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A Dear Diary (Light Mode) patch for the RaceMenu mod to be used with DIP.

Permissions and credits
This is a Dear Diary patch for RaceMenu to be used with the Dynamic Interface Patcher (DIP) by Cutleast. This file does not contain any assets of the RaceMenu creator expired6978!
DRIP was just a proof of concept for dynamic SWF patching, so Cutleast used what he learned from it to create a universal interface patcher. Just like DRIP, this Patcher performs the patching, a normal UI-modder would do, automatically based on steps written to a json file.


To patch RaceMenu with this patch:
1. Install DIP from here as a regular mod in Vortex or MO2
2. Add the DIP executable as a tool
3. Install this patch using MO2 or Vortex.
4. Start DIP.exe and choose paths (first one should be auto-detected and second one is only necessary if the mod is not at the same location).
5. Click on "Patch!".
6. After success, a message box appears and DIP can be deactivated.

No redistribution of copyrighted assets!

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My other stuff


Patch creation
Check out the GitHub repository for instructions. There is also a documentation dedicated to explain the process of creating a patch using Dynamic Interface Patcher.

- Patcher used: Dynamic Interface Patcher by Cutleast
- Patched mod: RaceMenu by expired6978