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Journal, Inventory and/or MCM paper interface replacer.

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This is the paper interface replacer for Journal/Statistics/Settings menu, Inventory/Magic/Crafting menu and MCM. 
The paper MCM replacer is based on "Even Wider Rescaled" version of my mod Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI, all final version fixes included, so no more text clipping. 
Flashing savegame fix included in all options. 
Some minor Journal UI fixes included in all options. 

For version 1.1 and above: there is a FOMOD installer with all variants included.
Just follow the instructions of the installer and choose whatever you like. 
I don't support manual installation. 
Don't worry about the size of installer, it's only because of many pre-compiled options inside. After installation the mod itself will take only 5-10 Mb. 

  • Fully compatible with everything that does not change configmenu.swf, quest_journal.swf, craftingmenu.swf, inventorylists.swf, itemcard.swf, config.txt files
  • Compatible with any language
  • Compatible with Skyrim Souls RE
  • Compatible with Stay At The System Page - Updated 
  • Compatible with Unofficial Frostfall Campfire Update - there is option inside the installer (load my mod after/below it)
  • Compatible with MoreHUD Inventory Edition - there is option inside the installer (load my mod after/below it)
  • Technically compatible with ElSopa - Animated Celtic Icons For SkyUI SE and other category icons replacers (maybe not so visible on paper texture as they made for default UI background)
  • Bottom bar image removed, width changed to 2560, so compatible with ultra wide monitors (at least with 2560x1080)
  • If for some reason you use SkyUI in loose files form (unpacked BSA), just load my mod after SkyUI in mod manager. Or overwrite manually in case of manual installation.

Note: if you use another mod that modifies the config.txt file from SkyUI and you don't want for some reason to fully overwrite it with mine, just paste these values in the corresponding lines (these changes in config.txt are needed to make color features of alchemy/follower inventory menu work properly and to adjust the item card position):
itemcard.xOffset = -70
colors.text.enabled = 0x2A2A2A
colors.stolen.enabled = 0x2A2A2A
colors.negative.enabled = 0xff0000
colors.text.disabled = 0x777777
colors.stolen.disabled = 0x777777
colors.negative.disabled = 0x800000

I highly recommend using Sovngard font replacer or other replacer you like for more hand-written look. Used for my screenshots.
I would recommend the Enderal font as well, but sadly it's hidden. 

I personally recommend to turn on non-colored icons option in SkyUI, but it's ok to use colored inventory icons. All the items that had white icon color now have black anyway. 

Some great mods that fit "paper" theme:
Take Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn SSE
Paper World Map For SSE with Flat Map Markers SSE
MAPS (compatible with SSE)
Retexture for The Scroll (compatible with SSE)
Business Ledger HD Retexture (compatible with SSE)
Book Covers Skyrim and Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library (not needed in case of playing with LotD SSE)
Immersive Old Map Main Menu Replacer with Clean Menu

  • More texture variants and maybe text colors
  • More cover color variants (partially done)
  • Semi-transparent versions (done)
  • Higher resolution (not as easy as it may seem)
  • Versions with more blood (done)
  • Optional: "Modifications" line removal
  • Optional: MCM images removal
  • Inventory and Magic UI (done)
  • LE version
  • Sound effects replacer (paper, "writing")
  • Favorites menu

  • Versions w/o hor. lines
  • Versions compatible with SkyUI AIO Survival
  • Outlines for colored inventory icons to make them more visible
  • Versions compatible with CC Survival Mode

Leave comments with your suggestions!

Lastly, I'm sorry for not so many English text on screenshots. Too lazy for switching :P
Check out user images for some latin text with different fonts.