in a paper style with some QoL improvements.

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This is the paper interface replacer for almost all SkyUI menus (and most of those UI elemets that are not covered by SkyUI). 

1. Install with mod manager, just follow the FOMOD installer instructions and choose whatever you like. I don't support manual installation.

2. After installation you can open the file interface\deardiary\config.txt for enabling-disabling some options and to set transparency if you need it. There is detailed description for every option in that file. 

For Skyrim SE 1.6+ versions: 

Install Main Menu Patch and overwrite Dear Diary with it.

For Skyrim SE 1.6.1130+ versions: 

Install Quest Journal Fix for SkyUI, select Dear Diary option and overwrite Dear Diary with it.
Install Dear Diary DM and Paper (Squish) Fixes, select file Dear Diary Paper Fixes, overwrite Dear Diary with it. 

Completely safe to install / uninstall / update mid-game (of course if using any modern mod manager).

It's a big section, but don't be afraid...

Dear Diary is compatible with most mods, some mods are redundant (Dear Diary has the same functions included), and even "incompatible" mods may be used without any issue if you let them overwrite Dear Diary files, they just won't have a paper look or the UI will be visually inconsistent. 

General rule:
Let Dear Diary overwrite EVERYTHING
unless stated otherwise


SkyUI 5.2SE by SkyUI Team

Redundant / included / included similar functionality: 

Wider MCM Menu by uranreactor (Dear Diary's MCM replacer is based on Wider MCM Menu opt.1)
Favorite Things by uranreactor (Dear Diary has favorites menu option with extended list)
Remove QuickSave Button from SkyUI System Menu by uranreactor
SkyUI Flashing Savegame Fix by ousnius
Immersive Bookreading and Lockpicking by Wirodeu (option in config.txt)
Immersive Loading Icon by Aurora555
Immersive Old Map Main Menu Replacer by Cdnas
Lockpick Pro (KenMOD) by Kenney (option in config.txt)
Better Messagebox Controls by ecirbaf
60 FPS Interface by Wirodeu or any other similar mod
Complete Widescreen Fix by Daisuke (install for Dialogue and Race menus if you need it and let Dear Diary overwrite it)
SkyUI - Survival Mode Integration by GonDragon
ReCleaned Menu by enzeinzen or any other similar mod
Smaller Map Markers for SkyUI 5.2 by rusecraft (option in config.txt)
SkyUI Weapons Pack SE by Ashingda
Better Sleep Wait Menu by Mortiganto (option in config.txt)
Loading Screen Smoke Removed by E10X11
Body Slots - SkyUI by mlthelama or any other "Show Armor Slots" mods

Fully compatible: 

Skyrim Souls RE - Updated by Vermunds and Fudgyduff
Stay At The System Page - Updated by Ryan - iammitochondrion
Frostfall by Chesko - use with next two:
Unofficial Frostfall Campfire Update by Sthaagg Memnochs
PapyrusUtil by exiledviper meh321
moreHUD SE by Ahzaab
moreHUD Inventory Edition by Ahzaab
Experience by zax
Extended UI by MrJack (need to be ported to SE)
Flat Map Markers SSE by Ryan
More Informative Console by Linthar
Paper World Map for SSE by Warburg or any other similar mod
Extended Hotkey System by Vermunds
Oblivionesque Category Icons by ElSopa and any other similar mods (overwrite Dear Diary with it)
Survival Mode by Bethesda's Creation Club
Sunhelm Survival and Needs by colinswrath
The Frozen North - Minimalistic Survival Overhaul by Parapets
Immersive Jewelry by Forteverum
Quick Loot RE by Ryan
Wheel Menu (UIExtensions) by Expired
Prosperous Alchemist SE by FruitsBerriesMelons123
Forget Spell by Parapets
SkyUI AIO Survival (SAS) by BVN (select the Dear Diary option in its FOMOD and overwrite Dear Diary with it)
Any cursor replacers (overwrite Dear Diary with it)
Any SkyUI-compatible map marker mods
Any new starting wallpaper mods
Any new loading screens mods
Any new fonts mods 
Any mods related to HUD (as Dear Diary doesn't change it)
Any new on-screen widgets
Any game language
Any retextures/remeshes of 3D UI elements, such as:
Skyrim SE Skill Interface by Arndas
JS Lockpicking UI SE by JohnSkyrim


Categorized Favorites Menu by favmenumodder (and all countless derivatives)
Hide SkyUI by Tomycins and other similar mods
Main Menu Design Replacer by Fozar (may be installed overwriting Dear Diary, but it won't have a paper look)
SkyUI - Vanilla Crafting menu by SilentMeowDawn
SkyUI Item Card Fixes by Gruffys or any other Item Card replacer other than moreHUD I.E. 
SkyUI The Adventurer Theme Mod by ElSopa (may be installed together with Dear Diary, but the UI will lose visual consistency; better to choose one or another)


If you use another mod that modifies the config.txt file from SkyUI and you don't want for some reason to fully overwrite it with mine, you'll need to "merge" two config.txt files. If you don't know how to do it, try asking mod author to make a patch for Dear Diary. 
All the mods listed below should overwrite Dear Diary files. 

Full-featured reskins: 

Wood and Paper by uranreactor (me): overall darker textures, nice for dungeon crawling. 
Dear Diary Ui Skins by K0W4LSK1: hub for new skins; for now the leather version is realeased. 
Dwemer Readius UI by rob18: a reskin of the UI theme to an ancient Dwemer device display.
The Wooden Pad by NismoMan: a wood and paper themed skin replacer for Dear Diary.
Dragonborn by Pie4apie: a reskin that provides a lore friendly and high contrast interface experience.

Reskins for particular mods and / or menus: 

DearDiary Recent Loot Reskin by litangdinzhen for TrueHUD
QUI's DearDiary Reskin by litangdinzhen for QUI
Dialogue Interface ReShaped - Dear Diary Skin by Go0ba for Dialogue Interface ReShaped
Static Skill Leveling Rewritten - Dear Diary Skin by Yucci for Static Skill Leveling Rewritten
Dear Diary (-ish) Wheeler Skin by Modilogist for Wheeler - Quick Action Wheel Of Skyrim
Dear Diary Light Skin for C.O.C.K.S by Modilogist for Constructible Object Custom Keyword System

Dear Diary - No Magnifying Glass for book menu by nicola89b
Dear Diary - Normal lockpicking menu by nicola89b
Custom Skills Menu - Icon Replacers by RamonXick - Androider13 for Custom Skills Framework

Other paper-themed UI mods: 

Oblivion-like Loading Menu SE by uranreactor (me): loading screens in Oblivion style with a set of hand-made loading images. 
Dear Diary - PlayStation Buttons Patch by EASKATER: for Playstation Dualshock gamepad users. 
Paper UI Sounds for Skyrim by Muffloid: a project to replace default UI sounds with paper sounds.
Paper HUD by rob18: replaces the HUD UI with new textures and layout to compliment book UI mods. 

If you want to create your own reskin for Dear Diary, please refer to this manual
If you wish, you can support me financially using this link:

My biggest thanks to you!